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SFF: students film festival****
SFF: Sarasota Film Festival****
SFF: salem film festival****
SFF: Sarah Ferguson Foundation****
SFF: Small Form Factors****
SFF: Shuttle Form Factor****
SFF: Sprout Film Festival****
SFF: Salerno Film Festival****
SFF: Spectacled Flying Foxes***
SFF: State Forest Fund***
SFF: Science Fiction Foundation***
SFF: Singapore Fireworks Festival***
SFF: Senter for fremragende forskning***
SFF: Scouting for Food***
SFF: Sustainable Farming Fund***
SFF: Specification for Fibre***
SFF: Single Fitted Fleecy***
SFF: Structured Finance Facility***
SFF: sopot film festival***
SFF: Science Fiction Fans***
SFF: Silva Forest Foundation***
SFF: Sustainable Farm Families***
SFF: Seychelles Football Federation***
SFF: Small Fishers Federation***
SFF: Sarajevski Filmski Festival***
SFF: Station Family Fund***
SFF: Strategic Fuel Fund***
SFF: Science Fiction Favourite***
SFF: Silicon Forest Forum***
SFF: SAS Form Factor***
SFF: Spokane Felts Field***
SFF: Sannio Film Festival***
SFF: Schicke Fuehrs Froehling***
SFF: STATS Fantasy Football***
SFF: Scandinavian Furniture Fair***
SFF: sicilian film festival***
SFF: Sans Forum Fixe***
SFF: Stronger Families Fund***
SFF: Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship***
SFF: Setting Firm Foundations***
SFF: Sarajevskog Filmskog Festivala***
SFF: Singapore Food Festival***
SFF: Sehgal Family Foundation***
SFF: Sustainable Farming and Food***
SFF: Special Field Force***
SFF: Scottish Fishermens Federation***
SFF: Social Finance Foundation***
SFF: Special Focus Facilities***
SFF: Steinerskolenes Foreldreforbund Foreldrene***
SFF: Sustainable Fisheries Foundation***
SFF: Sustainable Forestry Fund***
SFF: Somali Football Federation***
SFF: Service Fee Form***
SFF: schicke fuhrs frohling***
SFF: Saltwater Fly Fishing***
SFF: Supplier Finance Facility***
SFF: Supply of Foreign Funds***
SFF: Standby Financing Facility**
SFF: Sveriges Filatelist Förbund**
SFF: Special Frontier Force**
SFF: Statement of Fund Flows**
SFF: Slamdance Film Festival**
SFF: Smoke-Free Families**
SFF: speaker fundamental frequency**
SFF: speaking fundamental frequencies**
SFF: Speaking Fundamental Frequency**
SFF: Speech Fundamental Frequency**
SFF: spike following frequency**
SFF: spleen-focus-forming**
SFF: spontaneous firing frequency**
SFF: stromal fibroblast factor**
SFF: subjective fatigue feeling**
SFF: subjective fatigue feelings**
SFF: Subjectively Familiar Face**
SFF: sulcular fluid flow**
SFF: supercritical fluid fractionation**
SFF: superficial filtration fraction**
SFF: systolic forward flow**
SFF: Spectral Feature Fitting**
SFF: Subsidy to Fossil Fuels**
SFF: Santa Fe Financial**
SFF: Soualiga Film Festival**
SFF: speaking fundamental frequency characteristics**
SFF: Spirit Fire Festival**
SFF: Soil Fertility and Fallow**
SFF: solid free-form fabrication**
SFF: Scottish Fold Fanciers**
SFF: Standard File Format**
SFF: Static Flaying Frame**
SFF: Structured Fax Format**
SFF: Sycamore Flying Fish**
SFF: Scanning for Fun**
SFF: Schicke Fuhrs and Frohling**
SFF: Siamese Fighting Fish**
SFF: Serbian Freedom Fighters**
SFF: Spokane Felts Fld**
SFF: Senator Für Finanzen**
SFF: Steans Family Foundation**
SFF: Sephardic Food Fund**
SFF: Sinking Fund Factors**
SFF: S Ford Foundation**
SFF: Sports Fantasy Football**
SFF: Southern Forestry Foundation**
SFF: Supplementary Financing Facility**
SFF: Sevis Finansye Fonkoze**
SFF: Somalia Football Federation**
SFF: Stennis Family Foundation**
SFF: Sage Financial Forecasting**
SFF: Summer Faculty Fellowships**
SFF: Swedish Frisbee Federation**
SFF: Swedish Frisbeesport Federation**
SFF: Save Family Foundation**
SFF: Scene File Format**
SFF: Structure Fax Format**
SFF: Senior Friend Finder**
SFF: Service Financial Framework**
SFF: Sport Football Fantasy**
SFF: Summer Faculty Fellowship**
SFF: Space Flight Factors**
SFF: Study for Future Families**
SFF: Sustainable Fisheries Fund**
SFF: Sinking Fund Function*
SFF: Spiritual Formation Forum*
SFF: Square Foot Floor*
SFF: Student Funded Fellowships*
SFF: See Forever Foundation*
SFF: SF and Feminism*
SFF: Small Form Facter*
SFF: Sentinel Fan Fiction*
SFF: shinyanga foundation fund*
SFF: Supportive Family Friendships*
SFF: Supra Ferbindo Farma*
SFF: SCSI Form Factor*
SFF: Short Flow First*
SFF: Socialist Forces Front*
SFF: Self Forming Fragment*
SFF: Shannon Froio Foundation*
SFF: Skinner Fish Facility*
SFF: Small Forms Factors*
SFF: Solid Free Forming*
SFF: Special Friends Foundation*
SFF: Saltwater Fishing Forum*
SFF: South Final Focus*
SFF: Sundance Film Festivals*
SFF: Shaka Franklin Foundation*
SFF: San Francisco Football*
SFF: Scholarship Fund Finders*
SFF: Sexy Footwear Fashions*
SFF: Sheptoski Forbush Family*
SFF: Software Factory of the Future*
SFF: Sorrenti Family Farms*
SFF: Sport Fishing Forum*
SFF: Spring Fever Farm*
SFF: State and Federal Fish*
SFF: State Furbearer Funds*
SFF: Statens Forvaltningstjeneste Ft*
SFF: Stein Fred Frednet*
SFF: Stone Flints Follies*
SFF: Storytelling in Final Fantasy*
SFF: Strata Flood Flows*
SFF: Summer Festival of Films*
SFF: Synthetic Fuel Facility*

Note: Acronym Finder has 44 verified definitions for SFF

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