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Saint Paul Student Center****
Service Parts Supply Chain****
St Paul Student Center****
Statistical Packages for Social***
Sur Polytechnic State College***
Sleep Products Safety Council***
Standard Products and Services Classification***
Single Producer Single Consumer***
Spiceball Park Sports Centre***
Salalah Port Services Company***
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign***
Supportive Professional Staff Council***
Southeastern Program Service Center***
Signal Processing for Space Communications***
State Privacy and Security Coalition***
Strategic Planning Steering Committee***
Super Proton Synchrotron Committee***
Shumaker Public Safety Center***
Services Politics and Civic***
Special Purpose Subsidiary Company***
Science for Peace and Security Committee***
Single Panel Single Convector***
Statybos Produkcijos Sertifikavimo Centras**
State Program Standing Committee**
Scottish Parliamentary Standards Commissioner**
Standard Product and Service Classification**
Standard Product and Services Classification**
Strategic Plan Steering Committee**
Special Panel for Serious Crimes**
Supportive Parents for Special Children**
Special Panels for Serious Crimes**
Standard Product and Service Codes**
Security and Privacy Subcommittee**
Student Peer Support Centre**
Saint Petersburg Scientific Center**
Salalah Port Services Co**
Shell Point Sailboard Club**
Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign**
Sherwood Park Swim Club**
Software Professionals Society of Canada**
South Port Sailing Club**
Statybos Produkcijos Sertifikavimo Centre**
Standard Product and Services Code**
San Pedro Social Club**
Southern Pacific Satellite Company**
School of Police and Staff Command**
SaiGon Petrolium Service Corporation**
Senior Pastor Search Committee**
Sherwood Park Snowmobile Club**
Southern Pines Senior Center**
St Petersburg Sailing Center**
Standard Products and Services Classifications**
Shenyang Power Supply Company**
Sleep Product Safety Council**
Stay Play Social Club**
Students Poster Session Competition**
Single Point Scanning Confocal**
Subjective Poverty and Social Capital**
St Petersburg Sales Company**
Salud Para Su Corazon**
Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign**
South Pickering Seniors Club**
south plainfield soccer club**
Standard Products and Service Codes**
Sindh Public Service Commission**
South Penn Soccer Club**
Space Plasma Simulation Chamber**
Standard Product and Service Code**
St Petersburg Shuffleboard Club**
South Puget Sound Community**
Saigon Petroleum Service Corporation**
Sikkim Public Service Commission**
South Pacific School Certificate**
Standard Product Service Codes**
State Public Service Commissions**
Subsidized Primary Schools Council**
Skills for the Primary School Child**
Stockholm Partnerships for Sustainable Cities**
School Pedestrian Safety Committee**
Scottish Prison Service College**
Southeast Producers Steering Committee**
Southwestern Public Service Company**
Statewide Planning Steering Committee**
Scottish Palestininan Solidarity Campaign**
State Public Service Commission**
system planning and system control**
Saskatchewan Principals Short Course*
Signal Processing and Speech Communication*
Soil P Storage Capacity*
South Padre Surf Company*
Spectrum Sciences for Crucial*
Standard Product and Services Codes*
Standard Products and Service Code*
Single Parent Support Centre*
Southwestern Porcelain Steel Corporation*
Space Physics Simulation Chamber*
Standards Policy and Strategy Committee*
Sterling Park Senior Community*
Students for Positive Social Change*
Scott Park Student Center*
Social Principles Study Commission*
Suicide Prevention Steering Committee*
Sum of Progressive Score Cuts*
Supported by Psychological Services*
Sales Performance Support Center*
Sanitation Project Steering Committee*
Social Protection Service Centre*
South Pacific Stamp Club*
Standard Product Services Code*
Student and Partner Service Center*
Suicide Prevention Standing Committee*
Suzuki Plasma Spray Coating*
Safety Principles and Safety Criteria*
Safety Programs Strategies and Coordination*
Sarasota Plastic Surgery Center*
School for Police Staff and Command*
Significant Potential Sources of Contamination*
Social and Psychological Service Centre*
Social Protection Steering Committee*
South Pacific Sugar Corporation*
South Portland Sewing Centre*
Standard of Products and Services Codes*
Strategic Pipeline Safety Consortium*
Southwestern Public Service Co*
Saint Pauls Swimming Club*
San Pedro Sula CortTs*
Science Processing Support Center*
Sierra Planet Sierra Club*
Small Power Systems Center*
Sneak Peek Script Consulting*
Sports Page for Southern California*

Note: Acronym Finder has 9 verified definitions for SPSC

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