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Scottish Grocers Federation****
Starfish Greathearts Foundation****
Small Grants Fund***
Secretary to the Government of the Federation***
Smart Go Format***
Student Grant Fund***
State Grants Funds***
SEA Games Federation***
Seed Grant Fund***
S Garden Foundation***
Swedish Golf Federation***
Svenska Geotekniska Föreningen***
spain gourmet fair***
Settlement Guarantee Fund***
Steve Glidden Foundation***
State General Funds***
Small Grants Facility***
Stensved Gymnastik Forening***
Sistema Gestione Flotta***
Special Ground Forces***
Shots on Goal Faced***
Stay Green Foundation***
Silk Gland Factor**
Sarcoma growth factor**
seminiferous growth factor**
serum growth factor**
Shope growth factor**
silica gel fraction**
siliconized-glass fiber**
simulate gastric fluid**
Skeletal growth factor**
soybean globulin fraction**
Sparganum Growth Factor**
Spirometra growth factor**
stable graft function**
stainless-steel Greenfield filter**
sweat gland factor**
sweat gland flow**
synthetic gastric fluid**
Small Grant Fund**
Siam General Factoring**
Small Grant Facility**
Saving Grace Foundation**
State Guest Friendship**
siderophore-like growth factor**
silica gel fractionated plasma**
silica gel-filtered plasma**
Swiss Golf Foundation**
Stability and Growth Facility**
Strategic Gap Filling**
Settlement Guarantee Funds**
Signalling Gateway Function**
SERA Gullwing Freak**
Seventh Generation Fund**
Societas Gerontologia Fennica**
Subhas Ghosal Foundation**
Scottish Goatkeepers Federation**
Secretary to Government of the Federation**
Smart Government Forum**
Strategic Guidance Framework**
Space Geodesy Facility**
Steel Greenfield Filter**
Society for Good Feeling**
State Geological Fund**
Saint Gerard Foundation**
Slovenskej Gymnastickej Federacie**
Smart Game File**
Sequence Generating Function**
Stanford Graduate Fellowships**
San Gregorio Fault*
Shore Gold Fund*
Soc Gestora Fundos*
Soul Graffiti Foundation*
Sweat Gland Failure*
Spin Generated Fingerprint*
Spirit of Golf Foundation*
Solution Growth Facility*
Shangri la Golden Flower*
State Grant Funding*
Sainte Genevieve Fault*
Scenic Geologic Features*
Scott Garrett Florist*
Seal Guadalupe Fur*
Shangri Golden Flower*
Skillin Greenhouses Falmouth*
Skillins Greenhouses Falmouth*
Sluba Geologiczna Finlandii*
Sluba Geologiczna Francji*
Society and Government in France*
Southern Group of Forces*
Space Geodesy Forum*
Specialty Gourmet Foods*
Spencer Gulfrawn Fishery*
Stevenson Gallery Fine*
Stevensons Gallery Fine*

Note: Acronym Finder has 31 verified definitions for SGF

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