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SFA: Substance Flow Analysis****
SFA: Specific Focus Area****
SFA: Stand for Africa****
SFA: Sales Force Administration****
SFA: State Forestry Agency****
SFA: Spiritual Formation Alliance****
SFA: Scholarships and Financial Aid****
SFA: Sales Force Application****
SFA: Sprite Freestyle Arena****
SFA: saturated fatty acids****
SFA: Student Financial Affairs****
SFA: Southern Fire Ant****
SFA: Sustainable Fisheries Act****
SFA: Senior Fitness Association***
SFA: soccer for adults***
SFA: Sale Force Automation***
SFA: Small Farms Association***
SFA: Strategic Financial Alliance***
SFA: Selected for Appearance***
SFA: surfrider foundation australia***
SFA: St Francis of Assisi***
SFA: Salmon Fishing Area***
SFA: Swiss Funds Association***
SFA: Shoes for Austin***
SFA: Schwinn Fitness Academy***
SFA: Successfully Facilitate A***
SFA: School for Adventure***
SFA: Small Format Art***
SFA: Spatial Frequency Analysis***
SFA: School for the Arts***
SFA: Securities Futures Authority***
SFA: Stochastic Frontier Approach***
SFA: Spectral Fatigue Analysis***
SFA: Santa Fe Argentina***
SFA: Statement of Fees and Allowances***
SFA: Skills for Adolescence***
SFA: Small Flying Arts***
SFA: Store and Forward***
SFA: Sustainable Farming Association***
SFA: Seychelles Fishing Authority***
SFA: Service Families Accommodation***
SFA: Sabena Flight Academy***
SFA: surface forces apparatus***
SFA: Stock Flow Adjustment***
SFA: Schools Football Association***
SFA: Solution for Advisers***
SFA: Spaceport Florida Authority***
SFA: school food authority***
SFA: Simon Fraser Aquatics***
SFA: Students for Africa***
SFA: Star Fleet Academy***
SFA: State and Federal Agencies***
SFA: State Federal Assembly***
SFA: Society for Antioxidants***
SFA: Special Forces Australia***
SFA: Singapore Floorball Association***
SFA: Soo Freakin Awesome***
SFA: Special Financing Arrangement***
SFA: Senate Fiscal Agency***
SFA: Surfrider Foundation Argentina***
SFA: Self Funding Administrators***
SFA: Stock Fund Accounting***
SFA: Scottish Forest Alliance***
SFA: Scottish Film Archive***
SFA: Strategic Framework for Action***
SFA: Sugar Free Asst***
SFA: Sales Force Automaton***
SFA: Shanda Fantasy Arts***
SFA: San Fernando de Apure***
SFA: Solid Fuel Association***
SFA: State Family Assistance***
SFA: Southern Finance Association***
SFA: State Fire Academy***
SFA: Southwestern Fastener Association***
SFA: Suer Furry Animals***
SFA: Signed File Archive***
SFA: Schooling for Adults***
SFA: Semantic Feature Analysis***
SFA: St Francis Academy***
SFA: School Food Authorities***
SFA: Spacecraft and Fairing Assembly***
SFA: Shadow Forest Authors***
SFA: Swiss Foundry Association***
SFA: Sabu Francis Associates***
SFA: Stone Fabricators Alliance***
SFA: School Function Assessment***
SFA: Stillwater Firearms Association***
SFA: Shade Faux Alabaster***
SFA: Safety First Association***
SFA: Swedish Foundry Association***
SFA: Service Family Accommodation***
SFA: Security Finance Associates***
SFA: Student Foundation Association***
SFA: School Food Ambassadors***
SFA: Society of Florida Archivists***
SFA: Saint Francis Academy***
SFA: Specifications and Authority***
SFA: Super Furries Are***
SFA: Schulich Finance Association**
SFA: Select the Faces**
SFA: Student Fashion Association**
SFA: Surgical First Assistant**
SFA: Special Framework of Assistance**
SFA: secondary follicle activity**
SFA: seed fatty acid**
SFA: sensory fusional amplitude**
SFA: sensory fusional amplitudes**
SFA: sesquiterpene furanoic acid**
SFA: Shoulder Function Assessment**
SFA: small feed arteries**
SFA: small fiber area**
SFA: smoke free areas**
SFA: soil fulvic acid**
SFA: soleus feed arteries**
SFA: spike-frequency accommodation**
SFA: stone-forming activity**
SFA: stopped-flow analysis**
SFA: Stripping Film Autoradiography**
SFA: subclavian flap aortoplasty**
SFA: subcutaneous fat area**
SFA: subendocardial focal activity**
SFA: substrate-free albumin**
SFA: Subwindow factor analysis**
SFA: supercritical fluid aerosol**
SFA: supercritical fluid aerosolization**
