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SPS: Special Preferential Sugar****
SPS: Single Photon Sources****
SPS: Strict Priority Scheduling****
SPS: Sapulpa Public Schools****
SPS: Swimming Pool Supply****
SPS: Suffolk Preservation Society****
SPS: Safe Practices Score****
SPS: Security Protection Systems****
SPS: Singapore Prison Service****
SPS: Solectron Production System****
SPS: Submersible Pump Systems****
SPS: Small Polyp Stony****
SPS: Service Point Solutions****
SPS: Sharepoint Portal Services****
SPS: Spark Plug Socket****
SPS: Signal Processing Systems****
SPS: Standby Power Supply****
SPS: School for Professional Studies****
SPS: solar power satellites****
SPS: Sudbury Public Schools****
SPS: Solo Performance Specialties****
SPS: SMART Payment Solutions****
SPS: Steel Pipe Supply****
SPS: Stanwell Power Station****
SPS: Sports Performance Specialist****
SPS: Swiss Proteomics Society****
SPS: Standard Performance Specification***
SPS: Section of Painting and Sculpture***
SPS: Survey of Primary Schools***
SPS: Shuttle Project Station***
SPS: Sanitary or Phytosanitary***
SPS: Standby Power Sources***
SPS: Saudi Pharmaceutical Society***
SPS: Solution Provider Sessions***
SPS: Scouting Programma Site***
SPS: Shipboard Power Systems***
SPS: Spam Prevention Solution***
SPS: Smart Power Switch***
SPS: Speicher Programmierbare Steuerung***
SPS: Sector Programme Support***
SPS: Strategic Project Solutions***
SPS: Student Professional Services***
SPS: Sole Prada Sport***
SPS: Sales Partner Systems***
SPS: Sanitary Phyto Sanitary***
SPS: Short Period Superlattices***
SPS: Swiss Prime Site***
SPS: Seattle Public Schools***
SPS: School of Physical Sciences***
SPS: Slow Pitch Softball***
SPS: Signal Processing Symposium***
SPS: Swiss Physical Society***
SPS: South Puget Sound***
SPS: Socijalisticke Partije Srbije***
SPS: Spam Prevention Service***
SPS: Solar Power from Space***
SPS: Signal Processing Single***
SPS: southern prosthetic supply***
SPS: Snelling Personnel Services***
SPS: Solar Power System***
SPS: Socijalisticka Partija Srbije***
SPS: Spot Price Spread***
SPS: Swedish Physical Society***
SPS: Software Performance Systems***
SPS: Seattle Pottery Supply***
SPS: Sponsored Program Services***
SPS: Small Polyped Scleractinian***
SPS: Savoir Plus Sur***
SPS: Sybase Professional Services***
SPS: Sewage Pumping Stations***
SPS: Student Psychological Services***
SPS: Skaters for Public Skateparks***
SPS: Surveillance Products Services***
SPS: Smithsonian Photographic Services***
SPS: Show Process Status***
SPS: Services Professional Services***
SPS: Spontaneous Portosystemic Shunts***
SPS: Standby Power Supplies***
SPS: Society of Pentecostal Studies***
SPS: Special Protection Systems***
SPS: Students as Promised***
SPS: Smart Power Solutions***
SPS: Sales Process Systems***
SPS: Security Protective Service***
SPS: Snowmass Points and Slopes***
SPS: Speicher Programmierbaren Steuerungen***
SPS: Student Profile Survey***
SPS: Strategic Power Systems***
SPS: Salalah Port Services***
SPS: Strategic Products and Services***
SPS: Strategic Planning Services***
SPS: Siam Photon Source***
SPS: Salem-Keizer Public Schools (Salem, OR)***
SPS: Shawnee Public Schools (Shawnee, OK)***
SPS: Secure Payment Systems***
SPS: Shar Pei Savers***
SPS: Switched mode Power Supply***
SPS: Sum of Progressive Scores***
SPS: sliding panel system***
SPS: Solent Protection Society***
SPS: Sports Parlor South***
SPS: Soviet Physics Solid***
SPS: Stephens Pipe Steel***
SPS: Stormwater Pumping Station***
SPS: Singapore Paediatric Society***
SPS: Show Presentation Services***
SPS: Solar Panel Sun***
SPS: Special Purchase Scheme***
SPS: Select Portfolio Services***
SPS: Socijalistickoj Partiji Srbije***
SPS: Seattle Photographic Society***
SPS: Sun Power Source***
SPS: Sierra Peaks Section***
SPS: Service Provision Sites***
SPS: Solvent Purification Systems***
SPS: Slaughter Premium Scheme***
SPS: Sail Parry Sound***
SPS: Shar Pei Search***
SPS: Social Problem Solving***
SPS: SCH Project Schedule***
SPS: Student Protection Scheme***
SPS: Society for Polymer Science***
SPS: Super Power Small***
SPS: Signal Processing for Storage***
SPS: Saddlebrook Preparatory School***
