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What does SNF stand for?

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SNF: Smith Normal Form****
SNF: Sunday Night Foldathon****
SNF: Swiss National Foundation****
SNF: Store N Forward****
SNF: Swedish Nutrition Foundation****
SNF: Superior National Forest****
SNF: School Nutrition Foundation****
SNF: Subsequent Nursing Facility***
SNF: Strong Nurturing Families***
SNF: Simply No Future***
SNF: Standard Name Format***
SNF: so natural foods***
SNF: Somali National Front***
SNF: Svenska New Forest***
SNF: Store and Forward***
SNF: Secure Network Firewall***
SNF: Stichting Nederlandse Fotovakhandel***
SNF: Spent Nuclear Fuels***
SNF: Sequence Number Field***
SNF: Server Normal Format***
SNF: Sucrose Non Fermenting***
SNF: Sindh National Front***
SNF: Shoshone National Forest***
SNF: Sequoia National Forest***
SNF: Saskatchewan Nurses Foundation***
SNF: Sierra Nevada Framework***
SNF: Spot Noise Figure***
SNF: Shawnee National Forest***
SNF: Stanislaus National Forest***
SNF: Skilled Nurse Facility***
SNF: Serb National Federation***
SNF: Still Never Fading**
SNF: sensory nerve formations**
SNF: Simon nitinol filter**
SNF: Simon nitinol filters**
SNF: sinus node function**
SNF: soluble nuclear fraction**
SNF: sorbitol non fermenting**
SNF: subacute necrotizing funisitis**
SNF: Sympathetic neurocirculatory failure**
SNF: type--skilled-nursing facility**
SNF: Skilled Nursing Facilites**
SNF: Service Network Framework**
SNF: Second Normal Form**
SNF: Signaling Network Function**
SNF: Société Nobel Française**
SNF: splicing-necessary factor**
SNF: sons from normotensive families**
SNF: Sumter National Forest**
SNF: Singapore News Forum**
SNF: S Newsletter Forums**
SNF: Stanford Nano Fabrication**
SNF: Social Network Fragments**
SNF: Store Networking Foundation**
SNF: Schweizerischen National Fonds**
SNF: Skilled Nursing Facilty**
SNF: Street Network Files**
SNF: Sathirakoses Nagapradipa Foundation**
SNF: State Nursing Facility**
SNF: Single Network Firewall**
SNF: Sports Network and Fitness**
SNF: Skilled Nursing Facitlities**
SNF: Specialized Nursing Facility**
SNF: Saturday Night Fights**
SNF: Shutdown Network Forum**
SNF: Sunday Night Fights**
SNF: Surgical Nurses Forum**
SNF: Skilled Nursing Faciliy**
SNF: Somalia National Front**
SNF: Sports Nutrition Foundation*
SNF: Serbian National Forum*
SNF: Service Network Flamingo*
SNF: Sur Nacimiento Fault*
SNF: Skolem Normal Form*
SNF: Smoke Natural Flavor*
SNF: Stassen Natural Foods*
SNF: Server Natural Font*
SNF: Soil Names File*
SNF: Singer Needle Factory*
SNF: Soul Ninja Force*
SNF: Sunday Night Fever*
SNF: Suzhou Novena Furniture*
SNF: Saint Nazaire France*
SNF: Saline Number Fifteen*
SNF: Sam Normal Fire*
SNF: Scan Netmedia Finland*
SNF: Sequence Number of Frame*
SNF: Soybean Nodule Flies*
SNF: Stalking the Night Fanatasic*
SNF: Stanford Netnews Filter*
SNF: Stanford Netnews Filtering*

Note: Acronym Finder has 45 verified definitions for SNF

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