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What does SPDC stand for?

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SPDC: Social Policy and Development Centre***
SPDC: Sclerosis Parkinsonism Dementia Complex***
SPDC: State Planning and Development Commission***
SPDC: Special Programme for Developing Countries***
SPDC: Special Political and Decolonisation Committee***
SPDC: State Peace Development Council***
SPDC: SHELL Petroleum Development Corporation***
SPDC: South Providence Development Corporation***
SPDC: Signal Processing for Digital Communications***
SPDC: State Peace and Development Committee**
SPDC: Sensible-Problem Drinking Classification**
SPDC: Striato-pallido-dentate calcifications**
SPDC: strio-pallido-dentate calcinosis**
SPDC: simplified procedure of direct calorimetry**
SPDC: sharad pawar dental college**
SPDC: State Power Development Corporation**
SPDC: State Planning and Development Committee**
SPDC: Social Policy and Development Center**
SPDC: Science Park Development Corporation**
SPDC: State Planning Development Commission**
SPDC: South Pembrokeshire District Council**
SPDC: Sate Peace and Development Council**
SPDC: Southside Planning District Commission**
SPDC: Student Professional Development Committee**
SPDC: Shell Petroleum and Development Company**
SPDC: Social Policy Development Centre**
SPDC: Scholarship Programme for Diaspora Children**
SPDC: Social Policy Development Center**
SPDC: Strategic Planning Development Committee**
SPDC: Sociaal Psychiatrisch Diensten Centrum**
SPDC: Scottish Pug Dog Club**
SPDC: State Peace and Democracy Council**
SPDC: State Property Development Company**
SPDC: Shell Petroleum Dev Company**
SPDC: St Petersburg Dream Center**
SPDC: State and Peace Development Council**
SPDC: Special Program for Developing Countries**
SPDC: Strategic Plan Development Committee**
SPDC: Seacoast Professional Development Center**
SPDC: Service Planning and Development Committee**
SPDC: Stallion Property and Development Company**
SPDC: Space Physics Data Center**
SPDC: Secure Primary Data Centre**
SPDC: Static Plume Dilution Chamber**
SPDC: Saudi Petrochemical Development Co**
SPDC: Sedgwick Properties Development Corporation**
SPDC: Shell Production and Development Company**
SPDC: South Pittsburgh Development Corporation**
SPDC: State Property Development Co**
SPDC: Sadaluhung Padjadjaran De Corps**
SPDC: Special Personality Development Course**
SPDC: Special Purpose Development Corporation**
SPDC: Sybase Product Download Center**
SPDC: Shell Production Development Company*
SPDC: Steorn Private Developers Club*
SPDC: Saudi Petrochemical Development Company*
SPDC: Smart Patient Diary Card*
SPDC: Scottish Polymer Development Centre*
SPDC: State Personnel Development Center*
SPDC: State Police and Development Council*
SPDC: Student Professional Development Conferences*
SPDC: Sydney Parts Distribution Centre*
SPDC: State and Peace and Development Council*
SPDC: Sukhna Port Development Company*
SPDC: Space Physics Division Code*

Note: Acronym Finder has 11 verified definitions for SPDC

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