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SGR: Self Governing Regions****
SGR: Select Graphic Rendition****
SGR: Scientists for Global Responsibility****
SGR: Sigma Gamma Rho****
SGR: Structuurschema Groene Ruimte***
SGR: Solar Gamma Ray***
SGR: Strategic Grain Reserves***
SGR: Soft Gamma Repeaters***
SGR: Soft Gamma Repeater***
SGR: Spring Garden Ranch***
SGR: Soft Glassy Rheology***
SGR: Stichting Geschillencommissie Reizen***
SGR: swing gate rack***
SGR: Steam Generator Replacements***
SGR: Saint Gobain Recherche***
SGR: Standard Growth Rates***
SGR: Student Generation Rates***
SGR: Senter Goldfarb Rice***
SGR: State Garrison Regiment***
SGR: San Gold Resources***
SGR: Stichting Garantiefonds Reizen***
SGR: Southern Gospel Review***
SGR: Strange Ga Rhythmom***
SGR: Space GPS Receiver***
SGR: Salsa Group Roma***
SGR: Specific Growth Rates***
SGR: Sentence Gist Recognition**
SGR: silica gel resin**
SGR: single gene reassortant**
SGR: single group rotation**
SGR: skin galvanic reaction**
SGR: skin galvanic reflex**
SGR: skin galvanic response**
SGR: skin-galvanic reaction**
SGR: skin-galvanic reflex**
SGR: skin-galvanic response**
SGR: Songimvelo Game Reserve**
SGR: standardized graft ratio**
SGR: substantia gelatinosa Rolandi**
SGR: Stichting Garantie Reisgelden**
SGR: Set Graphic Rendition**
SGR: Shaw Group Receives**
SGR: Society of General**
SGR: Surgeon Generals Report**
SGR: Suffolk Group Radio**
SGR: Student Grand Rounds**
SGR: State Game Refuge**
SGR: Silvicultural Ground Rules**
SGR: Sunny Govan Radio**
SGR: Swing Gate Racks**
SGR: Soccer Goals Round**
SGR: Student Generation Rate**
SGR: Survey GPS Receiver**
SGR: Sustainable Growth Rates**
SGR: Student Generated Revenues**
SGR: Singles Golf of Rochester**
SGR: saes getters risp**
SGR: Sweetie Girl Racing**
SGR: State of Good Repair**
SGR: Symposium for Graduate Research**
SGR: Source Ground Return**
SGR: St Georges Rotary**
SGR: Support of the Guard and Reserve**
SGR: Scenario Generation and Reconstruction**
SGR: Self Governmental Regions**
SGR: San Gabriel River**
SGR: Standard Game Requirements**
SGR: Supplemental Grade Reports**
SGR: Society of Gastrointestinal Radiology**
SGR: Software GPS Receiver**
SGR: Standard Gamma Ray**
SGR: Sega Games Radio**
SGR: Shaw Group Restates**
SGR: Specialty Group Realty**
SGR: Scheduled Gradual Reduction*
SGR: SimCity 4 Graphics Rules*
SGR: Society for Gastrointestinal Radiologists*
SGR: South Gippsland Railway*
SGR: Spectroscopy Gamma Ray*
SGR: Sportivi Ghiaccio Roana*
SGR: Scots Guard Regiment*
SGR: Sistema de Gestion de Red*
SGR: Spiritual Growth Retreat*
SGR: Substanzrelevante Gravitations Resonanz*
SGR: Saline Gel Round*
SGR: Silviculture Ground Rules*
SGR: Skywave to Groundwave Ratio*
SGR: Stanford Genomic Resources*
SGR: Superannuation Guarantee Rulings*
SGR: Sachs Georgi Reaction*
SGR: Secondary Gas Recovery*
SGR: Small Grain and or Ryegrass*
SGR: South Group for Research*
SGR: Sweet Genes Rodentry*
SGR: Seismic Group Recorders*
SGR: Sinners Guns Rebels*
SGR: Specific Ground Range*
SGR: Sulfur Gas Recovery*
SGR: Sustainable Growth Ratc*
SGR: Self Generation Reactor*
SGR: Simplified General Rule*
SGR: Systems Generic Requirements*
SGR: Sistema de Gestion Remoto*
SGR: Sand and Gravel Resources*
SGR: Secret Garden Restaurant*
SGR: source guard rate*
SGR: Safety Guidance for Rotational*
SGR: Sainte Genevieve Rigsby*
SGR: Selected Geology Resources*
SGR: Soil and Groundwater Restoration*
SGR: Space Ghost as a Representation*
SGR: Specialist Gary Rhodes*
SGR: Speech Generation in Rob*
SGR: Spoil Generated by Remining*
SGR: Standard Gauge Railroads*
SGR: Star Gladiator Review*
SGR: Steppe Gold Resources*
SGR: Still not Getting any Respect*
SGR: Stockholm Global Resource*
SGR: Stone Gate Realty*
SGR: Street Gold Records*
SGR: Structural Geology Resources*
SGR: Subsidiary Gate Road*
SGR: Sunstone Guest Ranch*
SGR: Swim with the Gators in Roanoke*

Note: Acronym Finder has 28 verified definitions for SGR

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