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SOG: Sign Our Guestbook****
SOG: Sport Ohne Grenzen****
SOG: State of the Globe****
SOG: Special Ops Group****
SOG: School of Government***
SOG: Studies and Observations Group***
SOG: Society of Genealogy***
SOG: Security Operations Group***
SOG: Southern Ohio Guns***
SOG: Standard Operating Guidelines***
SOG: Southern Oregon Guild***
SOG: Singlet Oxygen Generator***
SOG: Society of George***
SOG: Special Operation Group***
SOG: Seattle Opera Guild***
SOG: Scandinavian Outdoor Group***
SOG: State Operating Grant***
SOG: Soldiers of Germany***
SOG: Some of the Great***
SOG: Senior Officers Group***
SOG: Scheme the Organic***
SOG: Special Optical Glass***
SOG: Speed Over the Ground***
SOG: Schweizerische Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft***
SOG: Summer Olympic Games***
SOG: Senior Operations Group***
SOG: Sub Orbital Guardian***
SOG: Standard Operating Guidance***
SOG: Special Operations Groups***
SOG: sulfated oviductal glycoprotein**
SOG: sulfated oviductal glycoproteins**
SOG: Scooter Owners Group**
SOG: Society of Gilders**
SOG: Section on Geriatrics**
SOG: Southwest Oncology Group**
SOG: Sons of Gabriel**
SOG: Stichts Ondernemers Genootschap**
SOG: chordin/Short gastrulation**
SOG: Spa Opera Group**
SOG: Suffolk Ornithologists Group**
SOG: Singapore Open Gaming**
SOG: Studies Observation Group**
SOG: Singapore Online Guide**
SOG: Senior Officer Group**
SOG: Standard Operating Guides**
SOG: Science Operations Group**
SOG: Sons of Gestapo**
SOG: Shovel Owners Group**
SOG: State Organization of Grain**
SOG: Southend Ornithological Group**
SOG: Senior Officer of the Guard**
SOG: Spyder Owners Group**
SOG: Satellite Operations Group**
SOG: Special Observation Group**
SOG: Standard Operating Guidlines**
SOG: Stripper Off Gas**
SOG: Singapore Onco Genome**
SOG: Spyder Owner Group**
SOG: States of Guernsey**
SOG: Satellite Oceanography Group*
SOG: Senior Officer Grade*
SOG: Songs of Generations*
SOG: Special Oldies Group*
SOG: Study and Observations Group*
SOG: Seismicity Owners Group*
SOG: Scroll of Genocide*
SOG: Swingline Owners Group*
SOG: Singapore Official Guide*
SOG: Space Operating Group*
SOG: Side Oats Grama*
SOG: Savoy Opera Group*
SOG: Seka Official Genres*
SOG: Society of Obstetricians and Gyn*
SOG: State of Ohio Governor*
SOG: Step Office Graphics*
SOG: Subject Orientated Guides*
SOG: Submergence Operations Group*
SOG: Sur Oriente de Guatemala*

Note: Acronym Finder has 42 verified definitions for SOG

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