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SDS: Suomen Diplomacy Seura****
SDS: Spoken Dialog Systems****
SDS: sodium dodecyl sulphate****
SDS: Speed Distance Sensor****
SDS: Software on Desktop****
SDS: Systems Development System****
SDS: Scientific Data Sets****
SDS: Scientific Data Set****
SDS: Senior Disabilities Services****
SDS: Sypris Data Systems****
SDS: Slow Deflate System****
SDS: Stands for Students****
SDS: Sound Design Studios****
SDS: Second Decade Society****
SDS: Secure Data Service****
SDS: Software Dirk Sandhorst****
SDS: Systems Development Solutions****
SDS: Student Development Services****
SDS: Society of the Divine Saviour****
SDS: Starting to Distribute****
SDS: Stochastic Dynamical System****
SDS: Systems Design Solutions****
SDS: Stand in Several****
SDS: Society for Disability Studies****
SDS: Spanish Dance Society****
SDS: Spatial Data Sharing****
SDS: Separated by Standard****
SDS: Software Daten Service****
SDS: Sustainable Development Strategies****
SDS: Single Domestic Space****
SDS: School District Systems****
SDS: Satellite Digital Services****
SDS: Shape Design Styling****
SDS: Socio Digital Systems****
SDS: Subjected to Separation****
SDS: Speed Detection System***
SDS: Secretaría de Desarrollo Social***
SDS: StatSure Diagnostic Systems***
SDS: Stichting Down S***
SDS: synchronous drive system***
SDS: Steel Detailing System***
SDS: Sustainable Development Secretariat***
SDS: Stated in Section***
SDS: Software Diversified Services***
SDS: Summit Dental Systems***
SDS: Sequence Detection Systems***
SDS: Subscription Data Services***
SDS: Sub Division Surfaces***
SDS: Supercharger Drive System***
SDS: Special Development School***
SDS: Steps Dance School***
SDS: Secure Data Server***
SDS: Smart Data Systems***
SDS: Software Distribution Sales***
SDS: Scanner Drum Service***
SDS: Software Development Suites***
SDS: School District Software***
SDS: Simultaneous Double Sided***
SDS: Software Development Support***
SDS: Specialty Defense Systems***
SDS: Special Deposit Scheme***
SDS: Shwachman Diamond Syndroom***
SDS: Software and Design***
SDS: Sample Distribution System***
SDS: Senior Directing Staff***
SDS: Specialized Data Systems***
SDS: Shepperton Design Studios***
SDS: Self Defined Success***
SDS: Software Development Systems***
SDS: Sozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund***
SDS: Schawk Digital Solutions***
SDS: Societas Divini Salvatoris***
SDS: Service Delivery System***
SDS: Storage Device SSD***
SDS: Safe Delivery Source***
SDS: Standardised Data Set***
SDS: Serial Data Switch***
SDS: Spring Door Stop***
SDS: Strap Down System***
SDS: Solstice Disk Suite***
SDS: Sysops Distribution System***
SDS: Splitted Desktop Systems***
SDS: Strategy for the Development of Samoa***
SDS: Services Describes the Services***
SDS: Sisters of the Divine Savior***
SDS: Satellite and Digital Services***
SDS: Severity of Dependence Scale***
SDS: South Dakota State***
SDS: Student Disabilities Services***
SDS: Sprint Dial Site***
SDS: Students for Democratic Society***
SDS: Social and Decision Sciences***
SDS: Short Data Service***
SDS: Social Decision Scheme***
SDS: Secure Digital Solutions***
SDS: Systems Dynamics Society***
SDS: Sozialistischen Deutschen Studentenbunds***
SDS: San Diego Section***
SDS: Sierra Data Systems***
SDS: Senior Day Service***
SDS: Schools Division Superintendents***
SDS: Specialized Design Systems***
SDS: Stewart Default Solutions***
SDS: Service Diagnostic Systems***
SDS: Security Data Systems***
SDS: Switched Digital Services***
SDS: Social Decision Sciences***
SDS: State Disposal System***
SDS: Status Data Structure***
SDS: Same Day Service***
SDS: Strategic Direction Statements***
SDS: School Development Society***
SDS: Same Day Settlement***
SDS: School Dental Service***
SDS: Strategic Data Systems***
SDS: Streaming Data Strobe***
SDS: Swimmer Detection System***
SDS: Shock Damping System***
SDS: Social Democrats SNSD***
SDS: Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy***
SDS: Spatial Data Standards***
SDS: Sound Division Studio***
SDS: Student Data System***
SDS: Sheetal Design Studio***
SDS: Sights Denim Systems***
SDS: Sea Devil Swimming***
SDS: Standard Deviation Scores***
SDS: San Diego Surveillance***
SDS: Sexual Dimorphism in Stature***
SDS: Superior Document Services***
SDS: Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students***
SDS: Structure Design Suite***
SDS: Self Directed Survey***
SDS: SunGuard Data Systems***
SDS: Studio Der Selbstverteidigung***
