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What does SDIC stand for?

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SDIC: Sensitively Dependent on Initial Conditions***
SDIC: State Development and Investment Corporation***
SDIC: School of Development Innovation and Change***
SDIC: South Dakota Intercollegiate Conference***
SDIC: San Domingo Improvement Company***
SDIC: Sustainable Development International Corporation***
SDIC: Setu Developmental Intervention Centre***
SDIC: Spatial Data Infrastructure Community***
SDIC: Sustainable Development Information Centre***
SDIC: State Development Investment Corporation***
SDIC: Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions***
SDIC: South Dakota Iowa Conference**
SDIC: Ship Decomissioning Industries Corporation**
SDIC: Sun Devil Involvement Center**
SDIC: Scientech Documentation and Information Center**
SDIC: Sustainable Development International Corp**
SDIC: Spatial Data Interest Communities**
SDIC: Ship Decommissioning Industry Corporation**
SDIC: State Development and Innovation Centres**
SDIC: San Diego Internet Communications**
SDIC: State Defense Industry Committee**
SDIC: Stockholm Dental Implant Centre**
SDIC: Swindell Dressler International Company**
SDIC: Santo Domingo Improvement Company**
SDIC: Staff Development and Innovation Committee**
SDIC: State Development Investment Company**
SDIC: Scientech Documentation and Information Centre**
SDIC: Strategy Development and Implementation Committee**
SDIC: Sub Distributed Information Centre**
SDIC: Security Diners International Corporation**
SDIC: San Diego and Imperial Counties**
SDIC: Strategic Directions and Initiatives Committee**
SDIC: Ship Decommissioning Industries Corporation**
SDIC: State Development and Investment Company**
SDIC: San Diego Immunization Coalition**
SDIC: Spirit Drinks Implementation Committee**
SDIC: Strategic Data and Information Committee**
SDIC: Sustainable Development Initiatives Center**
SDIC: School Districts Insurance Consortium*
SDIC: Science Drop in Center*
SDIC: Securities Dealers Insurance Company*
SDIC: Shipping Decommissioning Industry Corporation*
SDIC: Supplier Diversity Initiative Council*
SDIC: Sharjah Department of Information and Culture*
SDIC: Strategic Development of Informed Consent*
SDIC: Scientech Documentation Information Center*
SDIC: sauer dazey investment company*
SDIC: Seashore Diversified Investment Company*
SDIC: Steepest Directed and Iso Cusped*
SDIC: Sunny Daze Insurance Company*
SDIC: Sustainable Development Initiatives Centre*
SDIC: Swiss Drug Information Centre*
SDIC: San Diego Incubator Corporation*
SDIC: State Diversity Initiative Coordinator*
SDIC: Supplementary Dependency and Indemnity Compensation*
SDIC: Suspect Death in Custody*

Note: Acronym Finder has 10 verified definitions for SDIC

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