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SIO: Serial Input Output****
SIO: Sistema Informativo Ospedaliero****
SIO: Surety Information Office****
SIO: Scripps Institution for Oceanography***
SIO: Society of Integrative Oncology***
SIO: Shirshov Institute of Oceanology***
SIO: state informatics officer***
SIO: Standard Input Output***
SIO: Strategy and Innovation Officer***
SIO: Sistemi Informativi Ospedalieri***
SIO: Senior Insurance Officer***
SIO: Surinaams Inspraak Orgaan***
SIO: Society of Obesity***
SIO: Scenic Integrity Objectives***
SIO: Scenic Integrity Objective***
SIO: Summary Instalment Order***
SIO: Scripps Inst of Oceanography***
SIO: Social Investment Organisation***
SIO: Society of Osteopathy***
SIO: Survey of International Organizations***
SIO: Section of International Organizations***
SIO: Senior Investigating Officers***
SIO: Shirshov Institute of Oceanography***
SIO: Software Intensive Organisations***
SIO: Scripps Institue of Oceanography***
SIO: Strategic Investment Officer***
SIO: Strategic Initiatives Office***
SIO: State Inspection Organization***
SIO: scripps inst oceanography***
SIO: Serial Input and Output***
SIO: Separation by Implanted Oxygen**
SIO: Secondary iron overload**
SIO: sexual intercourse only**
SIO: Social Insurance Organization**
SIO: standard intermittent oral**
SIO: superparamagnetic iron oxide**
SIO: Service Indicator Octet**
SIO: Special Investigative Officer**
SIO: System Input Output**
SIO: Senior Information Officials**
SIO: Students Islamic Organization**
SIO: Society for Integrative Oncology**
SIO: Status Indicator Out**
SIO: Section Inter Organisations**
SIO: Super Input Output**
SIO: Sripps Institution of Oceanography**
SIO: School Improvement Officers**
SIO: Single Image Output**
SIO: Simultaneous Interface Operation**
SIO: Students Islamic Organisation**
SIO: Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Otwartych**
SIO: Student Insurance Office**
SIO: Single Integrated Operations**
SIO: Systems Implementation Office**
SIO: Scientific or Industrial Organization**
SIO: Student Initiated Outreach**
SIO: Superolateral to Inferomedial Oblique**
SIO: Senior Intelligence Officers**
SIO: Student Information Officers**
SIO: Specialisten in Opleiding**
SIO: System Integration Office**
SIO: System Internetowy Olimpiady**
SIO: Scripps Institiution of Oceanography**
SIO: Simple Input Output**
SIO: Simultan Input Output*
SIO: Scripps Institution of Oceangraphy*
SIO: Scrips Institution of Oceanography*
SIO: Shavei Israel Organisation*
SIO: Student International Org*
SIO: Security and Intelligence Oversight*
SIO: Scientific Information Officer*
SIO: Sensor Input Output*
SIO: Special Inquiry Officer*
SIO: Storage Injection Order*
SIO: Supervisory Immigration Officer*
SIO: Surat Izin Operator*
SIO: Samenhang Industrieel Ontwerpen*
SIO: Scalable Input Output*
SIO: Speech Input Output*
SIO: Supervising Intelligence Officer*
SIO: Servicios de Informacion de Obras*
SIO: Servicios de Informacion y Operacion*
SIO: Scripps Institute Oceanography*
SIO: Scripps Institute of Oceanograph*
SIO: Scripps Institute of Oceanography*
SIO: Secretary Immediate Office*
SIO: Secretarys Immediate Office*
SIO: Servicio de Informacion Operativa*
SIO: Set It Office launchonline*
SIO: Shanghai Infoservice Online*
SIO: Skidway Institute of Oceanography*
SIO: Society of Industrial and Office*
SIO: Southern Illinois Oravill*
SIO: Space Institute of Oulu*
SIO: Springfield Illinois Office*
SIO: Standard Installation Organizations*
SIO: Subaru Impreza Outback*
SIO: Supervisory Inspection and Overhead*

Note: Acronym Finder has 40 verified definitions for SIO

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