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What does SPTC stand for?

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SPTC: Small Producer Tax Credit***
SPTC: South Pacific Trade Commission***
SPTC: Single Parent Travel Club***
SPTC: scottish parent teacher council***
SPTC: St Petersburg Tram Collection***
SPTC: seychelles public transport corporation***
SPTC: St Paul Technical College***
SPTC: Santa Paula Theater Center***
SPTC: Security and Privacy Technical Committee***
SPTC: Southern Pacific Telecommunications Company***
SPTC: Southern Piedmont Technology Council***
SPTC: State Province Territory Championships***
SPTC: SEI Private Trust Company***
SPTC: South Plains Telephone Cooperative**
SPTC: Sharjah Public Transport Corporation**
SPTC: Short Period Traffic Counts**
SPTC: Seoul Pine Tree Club**
SPTC: Specified Period of Time Contracts**
SPTC: State Pavement Technology Consortium**
SPTC: Saint Paul Technical College**
SPTC: Swaziland Post and Telecommunications Corporation**
SPTC: Sheffield Pupil Teacher Centre**
SPTC: Stanley Park Tennis Club**
SPTC: Scottish Parent Teachers Council**
SPTC: Software Project Training Camp**
SPTC: Southern Philippines Tourism Council**
SPTC: Soldier Pile Tremie Concrete**
SPTC: South Pacific Tuna Corporation**
SPTC: South Park Track Club**
SPTC: Selebi Phikwe Town Council**
SPTC: Sheep Packet Truck Carrier**
SPTC: Sofia Public Transport Company**
SPTC: Software Platform Technology Center**
SPTC: Santa Paula Times City**
SPTC: Selibe Phikwe Town Council**
SPTC: Shanghai Public Transportation Card**
SPTC: Stockton Pal Track Club**
SPTC: Sports People That Care**
SPTC: Student Parent Teacher Council**
SPTC: Sector per Track Count*
SPTC: Sacramento Placerville Transportation Corridor*
SPTC: SCCA Proton Therapy Center*
SPTC: staff postgraduate tennis club*
SPTC: Strategic Planning Technical Commission*
SPTC: Swaziland Post and Telecommunication Corporation*
SPTC: Schlumberger Princeton Technology Center*
SPTC: Securities Post Trading Council*
SPTC: Seger Park Tennis Club*
SPTC: Shanghai Public Traffic Card*
SPTC: Soil Plant Transfer Coefficient*
SPTC: St Pete Tennis Center*
SPTC: Swazi Post and Telecommunications Corporation*
SPTC: Self Perceived Technological Competence*
SPTC: Serger Pad Trim Catcher*
SPTC: Sofia Public Transportation Company*
SPTC: South Pacific Trading Company*
SPTC: Special Topics in Computer*
SPTC: Swaziland Post and Telecoms*
SPTC: Swiss Peacebuilding Training Course*
SPTC: Selebi Pikwe Town Coucil*
SPTC: Substrate Plate Trench Capacitor*

Note: Acronym Finder has 9 verified definitions for SPTC

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