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SFD: Southern Ford Dealers****
SFD: Salisbury Fire Department****
SFD: Software Freedom Day****
SFD: Sturm Front Derne****
SFD: Small Farm Design****
SFD: Start Frame Delimiter****
SFD: Smiths Food Drug****
SFD: Space Flight Dynamics****
SFD: Structure Functional Design****
SFD: Stockton Fire Department****
SFD: Scintillating Fiber Detectors***
SFD: School Foodservice Directors***
SFD: Selway Fisher Design***
SFD: Store and Forward***
SFD: Sacramento for Democracy***
SFD: State Fisheries Departments***
SFD: Sturdy Flash Drive***
SFD: San Fernando De***
SFD: Sap Flux Density***
SFD: Settlement Finality Directive***
SFD: Seconds from Disaster***
SFD: Serum Free Defined***
SFD: Searcy Fire Department***
SFD: Seaford Fire Department***
SFD: Super Floppy Drive***
SFD: Social Forestry Division***
SFD: Smithtown Fire Department***
SFD: Sound File Data***
SFD: Single Family Developed***
SFD: state final demand***
SFD: Supply Fault Detectors***
SFD: Standard Fishing Days***
SFD: Schwarze Filmschaffende in Deutschland***
SFD: Single Family Dwellings***
SFD: Sustainable Fisheries Division***
SFD: Simplified Frontier Declarations***
SFD: Supreme Fish Delight***
SFD: Slim Floppy Drive***
SFD: Sustainable Farm Drainage***
SFD: Switching Field Distribution***
SFD: Sage Financial Design***
SFD: Spurious Free Dynamic***
SFD: Sub File Directories***
SFD: Single File Design***
SFD: Spectral Fusion Designs***
SFD: Strategic Funding Directions***
SFD: Spray Freeze Drying**
SFD: sap flow density**
SFD: seasonal facial dermatitis**
SFD: severely folate-deficient**
SFD: single fiber density**
SFD: Solitary focal demyelination**
SFD: soluble fibrinogen derivatives**
SFD: Sorsby fundus dystrophy**
SFD: Special Filter Drabkin**
SFD: standard fat diet**
SFD: standardised forced duiresis**
SFD: standardized forced diuresis**
SFD: summary focal dose**
SFD: superficial femoral dissection**
SFD: symptom free day**
SFD: symptom free days**
SFD: symptom-free days**
SFD: Straight Forward Dealings**
SFD: Strategic Facilities Development**
SFD: Selected Financial Data**
SFD: Super Fine Dust**
SFD: Single Family Detached**
SFD: sycuan fire dept**
SFD: Smoke Free Dining**
SFD: high-salt, high-fat diet**
SFD: high-salt/high-fat diet**
SFD: sequential fractal dimension D**
SFD: Silo filler's disease**
SFD: small for date infants**
SFD: small for dates fetuses**
SFD: small-for-date babies**
SFD: small-for-date infants**
SFD: small-for-dates infants**
SFD: staphylococcal food-borne disease**
SFD: summary focal dose of**
SFD: System Flow Diagram**
SFD: Small Flat Desk**
SFD: Selective File Dump**
SFD: Strike Force Delta**
SFD: State Forest Department**
SFD: Senter for Dansekunst**
SFD: Soul Furic Deep**
SFD: Sante Formation Developpement**
SFD: Studio Furniture Door**
SFD: Stuttgarter Flugdienst D**
SFD: Science Fiction Dork**
SFD: Squeeze Film Dampers**
SFD: Studentu Farmacininku Draugija**
SFD: Shadow Free Diagnostic**
SFD: Suster Fransiskus Dina**
SFD: System Function Description**
SFD: samsung floppy drives**
SFD: Sante Formation Dans**
SFD: Source to Film Distance**
SFD: Severe Fuel Damage**
SFD: Self Frequency Doubling**
SFD: Satellite Failure Detection**
SFD: Special Fund for Disabled**
SFD: Society of Film Distributors**
SFD: Source Follower Drain**
SFD: Status Flag Disable**
SFD: Spawned from Darkness**
SFD: Sabah Forestry Department**
SFD: Sarah Flashing Designs**
SFD: Special Fund for the Disabled**
SFD: Screen Form Description**
SFD: Staff and Faculty Development**
SFD: Saturated Flux Density**
SFD: Small for Dates**
SFD: Solids Flow Detector**
SFD: Sayre Fire Dept**
SFD: Start Frame Delimeter**
SFD: School for the Deaf*
SFD: Sichuan Forestry Department*
SFD: Students for Democracy*
SFD: State Forms Distribution*
SFD: Safety Flow Diagram*
SFD: Sanford Fire Department*
SFD: Sink Front Diagonal*
SFD: Spent Fuel Database*
SFD: Stereo FM Demodulator*
SFD: Sissy Fruit Drinks*
SFD: Stauration Flux Density*
SFD: Sheboygan Fire Department*
SFD: Simple Formatable Document*
SFD: Single Factor Dominant*
SFD: Slovensk Filmov Datab*
SFD: San Francisco Division*
SFD: state forecast discussions*
SFD: San Francisco Dungeon*
SFD: Système Francophone d'édition et de Diffusion*
SFD: Scandinavian Folk Dance*
SFD: Science Fiction Dome*
SFD: Second Feet per Day*
SFD: Seventy Five Days*
SFD: Shareware Freeware Developer*
SFD: Sherilyn Fenn Dedication*
SFD: Society For Developmental*
SFD: Spanky Fractal Database*
SFD: Spence Floyd District*
SFD: Spruce Fork Division*
SFD: Student Fellowship Delft*
SFD: Support Facility Disturbance*
SFD: Training for Small Farm Diversification in Europe*

Note: Acronym Finder has 61 verified definitions for SFD

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