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SMR: Sloan Management Review****
SMR: Simple Machines Records****
SMR: Stuart M Robinson****
SMR: Sites and Monuments Records****
SMR: Security Management Resources****
SMR: Safety Management Review****
SMR: Suomalaiset Medisiinarit Ruotsissa****
SMR: State Marine Reserve****
SMR: Simultaneous Multiple Round***
SMR: Symbolic Music Representation***
SMR: Standardised Mortality Ratios***
SMR: Sindacato Maggiormente Rappresentativo***
SMR: Student Meeting Room***
SMR: State Marine Reserves***
SMR: Sustainable Mineral Resources***
SMR: Saber Marionette R***
SMR: Shindo Muso Ryu***
SMR: source maintenance and recoverability***
SMR: Standard Mortality Ratio***
SMR: Servizio Meteo Regionale***
SMR: Sigurd M Rascher***
SMR: State Military Reserve***
SMR: Standardized Mortality Rate***
SMR: saturday morning ride***
SMR: Steam Methane Reforming***
SMR: Standard Minimum Rules***
SMR: Save More Resources***
SMR: Southern Metropolitan Region***
SMR: Standardized Morbidity Ratio***
SMR: Schroeder Manatee Ranch***
SMR: Special Mobile Radio***
SMR: Safety Management Report***
SMR: Sports Market Report***
SMR: State Mobile Radio***
SMR: Small Medium Remote***
SMR: State Monitoring and Reporting***
SMR: Sports Management Review***
SMR: Severe Mental Retardation***
SMR: Security Market Research***
SMR: slope mass rating***
SMR: Screen Make Ready***
SMR: Society of Magnetic Resonance***
SMR: Serenity Master Reference***
SMR: Specialised Mobile Radio***
SMR: Standard Morbidity Ratios***
SMR: Specific Metabolic Rate***
SMR: Standard Mortality Ratios***
SMR: Sour Mountain Realty***
SMR: School of Maritime Reconnaissance***
SMR: Slow Motion Reign***
SMR: Super Metal Rich***
SMR: Summary Measure of Risk***
SMR: Skeletal Muscle Relaxants***
SMR: Specialist Management Resources***
SMR: Soluble Mesothelin Related***
SMR: Sub Millimeter Radiometer***
SMR: Society of Mountains and Rivers***
SMR: Standard Mortality Rate***
SMR: Sensory Motor Rhythm***
SMR: Satu Mare Romania***
SMR: Source Maintenance Recoverability***
SMR: Switch Mode Rectifiers**
SMR: age-standardised mortality ratios**
SMR: age-standardized mortality ratio**
SMR: Age-standardized mortality ratios**
SMR: facility-specific mortality rate**
SMR: Santos Metropolitan Region**
SMR: sectional magnetic resonance**
SMR: self-monitored results**
SMR: sensor motor reactions**
SMR: sequenced motion rate**
SMR: serial multiple regression**
SMR: sex-standardized mortality ratio**
SMR: Sleeping metabolic rate**
SMR: smooth muscle relaxation**
SMR: Specialized Mobilized Radio**
SMR: spinal mineralization rate**
SMR: spinal monosynaptic reflexes**
SMR: spontaneous muscle recruitment**
SMR: Spontaneously muricidal rats**
SMR: standard metabolic rates**
SMR: Standard Morbidity Ratio**
SMR: standard mortality ratio**
SMR: standard mortality rates**
SMR: standardised morality ratios**
SMR: standardised mortality radio**
SMR: Standardised mortality rate**
SMR: Standardised mortality rates**
SMR: Standardized morbidity rates**
SMR: Standardized morbidity ratios**
SMR: Standardized mortality rates**
SMR: standardized mortality ration**
SMR: standaridized mortality ratio**
SMR: Standarised mortality ratio**
SMR: stapedius muscle reflex**
SMR: stereoscopic magnetic resonance**
SMR: Styrian Malformation Register**
SMR: subjective mean refraction**
SMR: Superficial, mitochondria-rich**
SMR: supplementary motor region**
SMR: supraspinal micturition reflex**
SMR: surface matching registration**
SMR: surgical myocardial revascularization**
SMR: Statutory Management Requirements**
SMR: Standard Monitoring Report**
SMR: Switching Mode Rectifiers**
SMR: Stedelijke Marokkaanse Raad**
SMR: Strategy Management and Research**
SMR: Society of Manufacturers Representatives**
SMR: Small Multidrug Resistance**
SMR: subject matter reviewer**
SMR: Skolor Mot Rasism**
SMR: Solid Marketing Research**
SMR: small multi-drug resistance**
SMR: Standardized Mortality Ratio study**
SMR: stroke with minimum residuum**
SMR: strokes with minimum residuum**
SMR: superior mesenteric vascular resistance**
SMR: sympathetically mediated vasoconstrictor response**
SMR: Sun Mean Reference**
SMR: Savi Mobile Reader**