SDS: Supplementary Difference Sets***
SDS: Stands for Shock***
SDS: Social Desirability Scale***
SDS: Simple Docking Station***
SDS: Science Data Sets***
SDS: Subsidiary of Samsung***
SDS: Spatial Data Standard***
SDS: Short Depression Scale***
SDS: Social Development Service***
SDS: Show Data Solutions***
SDS: Somerset Drugs Service***
SDS: Surgical Documentation System***
SDS: Secure Distribution Solutions***
SDS: Service Discovery Service***
SDS: Smart Data Server***
SDS: Small Demonstration Satellite***
SDS: Simple Database Service***
SDS: Sub Division Surface***
SDS: Sequential Dynamical Systems***
SDS: SABRE Development Services***
SDS: Silat Defence System***
SDS: Society for Development Studies***
SDS: Spoken Dialog System***
SDS: Staff Development Services***
SDS: Saliva Diagnostic Systems***
SDS: Service Department Scheduling***
SDS: Symptom Distress Scale***
SDS: Satellite Data Services***
SDS: Software Distribution Service***
SDS: Spanish Diabetes Society***
SDS: Stamping Die Set***
SDS: Software Development Standards***
SDS: Space Division Switching***
SDS: Software Development and Support***
SDS: Strategic Data Solutions***
SDS: Spatial Data Systems***
SDS: Special Developmental School***
SDS: Sterker Door Strijd***
SDS: Sign Design Society***
SDS: System Design Specifications***
SDS: Sodium Decyl Sulfate**
SDS: Stain and Destain**
SDS: Supporting Digital Scholarship**
SDS: Schenker Dedicated Services**
SDS: Simulating Digital Systems**
SDS: Secure Dumbbell System**
SDS: 6%-sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: alkali/sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: BSA)--sodium dodecyl sulphate**
SDS: BSA-sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: C(12)-Bet)/sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: c-sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: C12-Bet)/sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: conalbumin-sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: d25-sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: detergents--sodium dodecyl sulphate**
SDS: Gamma-crystallin-sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: gel-sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: gels--sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: height-standard deviation score**
SDS: imidazole-Sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: K+/sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: NEPHGE)/sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: octane/butan-1-ol/Sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: PEG)--sodium dextran sulphate**
SDS: phenol-sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: phosphate-sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: pI/sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: polyacrylamide-sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: polyacrylamide-sodium dodecyl sulphate**
SDS: protein-sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: protein-sodium dodecyl sulphate**
SDS: scheduled DNA synthesis**
SDS: School Dental Services**
SDS: second division segregation**
SDS: segmental defect score**
SDS: selective drug screening**
SDS: self-depressive scale**
SDS: semiconservative DNA synthesis**
SDS: Senile Deficiency Syndrome**
SDS: sequence detector system**
SDS: severity dependence scale**
SDS: Sheehan Disability Scale**
SDS: Sheehan Disability Scales**
SDS: sheep-derived strain**
SDS: Shine-Dalgarno Sequence**
SDS: short depression screen**
SDS: shunting dielectric sensor**
SDS: Shy-Drager-Syndrome**
SDS: Simple Descriptive Scale**
SDS: simple descriptor scale**
SDS: Situational-Discourse-Semantic**
SDS: slowly digestible starch**
SDS: sodium dextran sulfate**
SDS: sodium dodecy sulfate**
SDS: sodium dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: Sodium dodecyl sufate**
SDS: sodium dodecyl suphate**
SDS: sodium dodecyl-sulfate**
SDS: sodium dodecyt sulphate**
SDS: sodium dodedyl sulfate**
SDS: sodium dodesyl sulfate**
SDS: Sodium Dodesyl Sulphate**
SDS: sodium dodeyl sulfate**
SDS: Sodium dodlecyl sulfate**
SDS: sodium duodecyl sulfate**
SDS: sodium, dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: sodium-dodecyl sulfate**
SDS: sodium-dodecyl-sulfate**
SDS: soldier defense secretion**
SDS: Somatoform Disorders Schedule**
SDS: source-detector separations**
SDS: special developmental schools**
SDS: Speech Discrimination Scale**

Note: Acronym Finder has 155 verified definitions for SDS

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