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What does SPAM stand for?

Found 59 meanings of the SPAM acronym and abbreviation
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SPAM: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages***
SPAM: Security Protection and Management***
SPAM: Spiced Pork and Meat***
SPAM: Strictly Prohibited Any Member***
SPAM: Send Phenomenal Amounts of Mail***
SPAM: St. Patrick Academy, Momence (Momence, IL)***
SPAM: Spirituality Prayer and Meditation***
SPAM: Special Projects and Management***
SPAM: Society for the Preservation of American Modernists***
SPAM: Soil Plant Atmosphere Models***
SPAM: solid-phase adherence method**
SPAM: splenic para-amyloid material**
SPAM: systolic premature anterior motion**
SPAM: Subspace Projected Approximate Matrix**
SPAM: Sacramento Poetry Art and Music**
SPAM: Ska Punk Alternative Music**
SPAM: Something Posing As Meat**
SPAM: Sending Particularly Annoying Messages**
SPAM: Self Promotional Advertising Message**
SPAM: secreted polymorphic antigen associated with merozoites**
SPAM: Stream Protection and Management**
SPAM: Squirrel Possum and Mouse**
SPAM: Statistical Probabilistic Anatomic Map**
SPAM: Student Parents at MUN**
SPAM: Statistical Probability Anatomy Maps**
SPAM: Shelter Portable Air Mobile**
SPAM: Shelter Protective Aircraft Maintenance**
SPAM: Society of Physics and Mathematics**
SPAM: Specially Processed Artificial Meat**
SPAM: Smart Power Assistance Module**
SPAM: Society for the Prevention of Apostrophe Misuse**
SPAM: Solo Pittori Artisti Mutilati**
SPAM: Specially Prepared Assorted Meats**
SPAM: Statistics Program for Analyzing Mixtures**
SPAM: Strategisch Plan Arrondissement Mechelen**
SPAM: State Plan Activities Measures*
SPAM: Services Personnel and Manpower*
SPAM: Smart Power Assisted Module*
SPAM: South Pole Area Manager*
SPAM: Spatial Analysis and Modeling*
SPAM: Special Assistant to the Mayor*
SPAM: Spring Promo on All Medis*
SPAM: Scanning Probe Array Memory*
SPAM: School Performance Assessment Meeting*
SPAM: Senseless Pointless Annoying Messages*
SPAM: Simple Photo Album Manager*
SPAM: Student Performing Arts Ministry*
SPAM: SURFLANT Pro Active Maintenance*
SPAM: Situation Present Assessment Method*
SPAM: Spare Parts and Membranes*
SPAM: Subspace for Precision and Mean*
SPAM: Systematic Protein Annotation Modeling*
SPAM: Shaped Protein Approximating Man*
SPAM: shipment planning and movement*
SPAM: shipment planning and movement (card)*
SPAM: Special Program Auger Mining*
SPAM: Standard Portfolio Analysis of Margin*
SPAM: Stupid Peoples Advertising Method*
SPAM: Sun Pointing Attitude Mode*

Note: Acronym Finder has 35 verified definitions for SPAM

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