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SIT: Sprint Interval Training****
SIT: School for Information Technology****
SIT: S Intelligence Test****
SIT: Supervisor in Training****
SIT: Show Internet Time****
SIT: Southern Institute of Technology****
SIT: Services of Two***
SIT: Science and Information Technology***
SIT: School Improvement Teams***
SIT: Special Information Tones***
SIT: Secure Information Technology***
SIT: Southland Institute of Technology***
SIT: Slayers in Training***
SIT: System Integrity Test***
SIT: System Information Technology***
SIT: Student Intervention Team***
SIT: Society of Toxicology***
SIT: Sichere Informations Technologie***
SIT: Strategic Implementation Team***
SIT: Solar Integrated Technologies***
SIT: Smell Identification Test***
SIT: Service in Italy***
SIT: Studentersamfundets Interne Teater***
SIT: Shibaura Institute of Technology***
SIT: Sterile Insect Technology***
SIT: Staff in Training***
SIT: Secure Intermodal Transport***
SIT: Structured Investment Trust***
SIT: Special Investigating Team***
SIT: Secretariat for Information Technology***
SIT: snapple iced tea***
SIT: Systematic Inventive Thinking***
SIT: Standard Installation Tool***
SIT: Servants in Training***
SIT: Space Infrared Telescope***
SIT: Statewide Instructional Technology***
SIT: Social Implications of Technology***
SIT: Strumento in Taratura***
SIT: Standard International Trade***
SIT: Suffolk Institute of Technology***
SIT: Sugar Investment Trust***
SIT: Software Infrastructure Team***
SIT: System Integration Testing***
SIT: Surveyors in Training***
SIT: Systems Integration Tests***
SIT: Soldiers in Training***
SIT: Student Improvement Team***
SIT: Siddaganga Institute of Technology***
SIT: Structured Intermittent Therapy***
SIT: Science Invention and Technology***
SIT: Silicon Intensifier Target***
SIT: Spatial Information Technology***
SIT: Special Information Types***
SIT: School of International Training***
SIT: Sequence and Impact***
SIT: specialita igienico terapeutiche***
SIT: Silent Infarct Transfusion***
SIT: Security Infrastructure Team***
SIT: Safety Innovation Team***
SIT: Security and Identification Technology***
SIT: Specialized Individual Treatment***
SIT: StuffIT archive file***
SIT: Seoul Institute for Transparency***
SIT: Service Improvement Team***
SIT: Secure Internet Traffic***
SIT: Service Information Types***
SIT: self induced transparency***
SIT: Static Induction Thyristor***
SIT: System Integration and Test***
SIT: Silicon Institute of Technology***
SIT: Standard Inverse Time***
SIT: Systems Integration Test***
SIT: Squaxin Island Tribe***
SIT: Shonan Institute of Technology***
SIT: States and Indian Tribes***
SIT: Societa Italiana Tumori***
SIT: special information type***
SIT: Sidewalk Initiative Team***
SIT: Sony IBM Toshiba***
SIT: Serum Inhibitory Titer**
SIT: saline-irrigated tip**
SIT: secondary immune thrombocytopenia**
SIT: selective intracoronary thrombolysis**
SIT: Self-Injury Trauma**
SIT: Sensory Integration Therapy**
SIT: sensory integration treatment**
SIT: sensory integrative therapy**
SIT: Serum immunoreactive trypsin**
SIT: Serum inhibitory test**
SIT: Short-Incision-Technique**
SIT: short-interval training**
SIT: silicone intensified tube**
SIT: small intestinal transplantation**
SIT: small intestinal tumors**
SIT: small intestine transplantation**
SIT: Social Interaction Test**
SIT: Specific Immuno-Therapy**
SIT: sperm immobilization technique**
SIT: Sperm immobilization test**
SIT: sperm-immobilization test**
SIT: spermatozoa immobilization test**
SIT: Spin inversion transfer**
SIT: spinal infusion test**
SIT: standard insulin therapy**
SIT: stimulus-independent task**
SIT: structural information theory**
SIT: subacromial injection test**
SIT: Suggested Immobilization Test**
SIT: superselective intracoronary thrombolysis**
SIT: Synchronous intensive treatment**
SIT: Special Instructions to Tenderers**
SIT: Specific Interaction Theory**
SIT: Stress Inoculation Therapy**
SIT: Sethu Institute of Technology**
SIT: Servizio Italiano Taratura**
SIT: Samfundets Interne Teater**
SIT: selenium, insulin, and transferrin**
