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What does SPAS stand for?

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SPAS: Saint Paul Area Synod****
SPAS: St Paul Audubon Society***
SPAS: South Pole Air ShowEr***
SPAS: School of Professional and Adult Studies***
SPAS: Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society***
SPAS: State Protected Areas Service***
SPAS: Society for the Promotion of Agricultural Science***
SPAS: School of Pure and Applied Sciences***
SPAS: saliva-periodic acid-Schiff**
SPAS: solid phase antibody screen**
SPAS: Survey Psychiatric Assessment Schedule**
SPAS: systemic to pulmonary artery shunt**
SPAS: Sarawak Photo Art Society**
SPAS: Serotype-specific polysaccharide antigens**
SPAS: species-specific protein antigens**
SPAS: Social Policy Advisory Services**
SPAS: standard peritoneal permeability analyses**
SPAS: School of Pure and Applied Science**
SPAS: Social Physique Anxiety Scale**
SPAS: Strategic Plan for Aboriginal Services**
SPAS: Sequences of phonemic approximations**
SPAS: Saint Paul Audubon Society**
SPAS: Space Power Architecture System**
SPAS: Subgroup Presentation Algorithms System**
SPAS: Symposium on Adaptive Systems**
SPAS: Security Preparedness and Support**
SPAS: Service Personnel Appraisal System**
SPAS: Sound and Particle Absorbing System**
SPAS: State Prevention Advancement and Support**
SPAS: Scholarship Program Administration System**
SPAS: Santa Paula Association of Skaters**
SPAS: Small Projects Award Scheme**
SPAS: Squash Pollinators of the Americas Survey**
SPAS: Serial Poll Active State**
SPAS: South Pacific Area Scholarship**
SPAS: Stratified Population Analysis System**
SPAS: Safety Performance and Analysis System**
SPAS: Society of People Against School**
SPAS: Strategic Poverty Alleviation Systems*
SPAS: Safety Performance Analysis Subsystem*
SPAS: Sponsored Project Administration System*
SPAS: Sea Power for Africa Symposium*
SPAS: Statistical Pan African Society*
SPAS: Space Power Architecture Study*
SPAS: St Petersburg Audubon Society*
SPAS: Structure Property Analysis Software*
SPAS: System Protection Advisory Subcommittee*
SPAS: Speech Pathology Audiology Society*
SPAS: St Petersburg Association of Sociologists*
SPAS: Software Process Assessment for Sligos S.I.*
SPAS: Société de Promotion de l~Aérodrome de Spa*
SPAS: Skill Performance Aids (Formerly ITDT)*

Note: Acronym Finder has 16 verified definitions for SPAS

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