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What does SDSS stand for?

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SDSS: Software Development and Support Services****
SDSS: S Decision Support System****
SDSS: Spatial Decision Support Systems****
SDSS: Super Duplex Stainless Steels****
SDSS: Strategic Decision Support Systems****
SDSS: South Delta Secondary School***
SDSS: Saugeen District Secondary School***
SDSS: Sloan Digital Sky Server***
SDSS: SAMOSTALNA Demokratska Srpska Stranka***
SDSS: St David S Secondary***
SDSS: Samostalne Demokratske Srpske Stranke***
SDSS: Smart Document Scan Software***
SDSS: Sloan Digitial Sky Survey***
SDSS: Single Dose Safety Study***
SDSS: Security Decision Support Systems***
SDSS: Self Deficit Syndrome Scale**
SDSS: social disability screening schedule**
SDSS: superficial dermatome skin samples**
SDSS: Specific Decision Support System**
SDSS: Specialist Disability Support Services**
SDSS: Student Disability Support Services**
SDSS: small-for-date short stature**
SDSS: Sloan Digitized Sky Survey**
SDSS: Society of Dermatology SkinCare Specialists**
SDSS: Sloane Digital Sky Survey**
SDSS: Strategy Decision Support System**
SDSS: Sun Diego Surf Series**
SDSS: Secondary Data Station Selector**
SDSS: Service Delivery Satisfaction Survey**
SDSS: Spatial Development Strategy of Slovenia**
SDSS: Social Dialogue in the Sport Sector**
SDSS: Spacecraft Data Systems and Software**
SDSS: Server and Desktop Support Services**
SDSS: Statistical Design Support System**
SDSS: Sload Digital Sky Survey**
SDSS: Software Development Support System**
SDSS: Small Diameter Sewer System**
SDSS: Substance Dependence Severity Scale**
SDSS: Saskatchewan Down Syndrome Society**
SDSS: Sloan Digital Sky Servey**
SDSS: Social Decision Support Systems**
SDSS: Solid Design Software Solution**
SDSS: Shibboleth Development and Support Services**
SDSS: Subjective Deficit Syndrome Scale**
SDSS: Stability Ductility of Steel Structures*
SDSS: Spatial Decisions Support Systems*
SDSS: Slopes Decision Support System*
SDSS: Software and Digital Systems Safety*
SDSS: Structural Design Software Solutions*
SDSS: San Diego Scooter Scene*
SDSS: SPAN Decision Support System*
SDSS: Self Defense and Street Smarts*
SDSS: Shrew Dismal Swamp Southeastern*
SDSS: Software Development and Support System*
SDSS: South Dakota State Seal*
SDSS: State Department of Social Services*

Note: Acronym Finder has 9 verified definitions for SDSS

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