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What does SPSS stand for?

Found 93 meanings of the SPSS acronym and abbreviation
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SPSS: Self Propelled Semi Submersible***
SPSS: Statistical Packages Such as SAS***
SPSS: Sanitary and Phyto Sanitary Standards***
SPSS: Software Packages Such as SAS***
SPSS: Statistical Packages Such as Stata***
SPSS: Statistics Package for the Social Sciences***
SPSS: System and Product Support Solutions***
SPSS: Staff and Postgraduate Students***
SPSS: Siemens PLM Software SolidWorks***
SPSS: Statistical Package for Social Scientists***
SPSS: Savings Pensions Share Schemes***
SPSS: Statistical Program for Social Sciences***
SPSS: Statistical Packages for Social Sciences***
SPSS: S Plus Spatial Statistics***
SPSS: Sulfur Polymer Stabilization Solidification***
SPSS: South Peace Secondary School***
SPSS: St Paul Secondary School***
SPSS: Sports Pony Studbook Society***
SPSS: Statistical Product Service Solutions***
SPSS: Statistical Package of the Social Sciences***
SPSS: Software Package Such as SAS***
SPSS: statistical programs such as SAS**
SPSS: Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme**
SPSS: Southern Poultry Science Society**
SPSS: Social Performance Survey Schedule**
SPSS: Swallowing Performance Status Scale**
SPSS: synthetic plasma-stimulating solution**
SPSS: Statistical Package of Social Sciences**
SPSS: Solar Power Satellite System**
SPSS: Statistical Package of Social Science**
SPSS: Statistical Products and Services Solutions**
SPSS: S Product Suite and Services**
SPSS: Superior Performing Software System**
SPSS: Society of Psychology StudentS**
SPSS: Statistical Package for Social Services**
SPSS: Statistical Package for the Social Scientists**
SPSS: Spatial Planning Support System**
SPSS: SCH Project Schedule Schedule**
SPSS: Software Package for Social Science**
SPSS: Solar Powered Satellite System**
SPSS: Statistical Procedures for the Social Sciences**
SPSS: Society of Physics Students**
SPSS: Sent Paid Station to Station**
SPSS: Statistical Package for Social Sciences software**
SPSS: Statistical Packages for the Social Sciences**
SPSS: statistical program for the social sciences**
SPSS: Saginaw Public School System**
SPSS: Software Packages Such as Stata**
SPSS: Statistical Products and Service Solutions**
SPSS: Software to Perform the Statistical**
SPSS: Software Programs Such as SAS**
SPSS: Social Protection Systems Strengthening**
SPSS: Statistical Package in the Social Sciences**
SPSS: secap parcel shipping solution**
SPSS: serikat petani sumatera selatan**
SPSS: Statistical Programs for the Social Sciences**
SPSS: Sampling Program for Survey Statisticians**
SPSS: Software Package for the Social Sciences**
SPSS: Screenshot Png Summary Screenshot**
SPSS: Supplemental Pertussis Surveillance System**
SPSS: S PLUS Statistical Sciences**
SPSS: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards**
SPSS: Statistical Programme for Social Scientists**
SPSS: Software Package Such as Stata**
SPSS: Stochastic Project Scheduling Simulation**
SPSS: SECAP Parcel Shipping System**
SPSS: Special Purpose Securities System**
SPSS: Single Parent Support System**
SPSS: St Peter S Secondary**
SPSS: Statistical Package of Scienties**
SPSS: Station Power Self Supply**
SPSS: Statistics Package Such as SAS**
SPSS: Student Parent Support Symposium**
SPSS: Survey Pro SRV Survey**
SPSS: Standard for the Preparation of Steel Surface**
SPSS: Statistic Package for Social Science*
SPSS: Self Program Search System*
SPSS: Silicon Platform Software Services*
SPSS: Special Populations Shared Service*
SPSS: Statistical Package Social Science*
SPSS: Super Puppy Super Soft*
SPSS: Service Provider Sociality Scale*
SPSS: Shield Plug Storage Station*
SPSS: Sikkim Paryavaran Samrakshan Sangh*
SPSS: Software Package Similar to SAS*
SPSS: S for Public Servants*
SPSS: Samples Provides Specialized Statistics*
SPSS: Special Programs School Scheme*
SPSS: Special Protocol Service Section*
SPSS: Student Professional Support Services*
SPSS: Science Processing Software Segment*
SPSS: Shelby Public Schools Shelby*
SPSS: Surface Pits for Sewage Sludge*

Note: Acronym Finder has 14 verified definitions for SPSS

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