SIT: short-term intensive therapy**
SIT: silicon intensified target camera**
SIT: Silicon Intensified Target" vidicon**
SIT: single intradermal tuberculin test**
SIT: allergen-specific immunotherapy**
SIT: pollen-specific immunotherapy**
SIT: Segnalazione Interessi Transfrontalieri**
SIT: Sportello Impresa in Trasformazione**
SIT: Salazar Institute of Technology**
SIT: Service Integration Teams**
SIT: Siddaganga Institutes of Technology**
SIT: small intestinal allografts**
SIT: Safety in Tunnels**
SIT: Strain Induced Transformation**
SIT: Students Islamic Trust**
SIT: Satellite Instructional Television**
SIT: System Improvement Time**
SIT: Sindacati Indipendenti Ticinesi**
SIT: Silicon Intensifier Tube**
SIT: Sistem Informasi Terpadu**
SIT: Secure Image Transfer**
SIT: Scienza Industria Tecnologia**
SIT: Southern Iowa Trolley**
SIT: Snel Interventie Team**
SIT: Selection Information Table**
SIT: Service in the Tri**
SIT: Structural Integrity Test**
SIT: Self Insurance Trust**
SIT: Sensory Integration Training**
SIT: Sequence Interpretation Tools**
SIT: Sistemi Integrati Termotecnici**
SIT: Self Ignition Temperature**
SIT: Superfund Innovative Technology**
SIT: Sexual Integrity for Teens**
SIT: Samenwerkingsinitiatieven Inzake Thuisverzorging**
SIT: Strings and in Tune**
SIT: Standard Insurance Table**
SIT: Student Industry Teacher**
SIT: Summer Institute on Teaching**
SIT: Symposium on Informatics and Telecommunications**
SIT: System Integration Tests**
SIT: Superintendence of Telecommunications**
SIT: Satyam IdeaEDGE Technologies**
SIT: Seiko Instrument Thailand**
SIT: Statewide Interagency Team**
SIT: Satellite Information Table**
SIT: Singapore Institute of Taxation**
SIT: South Injection Tunnel**
SIT: Staffer in Training**
SIT: Sky Institute of Technology**
SIT: Structure Index Tree**
SIT: Seating Interior Themes**
SIT: Seal Initiation Temperature**
SIT: Securities Investment Trusts**
SIT: Staff Improvement Team**
SIT: Sustainability Initiatives Team**
SIT: System Image Tape**
SIT: Samenwerkings Initiatief Thuiszorg**
SIT: Slossen Intelligence Test**
SIT: Slovak International Tabak**
SIT: Special Intervention Team**
SIT: Specialpedagogiska Institutet Tillsammans**
SIT: Sub Investigation Teams**
SIT: Scanner Interface Trace*
SIT: Scholar in Training*
SIT: Session Index Table*
SIT: Short Intensive Training*
SIT: Sidewall Image Transfer*
SIT: Software Integration Testing*
SIT: Solomon Is Tall*
SIT: Solomon Is Time*
SIT: Student Independent Time*
SIT: Student Input Team*
SIT: Suprathermal Ion Telescope*
SIT: Solomon Island Tall*
SIT: Solutions Internet Technilogic*
SIT: Southern Illinois Tourism*
SIT: Student Interactive Terminals*
SIT: Scholarship Item Type*
SIT: Scholastic Invitational Tournament*
SIT: Self Inflicted Trial*
SIT: Society of Industrial Tutors*
SIT: State Interagency Team*
SIT: Summer Institute of Theology*
SIT: Shanghai International Trading*
SIT: Slot Issue Time*
SIT: Society of Instrument Technology*
SIT: Software for Information Technology*
SIT: Software Installation Tool*
SIT: Stimulus Independent Though*
SIT: Subsystem Integration Test*
SIT: Scaffold Inspection and Testing*
SIT: Shandong Institute of Technology*
SIT: Special Identifying Telephone*
SIT: Specific Immune Therapy*
SIT: System Integration Tasks*
SIT: Software Integrated Test*
SIT: Scholars in Technology*
SIT: Sensors and Instrument Technology*
SIT: SSV Integrated Test*
SIT: Stationary Infantry Targets*
SIT: Stop Interrupting Testing*
SIT: Strategic Integrated Technologies*
SIT: Santa Ines Trujillo*
SIT: Schools of Istanbul Technical*
SIT: Science and Informatin Technology*
SIT: Sebastian International Translat*
SIT: Secretaries of Interior and Transportation*
SIT: Service International Teck*
SIT: Sharing of Information Technology*
SIT: Skye International Teleservice*
SIT: Spectral Integration Techniques*
SIT: Sports Information Tennis*
SIT: Standards Infrastructure Team*
SIT: Super Intendecia de Telecomunicación*
SIT: Synmap Information Technologies*
SIT: Systems Integration Tucson*

Note: Acronym Finder has 91 verified definitions for SIT

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