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SMS: Short Messages Service****
SMS: Stock Market Simulation****
SMS: Southeast Missouri State****
SMS: San Martin Suarez****
SMS: School Management Systems****
SMS: Southern Missouri State****
SMS: School Middle School****
SMS: Sheet Management System****
SMS: Semiconductor Metrology Systems****
SMS: Sequence Manipulation Suite****
SMS: Service Messenger Service****
SMS: Systems Management Services****
SMS: Situation Management Systems****
SMS: Singtel M1 Starhub****
SMS: Service in Microsoft****
SMS: Sciences Marine Science****
SMS: Smithsonian Marine Station****
SMS: Senden MMS Senden****
SMS: Sashabaw Middle School****
SMS: System Management Software****
SMS: Sheshunoff Management Services****
SMS: Science Mission Specialist****
SMS: Sell More Stock****
SMS: Sales Management Systems****
SMS: Spectral Modeling Synthesis****
SMS: Student Medical Services****
SMS: School of Management Sciences****
SMS: Social Management System****
SMS: Solutions Management Server****
SMS: Sheet Metal Screws****
SMS: Subscriber Management Services****
SMS: South Main Street****
SMS: Stafford Middle School****
SMS: Simply Mail Solutions****
SMS: Scarsdale Middle School****
SMS: Shallow Marine Sediments****
SMS: Simple Mobile Services****
SMS: Smart Metering System****
SMS: School Management Solution****
SMS: Sailor Moon SuperS****
SMS: Somatostatin and Somatostatin****
SMS: State Management Service****
SMS: Storage Management Solutions****
SMS: Sort Message Service****
SMS: Sado Maso Spiele****
SMS: Society of Master Saddlers****
SMS: Super Massive Stars****
SMS: Server Monitoring Software****
SMS: Stimson Middle School***
SMS: Sommet Mondial Sur***
SMS: St Margaret School***
SMS: Social Maturity Scale***
SMS: Secure Message System***
SMS: School of Mathematical Sciences***
SMS: School of Missing Studies***
SMS: Service Management Solutions***
SMS: Storage Management System***
SMS: Smart Messaging Specification***
SMS: Southern McMurdo Sound***
SMS: Short Message Sent***
SMS: Sting Millennium Suite***
SMS: Shared Memory Segment***
SMS: Shared Medical Services***
SMS: Send Message System***
SMS: sport media service***
SMS: Student Management Systems***
SMS: Sartell Middle School***
SMS: Saturday Music School***
SMS: South Middle School***
SMS: Special Marine Soldiers***
SMS: Snoqualmie Middle School***
SMS: Standard Market Size***
SMS: System Management Specialist***
SMS: Situation in Maharashtra***
SMS: Strategic Message Solutions***
SMS: School Meals Scheme***
SMS: Smutno Mi Samej***
SMS: Smart Messaging System***
SMS: Swiss Mathematical Society***
SMS: Sales and Marketing Strategist***
SMS: Stratton Mountain School***
SMS: Strap on Male Slave***
SMS: Section on Medical Schools***
SMS: System and Mobile Station***
SMS: Small Message Service***
SMS: Security Management Systems***
SMS: Short Messages Services***
SMS: System for Sending***
SMS: Shaw Main Streets***
SMS: Satellite Media Services***
SMS: Single Meet Single***
SMS: Sandpoint Middle School***
SMS: Systems Managment Server***
SMS: Sevierville Middle School***
SMS: Subscriber Management Systems***
SMS: Saturday Morning Sonic***
SMS: See More Successes***
SMS: Subscriber Management Service***
SMS: Ser Mais Sabedor***
SMS: Safe Motherhood Survey***
SMS: Some of the Send***
SMS: Surface Management System***
SMS: Systems Maintenance Services***
SMS: Scottish Meteorological Society***
SMS: System the Siren***
SMS: Sachs Morgan Studio***
SMS: Services by Means***
SMS: Salman and Shah***
SMS: Strategic Marketing Services***
SMS: Service Maintenance Spare***
SMS: Solutions MMS Solutions***
SMS: State Management Systems***
SMS: Special Mission Ships***
SMS: School of Medical Sciences***
SMS: Spinal Motion Segments***
SMS: Scottsburg Middle School***
SMS: Shared Management Services***
SMS: Sport Motivation Scale***
SMS: S Mobile Services***
SMS: Server Microsoft Systems***
SMS: Student Management Solutions***
SMS: Seattle Midwifery School***
SMS: Subwoofer Management System***
SMS: Systems Manufacturers Suppliers***
SMS: Site Management Statements***
SMS: Stormwater Management Service***
SMS: School of Mathematics Sciences***
SMS: summit middle school***
SMS: Sovereign Management Services***
