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SPO: St Peter Ording****
SPO: Student Programming Organization****
SPO: Scientific Program Overview****
SPO: Software Project Outsourcing****
SPO: State Planning Organisation****
SPO: Service Process Optimization****
SPO: State Planning Organization***
SPO: State Personnel Office***
SPO: Systems Program Office***
SPO: Science Phasing Orbits***
SPO: Senior Police Officer***
SPO: Science Phasing Orbit***
SPO: Socio Professional Organisations***
SPO: Social Profit Organisation***
SPO: Sigma Phi Omega***
SPO: Sales Process Overview***
SPO: Scholarly Publishing Office***
SPO: Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra***
SPO: Scripta Paedagogica Online***
SPO: Social Profit Organization***
SPO: Solutions Partner Organisation***
SPO: System Program Offices***
SPO: Security Plans & Operations***
SPO: System Policies and Operations***
SPO: Schweizerische Patienten Organisation***
SPO: Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra***
SPO: Senior Programme Officers***
SPO: Shadow Patent Office***
SPO: Scientific Program Order***
SPO: Student Planning Organization***
SPO: servicing personnel office***
SPO: South Pacific Ocean***
SPO: Scientific Publications Office***
SPO: Stichting Pensioen Opleidingen***
SPO: Strategic Policy Options***
SPO: South Pole Observatory***
SPO: Special Purchase Orders***
SPO: Swire Pacific Offshore***
SPO: Senior Programming Officer***
SPO: Special Projects Officers***
SPO: Standar Prosedur Operasional***
SPO: Senior Probation Officer***
SPO: Space Planning and Operations***
SPO: Special Police Officers***
SPO: Security Protective Officer***
SPO: Senior Professional Officer***
SPO: Service Provider Organizations***
SPO: Strengthening Participatory Organisation***
SPO: Science Policy Office***
SPO: Suspended Possession Order***
SPO: Strategic and Programmatic Orientations***
SPO: Small Pack Option***
SPO: Senior Project Officer***
SPO: Special Projects Officer**
SPO: Static Phase Offset**
SPO: Strategy Planning Office**
SPO: Spatial Planning Officer**
SPO: State Plan Option**
SPO: Stichting Patiƫntenbelangen Orthopedie**
SPO: Split Pay Option**
SPO: Systems Program Offices**
SPO: State Purchasing Organisation**
SPO: small-plate osteosynthesis technique**
SPO: Society of Perinatal Obstetricians**
SPO: Stichting Partners van Oorlogsgetroffenen**
SPO: structures, processes, and outcomes**
SPO: syndrome of polycystic ovaries**
SPO: Small Purchase Order**
SPO: Spires Philharmonic Orchestra**
SPO: Superintendent Police Officers**
SPO: Super Power Ownage**
SPO: Sub Project Offices**
SPO: Sierra Planning Organization**
SPO: Systems Project Office**
SPO: Seattle Poker Open**
SPO: Strategic Plan of Operation**
SPO: Stichting Personeelsinstrumenten Onderwijs**
SPO: State Planing Organization**
SPO: Service Planning Optimization**
SPO: Strategy and Policy Office**
SPO: South Pacific Office**
SPO: Solutions Partner Organization**
SPO: Standing Purchase Order**
SPO: Samenwerkende Prijsregelende Organisaties**
SPO: Security Police Officers**
SPO: Solve the Problem Once**
SPO: Schweiz Patienten Organisation**
SPO: Strengthening Participation Organization**
SPO: System Project Office**
SPO: Selected Properties Option**
SPO: Super Production Over**
SPO: Surplus Property Offices**
SPO: System Program Officer**
SPO: Sensor Products Operation**
SPO: Service Parts Organization**
SPO: Solutions Provider Organisation**
SPO: Short Period Oscillations**
SPO: Sourcing Performance Optimization**
SPO: Seasonal Police Officers**
SPO: Shaping Professionals Organization**
SPO: Southend Philharmonic Orchestra**
SPO: Standardized Purchase Order**
SPO: String Preparatory Orchestra**
SPO: Student Peace Organization**
SPO: Servicing Personnel Officer**
SPO: Strategic Project Office**
SPO: System Program Order**
SPO: Syrian Patent Office**
SPO: Strategic Planning Objective**
SPO: Superintendent of Post Offices**
SPO: SeaWiFS Project Office**
SPO: Service Provider Organization**
SPO: Sharp Pointed Object**
SPO: State Project Officer**
SPO: State Protocol Office**
SPO: Strategic Portfolio Outlines**
SPO: Subarea Petroleum Office**
SPO: Sylviculture Par Objectifs**
SPO: Security Plans and Operations**
SPO: Servicing Personnel Officers**
SPO: SHEBA Project Office**
SPO: Standar Prosedur Operasi**
SPO: Station Priority Order**
SPO: Sub Purchase Order**
SPO: System Programme Office**
SPO: Satellite Program Office*
SPO: Strategic Performance Overview*
SPO: Service Point Opportunity*
SPO: Shuttle Program Office*
SPO: Speaker Parameter Option*
SPO: Strategisch Project Onderwijs*
SPO: Science Project Offices*
SPO: Semi Private Offices*
SPO: Shuttle Project Office*
SPO: Statutory Plan Overlay*
SPO: Sales Process Optimization*
SPO: Scenario Paintball Outfitters*
SPO: Seed Production Officer*
SPO: Senior Programs Officer*
SPO: Serving Post Office*
SPO: Sozialistische Partei Osterreichs*
SPO: Special Performance Online*
SPO: Student Professional Organizations*
SPO: Subphases of the Orbit*
SPO: System Project Officer*
SPO: System Program Office (Air Force)*
SPO: Supervisory Printer Output*
SPO: Security and Plans (Office/Officer)*
SPO: Systeme Pour l'Observation*
SPO: Scientific Personnel Office*
SPO: Servicing Payroll Offices*
SPO: Sick Personal Obligation*
SPO: Silent Project Online*
SPO: Simultaneous Peripherals Operation*
SPO: SMART Project Office*
SPO: Sodium Page Opportunities*
SPO: Special Projects Offices*
SPO: Swimpigs Products Orderi*
SPO: Symphonic Pops Orchestra*
SPO: System Printer Output*
SPO: Systeme Pour Observation*

Note: Acronym Finder has 96 verified definitions for SPO

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