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What does SICA stand for?

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SICA: Subud International Cultural Association***
SICA: Swiss Institute of Certified Accountants***
SICA: Soccer Industry Council of America***
SICA: Specific International Cooperation Activities***
SICA: State Incentive Cooperative Agreement***
SICA: Swisstar International Consulting Alliance***
SICA: Shore Institute of Contemporary Art***
SICA: Southeastern Idaho Community Action***
SICA: Summer Institute on College Admissions***
SICA: Southern Interior Construction Association***
SICA: South Inter Conference Association***
SICA: Secretariat for Central American***
SICA: Seacoast Irish Cultural Association***
SICA: Solomon Islands Christian Association***
SICA: Sick Industries Companies Act***
SICA: Section on International and Comparative Administration***
SICA: schizont-infected cell agglutination**
SICA: surgically induced corneal astigmatism**
SICA: South Indian Cultural Association**
SICA: Special Intensive Care Area**
SICA: Shanghai International Culture Association**
SICA: Southern Illinois Crappie Association**
SICA: School Improvement Council Assistance**
SICA: South India Culinary Association**
SICA: Sugarloaf Interpretive Center Association**
SICA: South Indian Cinematographers Association**
SICA: Student International Chiropractors Association**
SICA: Securities Industry Committee on Arbitration**
SICA: Singer Island Civic Association**
SICA: South India Cotton Association**
SICA: Sick Industrial Companies (Special Provision) Act**
SICA: Sea Island Conservation Area**
SICA: System for the Integration of Central America**
SICA: St Ignatius College Alumni**
SICA: Stocksfield Institute Community Association**
SICA: Student Idaho Cattle Association**
SICA: Small Interface Cable Adapter**
SICA: Social Investigation and Class Analysis**
SICA: South India Cultural Association**
SICA: Stuart Island Community Association**
SICA: Shanghai International Cultural Association**
SICA: Shanghai Integrated Circuit Association**
SICA: Students Involved in Community Action**
SICA: Stichting Internationale Contacten Amstelveen**
SICA: Stone Institute for Challenged Adolescents**
SICA: Southern Illinois Coaches Association*
SICA: Surgical Intermediate Care Area*
SICA: Section for International and Comparative Administration*
SICA: Solomon Islands Churches Association*
SICA: Samoa International Cricket Association*
SICA: Spanish International Cooperation Agency*
SICA: Staunton Information Commerce Association*
SICA: South Indian Culinary Association*
SICA: Sports Industry Credit Association*
SICA: Swansea Institute Commercial Activities*
SICA: Secondary Inventory Control Agency*
SICA: Safeco Insurance Company of America*
SICA: Sandinista Intervention in Central America*
SICA: secondary item control activities*
SICA: SociTtT d'IntTrOt Collectif Agricole*
SICA: Sofia Imber Contemporary Art*
SICA: Spilled Ink Consisting of All*

Note: Acronym Finder has 15 verified definitions for SICA

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