SPS: Semiconductor Production Systems***
SPS: System Power Supply***
SPS: Suicide Prevention Since***
SPS: Supported Placement Scheme***
SPS: School of Philosophy and Social***
SPS: solar power stations***
SPS: Site Positioning System***
SPS: Selection and Placement System***
SPS: Standard Practice Statement***
SPS: Service Provider System***
SPS: Special Protection Scheme***
SPS: Staff Personnel Support***
SPS: Sarnia Piping Specialties***
SPS: Sheffield Photographic Society***
SPS: Savings and Pension Schemes***
SPS: Security Passing Style***
SPS: Simple Partial Seizures***
SPS: Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate***
SPS: Senior Partner Stunt***
SPS: Special Product Sales***
SPS: Stephen Pasture Seeds***
SPS: Shop Pro Software***
SPS: Sustainable Products Solutions***
SPS: Sports Placement Services***
SPS: Scanning Probe Spectroscopy***
SPS: Stichting Promotie Straatbaksteen***
SPS: Specific Pavement Study***
SPS: Satellite Program Services***
SPS: Semiconductor Product Sector***
SPS: Second Place Sucks***
SPS: Series Power Supplies***
SPS: Suicide Probability Scale***
SPS: Simple Pull on Style***
SPS: Sampling Parameters for Summary***
SPS: Service Programming System***
SPS: Specialized Pharmacy Services***
SPS: Standby Power Systems***
SPS: Shipboard Protection System***
SPS: Space Physics Sensor***
SPS: Stellar Photometry Software***
SPS: Steps per Second***
SPS: Service Provider Services***
SPS: Strategic Planning Session***
SPS: Small Polyp Scleractinia***
SPS: sungun protective sleeve***
SPS: sucker punch sallys***
SPS: SIP Proxy Server***
SPS: Security Programs Staff***
SPS: StyleVision Power Stylesheet***
SPS: Sensor Planning Service***
SPS: Swedish Pharmaceutical Society***
SPS: Stream Protection Strategy***
SPS: Saint Paul Seven***
SPS: Socialist Party Serbia***
SPS: Software Productivity Strategists***
SPS: Special Pay System***
SPS: Supporting Professional Studies***
SPS: Sekolah Pengajian Siswazah***
SPS: Sydney Pilot Service***
SPS: Stowage Planning System***
SPS: Surface Pumping System***
SPS: Security Policy System***
SPS: Singapore Psychological Society***
SPS: Southeastern Photographic Society***
SPS: Steam Pasteurization System***
SPS: Success Performance Solutions***
SPS: Software Programmer S***
SPS: Surplus Property Sales***
SPS: strategically programmable system***
SPS: Sanitary and Phytosanitary Services***
SPS: Serial Port Switch***
SPS: Staash Perspective System***
SPS: Statistical Problem Solving***
SPS: Society for Physics Students***
SPS: Standard Pressed Steel***
SPS: State Population Survey***
SPS: Standard Press Steel***
SPS: Sekolah Pasca Sarjana***
SPS: Social Phobia Scale***
SPS: Solvents Petroleum Service***
SPS: Singular Perturbed Systems***
SPS: Special Purpose Synthetic***
SPS: Saint Petersburg State***
SPS: Spectra for SUSY***
SPS: Sunrise Pack Station***
SPS: Solution Phase Synthesis***
SPS: Sanitary and Phytosantiary***
SPS: Shanghai Pharmaceutical School***
SPS: Sulfite Polymyxin Sulfadiazine***
SPS: Safety Product Store***
SPS: Sidebar Page Switcher***
SPS: Secondary Power System***
SPS: Serikat Penerbit Suratkabar***
SPS: Solar Physics Section***
SPS: Southwest Public Service**
SPS: Swedish Proteomics Society**
SPS: Solder Paste Softener**
SPS: Lymphocyte-stimulated protein synthesis**
SPS: lymphocyte-stimulation protein synthesis**
SPS: S-phase synthesis**
SPS: salivary peroxidase system**
SPS: Sandoz Pressure System**
SPS: school psychology services**
SPS: scleral precursor synthesis**
SPS: secondary Parkinson syndrome**
SPS: secretory protein synthesis**
SPS: selectin , platelet selectin**
SPS: self protecting systems**
SPS: Self-Pluralism Scale**
SPS: Self-Preoccupation Scale**
SPS: separable paraboloidal surrogates**
SPS: severe personal stressors**
SPS: Sexual Problems Score**
SPS: simulated physiologic solution**
SPS: simulated public speaking**
SPS: single plasma sampling**
SPS: single prolonged stress**
SPS: single-pass' sequencing**
SPS: single-plasma sample**
SPS: Skin Picking Scale**
SPS: skin POMC system**
SPS: sleep polysomnography studies**
SPS: slow phase speed**
SPS: slow potential shift**

Note: Acronym Finder has 200 verified definitions for SPS

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