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SDL: Simple Direct Layer****
SDL: System Design Library****
SDL: Started and Last****
SDL: Sobha Developers Ltd****
SDL: Serbian Defense League****
SDL: Scene Description Language****
SDL: Simple Data Link****
SDL: Sex Determination Locus***
SDL: Simulated Divided Lites***
SDL: System Development Language***
SDL: Semantic Description Language***
SDL: Suite for Delphi***
SDL: Specification Description Language***
SDL: Secondary Defect List***
SDL: System Development Laboratory***
SDL: Standard Deontic Logic***
SDL: Safety Data Link***
SDL: Scene Description Languages***
SDL: Simple DirectMedia Library***
SDL: Satan Devil Lucifer***
SDL: Schema Description Languages***
SDL: Saugatuck-Douglas District Library (Douglas, MI)***
SDL: Seaford District Library (Seaford, DE)***
SDL: Sidell District Library (Sidell, IL)***
SDL: Sunfield District Library (Sunfield, MI)***
SDL: Standard Drug List***
SDL: State Development Loans***
SDL: Simple Declarative Language***
SDL: Spatial Data Laboratory***
SDL: Signalling Data Link***
SDL: Ship Design Laboratory***
SDL: Standard Drawing Library***
SDL: Supplier Development Leader***
SDL: Service Definition Language***
SDL: Structural Design Language***
SDL: System Design Languages***
SDL: Signal Distribution Layer***
SDL: Spectra Diode Labs***
SDL: spiritual documentary library***
SDL: systems development librarian***
SDL: Systems of the Development***
SDL: Samurai Duelers League***
SDL: Silesian Digital Library***
SDL: Semiconductor Diode Lasers***
SDL: Software Development Language***
SDL: Solution Dynamics Limited***
SDL: Super Development League***
SDL: See the Download***
SDL: Synchronous Data Link***
SDL: Security Design Lifecycle***
SDL: Source Development Lab***
SDL: strana demokratickej lavice***
SDL: Semantic Delivery Language***
SDL: Surfaces in Double***
SDL: Stichting Dienstverlening Leiden***
SDL: Student Directed Learning**
SDL: sacrocaudalis dorsalis lateralis**
SDL: segregation-distorting loci**
SDL: sensitive distal latency**
SDL: Serum digoxin levels**
SDL: serum drug levels**
SDL: Service Dependency Levels**
SDL: Single Dipole Localization**
SDL: small diameter laparoscopies**
SDL: small diameter laparoscopy**
SDL: small-diameter laparoscopies**
SDL: spray dried lactose**
SDL: State-Dependent Learning**
SDL: step down latency**
SDL: step-down latency**
SDL: synthetic dam line**
SDL: synthetic deleterious loci**
SDL: S-D-lactoylglutathione**
SDL: Supplemental Driver Library**
SDL: Structure Definition Language**
SDL: Strategic Designs for Learning**
SDL: Standard Delphi Library**
SDL: Standards Dosimetry Laboratory**
SDL: Sustainable District Logistics**
SDL: Satisfaction in Daily Life**
SDL: Serco Denholm Limited**
SDL: state of dependent learning**
SDL: Synthetic dam line broiler**
SDL: Standard Descriptive Language**
SDL: Serco Docklands Ltd**
SDL: Significant Discovery Licenses**
SDL: Simple Data Language**
SDL: Softoption Developments Ltd**
SDL: Shared Distribution Loop**
SDL: Star Digitel Limited**
SDL: Semiconductor Device Laboratory**
SDL: sound design laboratory**
SDL: Synthetic Dosage Lethality**
SDL: Software Data Loader**
SDL: Specication and Description Language**
SDL: Significant Discovery Licences**
SDL: Supports for Daily Living**
SDL: Splicing by Directed Ligation**
SDL: side door latch**
SDL: Solidarity Defend Life**
SDL: Slovak Democratic Left**
SDL: Supervisory Development Lab**
SDL: Severe Disorder of Language**
SDL: Supported Devices List**
SDL: Sport Dash Logger**
SDL: Security Development Library**
SDL: Severe Disorders of Language**
SDL: Skin Definition Language**
SDL: SMPEG and Double**
SDL: Sentinel Data Logger**
SDL: Sheet Dynamics Ltd**
SDL: Space Dynamic Laboratory**
SDL: Sports Dynamics Ltd**
SDL: Semiconductor Diode Laser**
SDL: Solution Design Laboratory**
SDL: Syntactic Description Language**
SDL: Systems Dimensions Ltd**
SDL: Specification and Definition Language**
SDL: Salesian Digital Library**
SDL: Scenario Description Language**
SDL: Sensys Development Laboratories**
SDL: Sports Distributors Limited**
SDL: Scan Description Language**
SDL: Spatial Data Library**
SDL: Spectra Diode Laboratories**
SDL: Sportverein Donau Langenlebarn**
SDL: Swedish Dragracing League**
SDL: Saline District Library**
SDL: School of Democratic Leadership**
SDL: Source Development Laboratory**
SDL: Stichting Denksport Leiden**
SDL: System Directory List**
SDL: Shape Description Language**
SDL: Southgate Developments Limited**
SDL: Super Duper for Listeners**
SDL: Surface Downward Long**
SDL: Screenshots and Definitely**
SDL: Super Digital Linear**
SDL: Service Description Languages*
SDL: Shore Data Language*
SDL: Single Device Library*
SDL: Sissa Digital Library*
SDL: Side Discharge Loader*
SDL: Soccer Development League*
SDL: Social Democratic League*
SDL: Spatial Data Lab*
SDL: Special Duties List*
SDL: Self Direct Learning*
SDL: Software Design Language*
SDL: Spectral Density Logging*
SDL: Stimulering Duurzame Landbouw*
SDL: Strings Direct Limited*
SDL: System Detection Library*
SDL: San Diego Library*
SDL: Service Delivery Locations*
SDL: Social Doubles Ladder*
SDL: Spatial Data Logic*
SDL: State Dept of Livestock*
SDL: State Description Language*
SDL: Subbooster Drive Line*
SDL: Sudan Development Link*
SDL: Survey Dept of Libya*
SDL: Synthetic Development Laboratory*
SDL: Seismic Data Loader*
SDL: Semiconductor Deprocessing Laboratory*
SDL: Significant Data Loss*
SDL: Seven Days or Less*
SDL: Sampling Denial Letter*
SDL: Sandia Disclaimer of Liability*
SDL: Sandra with David Letterman*
SDL: School District Langley*
SDL: Schottky Diode Logic*
SDL: Search Distribution Lists*
SDL: Sections on Donations of Land*
SDL: Security Deposited in Lieu*
SDL: Semiconductor Deprocessing Labor*
SDL: Serengeti Diamonds Limited*
SDL: Shielded Data Link (AMP)*
SDL: Shore to Door Lobster*
SDL: Slovak Discussion List*
SDL: Sobha Developers Limited*
SDL: Software Development Library/Satellite Data Link*
SDL: Spatial Database Laboratory*
SDL: Spatial Dynamics of Leafhoppers*
SDL: Spider Design Limited*
SDL: Starlog Data Logger*
SDL: State Department Links*
SDL: State Department of Law*
SDL: Stringam Denecky Lawyers*
SDL: Survey Department of Libya*

Note: Acronym Finder has 64 verified definitions for SDL

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