SMS: Single Module System***
SMS: Short Massage Service***
SMS: State Mail Services***
SMS: Short Messaging Systems***
SMS: Substation Monitoring System***
SMS: System Managed Space***
SMS: School of Marine Studies***
SMS: Smithsburg Middle School***
SMS: Schemes the Sender***
SMS: State Migration Service***
SMS: Siemens M55 S57***
SMS: Silicon Magnetic Systems***
SMS: Sun Moon and Stars***
SMS: Sheraton Moana Surfrider***
SMS: Simple Message System***
SMS: Safety Management Services***
SMS: Specialist Medical Supplies***
SMS: Sacramento Mineral Society***
SMS: Sandburg Middle School (Robbinsdale, MN)***
SMS: Scarsdale Middle School (Scarsdale, NY)***
SMS: Schalmont Middle School (Schenectady, NY)***
SMS: Sego Middle School (Augusta, GA)***
SMS: Shaker Middle School (Shaker Heights, OH)***
SMS: Sheridan Middle School (Englewood, CO)***
SMS: Sierra-Mont Middle School (San Jose, CA)***
SMS: Skaneateles Middle School (Skaneateles, NY)***
SMS: Skinner Middle School (Denver, CO)***
SMS: Smiley Middle School (Denver, CO)***
SMS: Socorro Middle School (El Paso, TX)***
SMS: Southwest Middle School (High Point, NC)***
SMS: Springfield Middle School (Holland, OH)***
SMS: Stanley Middle School (Abingdon, VA)***
SMS: Steuben Middle School (Milwaukee, WI)***
SMS: Summit Middle School (Edmond, OK)***
SMS: Summit Middle School (Summit, NJ)***
SMS: Sunrise Middle School (Fort Lauderdale, FL)***
SMS: Short Message Send***
SMS: Safety Muting System***
SMS: Security Management Solutions***
SMS: State Minimum Standards***
SMS: Secret Message Service***
SMS: Stock Management System***
SMS: Sample Manipulation System***
SMS: Store Management System***
SMS: Super Morning Show***
SMS: Service and Most***
SMS: Southeastern Middle School***
SMS: senior market specialist***
SMS: Systems Mgmt Server***
SMS: Surfacewater Modeling System***
SMS: Stylowy Magazyn Studencki***
SMS: Select Media Services***
SMS: Short Message Systems***
SMS: Shopper Management System***
SMS: Safety Management Scheme***
SMS: Sawyer Media Systems***
SMS: Snehagiri Missionary Sisters***
SMS: School of Marine Science***
SMS: Seckman Middle School***
SMS: Southern Monitoring Services***
SMS: Schweizer Musik Syndikat***
SMS: Switched Mode power Supply***
SMS: Super Memory Stick***
SMS: System Master Station***
SMS: service montage soudure***
SMS: System Maintenance and Support***
SMS: Senior Minister of State***
SMS: Soviet Military Sites***
SMS: Seminar Management System***
SMS: Schemes for Sending***
SMS: Said Mobile Service***
SMS: Save Money on Sending***
SMS: Scenery Management System***
SMS: Special Mail Services***
SMS: Swiss Millenium Soldiers***
SMS: Stichting Management Studies***
SMS: Star Marine Services***
SMS: Strategic Management Services***
SMS: Societas Medicinae Sinensis***
SMS: Safety Management Specialists***
SMS: Specialised Management Services***
SMS: Schluss Mit Singlesein***
SMS: School of Marine Sciences***
SMS: Sanatan Mandir Sabha***
SMS: Service Mapping Schedule***
SMS: Systems Management Specialists***
SMS: Strain Monitor Systems***
SMS: S Motion Simulator***
SMS: Software Management Systems***
SMS: Store Machine Status***
SMS: Student Medical Society***
SMS: Siemens the Software***
SMS: Services and Mobile Social***
SMS: Sarcoma Meeting Stuttgart***
SMS: Sende Meldinger Som***
SMS: System Master System***
SMS: Small Messaging System***
SMS: Small Merchant Services***
SMS: Short Music Stories***
SMS: Stochastic Mechanical Systems***
SMS: Synchronous Meteorological Satellites***
SMS: Sierra Middle School***
SMS: Strange Music Symphony***
SMS: School of Medical Studies***
SMS: Sullivan Middle School***
SMS: Session Management System***
SMS: Software Management Services***
SMS: Student Mail System***
SMS: Source Management System***
SMS: Scholastic Management Suite***
SMS: Symphony Marketing Solutions***
SMS: Shared Memory Shared***
SMS: Systems Management Strategy***
SMS: Salisbury Management Services***
SMS: Scheduled Maintenance Systems***
SMS: Soniya Mujhse Shaadi***
SMS: Socioeconomic Monitoring Survey***
SMS: Snail Mail Social***
SMS: Siemens A Siemens***
SMS: Sharps Management System***

Note: Acronym Finder has 218 verified definitions for SMS

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