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What does SPSA stand for?

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SPSA: Scottish Patient Safety Alliance****
SPSA: Swiss Political Science Association***
SPSA: Southeast Public Service Authority***
SPSA: Site Plan for Student Achievement***
SPSA: Sale and Purchase of Shares Agreement***
SPSA: San Pedro Skatepark Association***
SPSA: Self Propelled Spinning Action***
SPSA: School Plan for Student Achievement***
SPSA: Spray Paint Space Art***
SPSA: Shared Performance Stock Awards**
SPSA: Seri Paduka Sultan Azlan**
SPSA: Samoa Public Service Association**
SPSA: Super Powered Small Arms**
SPSA: Secure Programming Skills Assessment**
SPSA: south park sports association**
SPSA: Systemic and Prospective Sustainability Analysis**
SPSA: Solar Power Service Agreement**
SPSA: Single Plan for School Achievement**
SPSA: State Planning Services Agency**
SPSA: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement**
SPSA: Single Pitch Supervisors Award**
SPSA: Southwestern Political Science Association**
SPSA: Scottish Police Services Agency**
SPSA: Senate Press Secretaries Association**
SPSA: Single Plans for Student Achievement**
SPSA: Socha Perczak Setter Anderson**
SPSA: Strategic Planning and Systems Analysis**
SPSA: Seed Producers Support Association**
SPSA: slovenian practical shooting association**
SPSA: St Petersburg Sailing Association**
SPSA: Sandy Plains Softball Association**
SPSA: Santa Paula Society of the Arts**
SPSA: Slovenian Political Science Association**
SPSA: Southeastern Public Serv Auth**
SPSA: Society of Philippine Surgeons in America**
SPSA: Special Projects Special Applications**
SPSA: Student Political Science Association**
SPSA: Space Paint Spray Art**
SPSA: Seismic Probabilistic Safety Assessment**
SPSA: Slovak Political Science Association**
SPSA: School Photographers Strategic Alliance**
SPSA: Spiritual and Pagan Student Alliance**
SPSA: Southeastern Political Science Association**
SPSA: Southeastern Public Services Authority**
SPSA: Spokeswoman Said the Agency**
SPSA: Stevens Point Softball Association**
SPSA: Significant Projects Streamlining Act**
SPSA: Single Pitch Supervisor Award**
SPSA: Swimming Pool Safety Assessment**
SPSA: Satellite Positioning System Applications**
SPSA: Scratch Players Senior Amateur**
SPSA: Share Purchase and Subscription Agreement**
SPSA: South Plainfield Soccer Association**
SPSA: Severna Park Swimming Association**
SPSA: St Paul and St Andrew**
SPSA: Super Power Small Arms**
SPSA: Swimming Pool and Spa Association**
SPSA: School Psychology Specialty Area*
SPSA: Staff Program Systems Analyst*
SPSA: Standard Permanent Scatterers Analysis*
SPSA: Swedish Ports and Stevedores Association*
SPSA: Secure Programming Skill Assessment*
SPSA: Single Provider Service Areas*
SPSA: Society of Psychiatrists of South Africa*
SPSA: Stanford Political Science Association*
SPSA: Swedish Practical Shooting Association*
SPSA: Senate Press Secretary Association*
SPSA: Senior Public Service Administrator*
SPSA: Set Point Switch Action*
SPSA: Society of the Philippine Surgeons in America*
SPSA: Southeastern Public Service Agency*
SPSA: Spanish and Portuguese Student Association*
SPSA: State Pharmaceutical Supervision and Administration*
SPSA: Statistics Program South Australia*
SPSA: Surrey Police Sports Association*
SPSA: Superior Public Service Award*
SPSA: Sandoz Products South Africa*
SPSA: Seventh Pacific Science Association*

Note: Acronym Finder has 25 verified definitions for SPSA

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