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SPU: Synergistic Processing Units****
SPU: Selling Price per Unit****
SPU: Showa Pharmaceutical University****
SPU: saint paul university***
SPU: St Paul University***
SPU: Sound Processor Unit***
SPU: Southern Pacific University***
SPU: Secure Processing Units***
SPU: Steel Processing Unit***
SPU: Stream Processor Units***
SPU: System Processor Unit***
SPU: Strategic Planning Unit***
SPU: Science for Public Understanding***
SPU: Special Programmes Unit***
SPU: Student Progress Unit***
SPU: Sarana Pengembangan Usaha***
SPU: Socjalistyczna Partia Ukrainy***
SPU: Stretch Power Uprate***
SPU: Surge Protection Unit***
SPU: Start Power Unit***
SPU: Self Protection Units***
SPU: State Planning Unit***
SPU: State Pedagogical University***
SPU: Stream Processing Unit***
SPU: Single Patient Use***
SPU: Special Police Units***
SPU: St Petersburg University**
SPU: Signalling Protocol User**
SPU: Struktureret Program Udvikling**
SPU: serotonin platelet uptake**
SPU: Speech Processing Unit**
SPU: Serial Peripheral Unit**
SPU: Storage Processing Unit**
SPU: Signal Processing Units**
SPU: Sonar Processing Unit**
SPU: Stanford Political Union**
SPU: Sample Processing Unit**
SPU: Secondary Production Units**
SPU: Signal Processor Unit**
SPU: Services Psychiatriques Universitaires**
SPU: Stasiun Pengendali Utama**
SPU: Seed Planning Units**
SPU: Super Production Under**
SPU: Shader Processing Unit**
SPU: Saint Petersburg University**
SPU: Slave Processing Unit**
SPU: Simultaneous Polydrug Use**
SPU: Specialty Peptidase Unit**
SPU: State Project Unit**
SPU: Svensk Pilot Utbildning**
SPU: Surgical Prep Unit**
SPU: Special Project Unit**
SPU: Student Peace Union**
SPU: Single Processor Unit**
SPU: Software Performance Units**
SPU: Special Prosecution Unit**
SPU: Standard Platinum Units**
SPU: Supply Pumping Units**
SPU: Sample Processing Units**
SPU: Sijil Pelajaran Ugama**
SPU: Society of Pediatric Urology**
SPU: Storage Processor Unit**
SPU: Serve Partnerships Unlimited**
SPU: surge power unit**
SPU: Strategic Performance Units**
SPU: Sozialdemokratische Partei Unterwallis**
SPU: Strategic Policy Unit**
SPU: Security Processing Unit**
SPU: Single Point Upwind**
SPU: Special Processing Unit**
SPU: Service Processing Unit**
SPU: Shift and Permute Unit**
SPU: Seed Planning Unit*
SPU: Standard Pig Unit*
SPU: Synergistic Processor Units*
SPU: Sarana Penjaminan Usaha*
SPU: Sensor Processing Unit*
SPU: Science Policy Unit*
SPU: Sotsialistychna Partiya Ukrainy*
SPU: Safety Pin Unit*
SPU: Soviet Physics Uspekhi*
SPU: Stichting Pers Unie*
SPU: Sustained Phonation Unit*
SPU: System Processing Units*
SPU: Static Profile Update*
SPU: Satellite Prediction Utility*
SPU: Scientific Programs Unit*
SPU: Sections on Personal Use*
SPU: Serial Port Utility*
SPU: Smashing Pumpkins Utwente*
SPU: Sounds of Purdue University*
SPU: Special Processor Unit*
SPU: Stable Productive Use*
SPU: Summa Plus Ultra*
SPU: System Processing Unit (TAC-3)*

Note: Acronym Finder has 48 verified definitions for SPU

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