SMR: Scheduled Maintenance Report**
SMR: Standardized Malaysian Rubber**
SMR: Si Miniszt Rium**
SMR: Systems Management Resources**
SMR: Small Meeting Room**
SMR: Sauter Mean Radius**
SMR: Solidly Mounted Resonators**
SMR: Safe Manning Regulations**
SMR: Suppression of Mite Reproduction**
SMR: switching mode regulator**
SMR: Sisters of Mary Reparatrix**
SMR: Stem Mass Ratio**
SMR: Site Monitoring Report**
SMR: Soil Moisture Regimes**
SMR: Smoke Management Review_Committee**
SMR: Swiss Music Radio**
SMR: Short Message Relay**
SMR: Short Message Routing**
SMR: Split Multipath Routing**
SMR: Saturn Mobile Rack**
SMR: Squaw Mountain Ranch**
SMR: Senior Medical Resident**
SMR: Smoke Management Review**
SMR: Societatea Misionara Romana**
SMR: Soil Moisture Regime**
SMR: Sensory Motor Rythm**
SMR: sekolah menengah rendah**
SMR: Skip on Meaningless Result**
SMR: Security Management Roles**
SMR: Scottish Morbidity Records**
SMR: Sport Management Review**
SMR: Service Medical Records**
SMR: Source Media Routers**
SMR: Surface Mining Reclamation**
SMR: Small Mobile Robot**
SMR: Sovereign Market Research**
SMR: Scottish Mediation Register**
SMR: Senior Maintenance Rating**
SMR: Summer Mountain Ride**
SMR: Systems Mobile Radio**
SMR: Student Module Results**
SMR: Supply of Machinery**
SMR: Shore Manpower Requirements**
SMR: Single Management Responsibility**
SMR: Specific Mortality Rate**
SMR: Standards Management Requirements**
SMR: Selective Mesh Refinement**
SMR: Segment Mobile Rachidien**
SMR: Series Mode Rejection**
SMR: Service Management Reporter**
SMR: Singapore Management Review**
SMR: Sony Music Records**
SMR: Source Maintainability and Reliability**
SMR: Statement of Manpower Requirements**
SMR: Senior Marketing Representative**
SMR: Sexual Maturity Ratings**
SMR: Simulation Model Repository**
SMR: Snow Mobile Rider**
SMR: Software Modification Report**
SMR: Sustainable Minerals Roundtable**
SMR: Signal to Mask Ratios**
SMR: Specific Measurable Results**
SMR: Surgical Mechanical Research**
SMR: Simple Multicast Routing**
SMR: Somnolent Metabolic Rate**
SMR: Sunlight Mountain Resort**
SMR: Surface Mining and Reclamation**
SMR: Scanning Microwave Radiometer**
SMR: Search Maps Results**
SMR: South Mountain Reptiles**
SMR: Static Mixer Reactor**
SMR: Strategic Management Review**
SMR: Skanderborg Mini Race**
SMR: Small and Medium Reactors**
SMR: Software Modification Request**
SMR: Special Mobile Relay**
SMR: Securities Management Report**
SMR: Senior Military Representative**
SMR: Skills Measurement Report**
SMR: Southeast Medical Registry**
SMR: Stub Multicast Router**
SMR: Sexual Maturation Rating*
SMR: Society for Melanoma Research*
SMR: South Maitland Railways*
SMR: Specialized Mobile Radios*
SMR: Sub Mucous Resection*
SMR: Subject Matter Requirements*
SMR: subsidiary medical records*
SMR: Symposium Medisch Rampenmanagement*
SMR: Sagay Marine Reserve*
SMR: Schlumberger Moscow Research*
SMR: Sequoia Mountain Rescue*
SMR: Sidetone Masking Rating*
SMR: Society of Marine*
SMR: Software Maintenance Release*
SMR: Son Marcas Registradas*
SMR: Sports Medicine Registry*
SMR: System Management Registration*
SMR: Self Monitoring Reports*
SMR: Service Marketing Representative*
SMR: Signal to Masking Ratio*
SMR: Submarine Materials Review*
SMR: Subnet Mask Register*
SMR: Security Mailing and Retail*
SMR: Statutory Management Rules*
SMR: Stichting Medische Registratie*
SMR: Stock Manufacture and Repair*
SMR: Subtilis Multidrug Resistance*
SMR: Science Mission Requirements*
SMR: Selective Mini Repeater*
SMR: Self Mortising and Reversible*
SMR: Skillings Mining Review*
SMR: Source Maintenance and Recovery*
SMR: Southern Mahratta Railway*
SMR: Starter Motor Request*
SMR: Stock Market Reports*
SMR: Strong Motion Recording*
SMR: Sub Millimeter Receiver*
SMR: Supply Maintenance and Readiness*
SMR: Surety Management Reviews*
SMR: SyNDiKL MY Robot*
SMR: Shadow Mountain Resort*
SMR: System Management Review*
SMR: Sailor Moon Room*
SMR: Significant Mineral Resources*
SMR: System Measurement Review*
SMR: Shield Mockup Reactor*
SMR: Specialized Mobile Raio*
SMR: System Management Resources*

Note: Acronym Finder has 101 verified definitions for SMR

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