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SMO: Surrogate Mothers Online****
SMO: Servicio Militar Obligatorio****
SMO: Site Management Organisation***
SMO: Santa MOnica airport***
SMO: Samen Met Ondermeer***
SMO: Sewing Machine Operation***
SMO: S Maintenance Officer***
SMO: Strategy Management Organization***
SMO: surface mount oscillator***
SMO: St Martin Orgar***
SMO: Synthetic Motor Oil***
SMO: Science Management Office***
SMO: Sliding Mode Observer***
SMO: Social Movement Organisation***
SMO: Storage Management for Oracle***
SMO: Shemale Movies Online***
SMO: Serious Mode Off***
SMO: Strategy Management and Organisation***
SMO: School Management Organisations***
SMO: Sourcing Management Office***
SMO: State Materials Office***
SMO: sport management organization***
SMO: Swiss Meteorological Office***
SMO: Stormwater Management Officer***
SMO: Stichting Maatschappelijke Opvang***
SMO: Sierra Madre Occidental***
SMO: Schweizer Mathematik Olympiade***
SMO: Social Movement Organizations***
SMO: Site Management Organizations***
SMO: Sociaal Medisch Overleg***
SMO: Social Ministry Organizations***
SMO: Sekolah Menulis Online***
SMO: Single Market Objective***
SMO: Scheaffer-Mendenhall-Ott**
SMO: school medical officer**
SMO: specialist medical officer**
SMO: stationary membranous oxygenator**
SMO: synchronous multifocal osteosarcoma**
SMO: Spectrum Management Office**
SMO: Science Mission Office**
SMO: Subject Matter Officer**
SMO: sterol-4alpha-methyl oxidase**
SMO: Sydney Mandolin Orchestra**
SMO: Système Mondial d'Observation**
SMO: Stichting Metaal Opleidingen**
SMO: Surveillance Medical Officers**
SMO: Semiconductor Metal Oxide**
SMO: Some of the Operations**
SMO: Spectrum Management Organisation**
SMO: State MPP6 Ondo**
SMO: Since Major Overhaul**
SMO: Spontaneous Music Orchestra**
SMO: Statements of Membership Obligations**
SMO: System Management Offices**
SMO: Site Management Office**
SMO: Senior METOC Officer**
SMO: Support Magneto Optical**
SMO: Site Maintenance Organizations**
SMO: Systems Management Organization**
SMO: Simple Maintenance Of**
SMO: System Modeling Operations**
SMO: Server Managed Objects**
SMO: Shopping Mall Online**
SMO: Social Mobilisation Officer**
SMO: SCARP Monitoring Organization**
SMO: Student Missionary Outreach**
SMO: Support to Military Ops**
SMO: Security Management Officers**
SMO: Ship Management Office**
SMO: Service Maintenance Objectives**
SMO: Sites at Mysore**
SMO: Social Memory Organizer**
SMO: State Mitigation Officer**
SMO: Students for Minority Outreach**
SMO: symptom management orders**
SMO: Sistema on line*
SMO: squadron maintenance officer*
SMO: Standard Medical Orders*
SMO: Systems Management Overview*
SMO: S Medical Officer*
SMO: Solar Monitoring Observatory*
SMO: Stockholm Management Office*
SMO: surface meteorological observation*
SMO: Systems Management Offices*
SMO: Senior Migration Officer*
SMO: Software Management Organizer*
SMO: Special Manufacturing Order*
SMO: Science and Mission Operations*
SMO: Senior Meteorological and Oceanographic*
SMO: Source Mapping Outfit*
SMO: Stabilized Master Oscillator*
SMO: Subcontract Management Office*
SMO: sewing machine oil*
SMO: Social Marketing Organizations*
SMO: Society of Military Ophthalmologists*
SMO: Systems Maintenance Office*
SMO: Special Mission Office*
SMO: Sharp Metal Objects*
SMO: Senior Management Offices*
SMO: Spectrum Management Operations*
SMO: Serbia and Montenegro Organizations*
SMO: Sharp Metal Object*
SMO: Simtel Mirror at Oakland*
SMO: Slovenia Map Online*
SMO: Source of Mine Outlines*
SMO: South Mount Olive*
SMO: Southbay Mustang Owners*
SMO: Southern Mount Olive*
SMO: Sports Medicine and Orthopedic*
SMO: State maintenance officer (NG)*
SMO: strategic mobility office(r)*
SMO: Summary of Mission Operations*
SMO: Sun Microsystems Oy*
SMO: Surface Mining in Oklahoma*
SMO: Surface Mining Office*
SMO: Surface Mining Operations*
SMO: Symposium on Meteorological Observations*
SMO: Systeme Mondial d'Observation*
SMO: Systeme Mondial de l'Ozone*
SMO: Systems Management Officer*

Note: Acronym Finder has 82 verified definitions for SMO

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