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SLD: Severe Learning Difficulties****
SLD: Student Loan Deduction****
SLD: Special Libraries Division****
SLD: Speed Lever Drag***
SLD: Sport Leisure Development***
SLD: Specific Learning Difficulties***
SLD: Stabilization of Liquid***
SLD: Sports Licensed Division***
SLD: State Laser Diodes***
SLD: Speed Limit Defencer***
SLD: Specific Learning Disabled***
SLD: Specific Learning Difficulty***
SLD: System Level Design***
SLD: Schools and Library Division***
SLD: SLC Large Detector***
SLD: Severe Learning Disabilities***
SLD: Styled Layer Descriptors***
SLD: SuSE Linux Desktop***
SLD: Schools Libraries Division***
SLD: Speech and Language Difficulties***
SLD: Seneca Land District***
SLD: State Land Department***
SLD: Scottish Language Dictionaries***
SLD: Scottish Liberal Democrats***
SLD: Starting to Live Differently***
SLD: Styled Layer Description***
SLD: Signal Lumineux De***
SLD: Survey Line Data***
SLD: School Libraries Division***
SLD: Scientific Laboratory Division***
SLD: Senior Lawyers Division***
SLD: Super Luminescence Diode***
SLD: Simple Lymphatic Drainage***
SLD: Sharron Leslie Designs***
SLD: Supercooled Large Droplet***
SLD: Small Linux Device***
SLD: Specified Learning Disability***
SLD: Series LED Driver***
SLD: Statistical Leak Detection***
SLD: Subdivision and Land Development***
SLD: Service Level Definition***
SLD: Shuttle Launch Dispenser***
SLD: Spectacle Lens Dispensers***
SLD: Shift Left Double***
SLD: Student Life and Development***
SLD: SLAC Large Detector***
SLD: School and Libraries Division***
SLD: School Leadership Development***
SLD: Style Layer Descriptor***
SLD: Smart Line Design***
SLD: Scattering Length Densities**
SLD: Set Line Density**
SLD: Saussurea lappa decoction**
SLD: Sensitizing Latency Difference**
SLD: sex-linked dwarfing**
SLD: Sex-linked dwarfism**
SLD: sex-linked dwarfs**
SLD: short latency depolarization**
SLD: short latency depolarizations**
SLD: short-latency depolarization**
SLD: situational learning disability**
SLD: smallpox-like disease**
SLD: specific leaf density**
SLD: specifically language delayed**
SLD: standard laboratory diet**
SLD: star length distribution**
SLD: Stuttering-like disfluencies**
SLD: sub-lethal damage**
SLD: subplasmalemmal linear densities**
SLD: Subplasmalemmal linear density**
SLD: subpleural lung density**
SLD: sugar lowering drugs**
SLD: Surface lamellar decoration**
SLD: surface Laplacian derivation**
SLD: surface liquid depth**
SLD: Straight Line Depreciation**
SLD: School and Library Division**
SLD: System Location and Design**
SLD: Sierra Leone Diamond**
SLD: Security Locksmith Design**
SLD: State Laboratory Division**
SLD: Srpskog Lekarskog Dru**
SLD: Straight Line Diagrams**
SLD: sex-linked dwarf mutant**
SLD: sex-linked dwarfing gene**
SLD: speech and language disorder**
SLD: stay of long duration**
SLD: stays of long duration**
SLD: systematic lymph node dissection**
SLD: Stanford Large Detector**
SLD: S Leap District**
SLD: Super Luminescent Diodes**
SLD: State Library Division**
SLD: Simultaneous Launch Demonstration**
SLD: Sea Level Datum**
SLD: transpeptidase , lactic dehydrogenase**
SLD: Severe Learning Difficulty**
SLD: Sign Language Dictionary**
SLD: St Lawrence District**
SLD: St Louis District**
SLD: Source Level Definition**
SLD: Special Library Division**
SLD: State Lands Development**
SLD: Southern Land Development**
SLD: Specific Language Disorders**
SLD: State Legislative District**
SLD: Subscriber Line Data**
SLD: Style Layer Descriptors**
SLD: Simulated Life Doll**
SLD: Sojuz Lewicy Demokratycznej**
SLD: Spiritual Life Directors**
SLD: Super Luminous Diodes**
SLD: Selected Linear Definite**
SLD: Superluminescent Light Emitting Diode**
SLD: Science Lab Database**
SLD: Shallow Land Disposal**
SLD: Secrets Lies and Democracy**
SLD: Securities Law Daily**
SLD: Subject Load Device**
SLD: Slavic Languages Division**
SLD: Stiff Leg Derrick**
SLD: Scientific Lab Division**
SLD: Sex Linked Dwarf**
SLD: Speed Limit Developer**
SLD: St Lawrence Division**
SLD: Schools and Libraries Divisions**
SLD: Scrambled Leggs Dvd**
SLD: Serum Lactic Dehydrogenase**
SLD: Supported Living Daily**
SLD: Sami Lewicowi Dranie*
SLD: Segmented Leak Detection*
SLD: Stress Loads and Dynamics*
SLD: System Load Delay*
SLD: Sterling Lemon Dish*
SLD: Subject Loading Device*
SLD: Satellite Launch Dispenser*
SLD: Scientific Limited Data*
SLD: Stichting Living Daylights*
SLD: Super Low Density*
SLD: Schools in Doncaster*
SLD: Second Level Detection*
SLD: Service Level Detail*
SLD: Slope Line Detection*
SLD: Single Look Detected*
SLD: Society for Language Development*
SLD: Special Litigation Division*
SLD: Second Level Destination*
SLD: Shutdown Logic Diagram*
SLD: Simulator Level of Detail*
SLD: Safe Lane Delineator*
SLD: Saint Louis Directory*
SLD: Saint Louis District*
SLD: Scope and Level of Detail*
SLD: Services for Life and Documentation*
SLD: Simple Latex Dams*
SLD: Site Locations Description*
SLD: Skully Links to Die*
SLD: Skullys Links to Die*
SLD: Spécifications Lignes Directrice*
SLD: St Louis airport Designation*
SLD: Statewide Landcover Database*
SLD: Stratospheric ozone Layer Depth*
SLD: Survivability Lethality Directorate*
SLD: Swahili Living Dictionary*

Note: Acronym Finder has 57 verified definitions for SLD

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