SFA: supercritical fluid-aerosolized**
SFA: superficial femoral arteries**
SFA: swine feed antigen**
SFA: synthetic folic acid**
SFA: Sonoma Fencing Academy**
SFA: Sport Flyers Association**
SFA: Schweine Fahren Auto**
SFA: s-fenvalerate acid**
SFA: Summer Festival of the Arts**
SFA: Swiss Finance Academy**
SFA: School Family Association**
SFA: Shop Floor Automations**
SFA: Securities and Futures Association**
SFA: Southwestern Finance Association**
SFA: S-fimbrial adhesin**
SFA: Seller Financing Addendum**
SFA: Skills for Access**
SFA: Short Form Address**
SFA: Student Fisheries Association**
SFA: Scholarship and Financial Assistance**
SFA: 5-ene-steroid fatty acid esters**
SFA: PUFA)/saturated fat**
SFA: spectrum of fatty acids**
SFA: subclavian flap angioplasty procedure**
SFA: superficial femoral--popliteal arteries**
SFA: suppressive factor of allergy**
SFA: suppressive factors of allergy**
SFA: Structural Factor Augmented**
SFA: Student Friends of the Ackland**
SFA: slovak floorball association**
SFA: Student Finance Association**
SFA: Submission Fighting Aalborg**
SFA: Stand for Austin**
SFA: Sixth Form Association**
SFA: Student Faculty Awareness**
SFA: Sylvia Ferguson Associates**
SFA: South Fill Area**
SFA: Security Forces Administration**
SFA: Sales Finance Agency**
SFA: Strike Force Alpha**
SFA: Super Freakin Awesome**
SFA: Social and Family Affairs**
SFA: saturated fat intake**
SFA: super fine sample**
SFA: Solid Front Axel**
SFA: StudentGuide Financial Aid**
SFA: sequoia forest alliance**
SFA: Special Financial Assistance**
SFA: Seychelles Fisheries Authority**
SFA: Safe and Accessible**
SFA: Screenwriters Federation of America**
SFA: Singapore Furniture Association**
SFA: Special Facilities Agreement**
SFA: Special Facility of Assistance**
SFA: Sport Flyers of America**
SFA: Sustainable Fairview Associates**
SFA: Scotish Football Association**
SFA: Society of Arthroscopy**
SFA: Swiss Franchise Association**
SFA: Steel Frame Alliance**
SFA: solidarite france afrique**
SFA: Somersworth Festival Association**
SFA: state funding agency**
SFA: Scholarships and Financial Assistance**
SFA: Southern Foodway Alliance**
SFA: Squirrels for Australia**
SFA: Subclavian Flap Angioplasty**
SFA: Spurlock Family Association**
SFA: Star Fleet Arena**
SFA: Structured Finance Advisors**
SFA: Subcutaneous Fat Accumulation**
SFA: Support Flow Analysis**
SFA: S Fimbrial Adhesins**
SFA: Shapleigh Family Association**
SFA: SURRATT Families of America**
SFA: Service for Assistance**
SFA: Southern Fire Alarms**
SFA: summer field assistant**
SFA: Syria Football Association**
SFA: Strategies for Action**
SFA: Successful in the Arcade**
SFA: Senate Floor Amendment**
SFA: Student Firefighter Association**
SFA: Sachs Freeman Assoc**
SFA: Swiss Federal Archives**
SFA: Switch Fabric Adapter**
SFA: Symphony Foundation of America**
SFA: Science Fiction Adventures**
SFA: Securities Futures Association**
SFA: Semi Fluorinated Alkanes**
SFA: Shared Factor Analysis**
SFA: Sikkim Football Association**
SFA: Silver Fox Associates**
SFA: Special Focus Area**
SFA: Star Franchise Association**
SFA: Shop Floor Automation**
SFA: Special Forces Assassins**
SFA: Sustainable Forests Alliance**
SFA: Schapendoes Freunde Austria**
SFA: synovial fluid analysis**
SFA: Sport Fisherman Association**
SFA: St Frances Academy**
SFA: Stephen F AustinState**
SFA: Stromme Foundation Asia**
SFA: Students For Appalachia**
SFA: servicio fijo aeronautico*
SFA: Society for Ascension*
SFA: South Fork Anglers*
SFA: Special Flight Authorization*
SFA: Standard Funding Agreement*
SFA: Steering Front Assembly*
SFA: Swetland Family Association*
SFA: Senator Für Arbeit*
SFA: Ship Finance Administration*
SFA: Sleep Forensics Associates*
SFA: Slovene Film Archives*
SFA: Smart Financial Advisors*
SFA: Sphere Fit Adapter*
SFA: Scandinavian Fraternity of America*
SFA: Specialty Finance Advisory*
SFA: Spindle Frequency Activity*
SFA: State Facilitating Agency*

Note: Acronym Finder has 114 verified definitions for SFA

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