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SDF: School District Finance****
SDF: Super Duty Full****
SDF: Skills Development Facilitation****
SDF: Strategic Development Framework****
SDF: Soi Dog Foundation****
SDF: Space Defense Force****
SDF: Stream Data File****
SDF: Self Defence Forces****
SDF: Sikkim Democratic Front***
SDF: State Demonstration Forest***
SDF: Structure Data File***
SDF: street dance fighters***
SDF: Stromal Derived Factor***
SDF: Salvation Democratic Front***
SDF: Southern Development Foundation***
SDF: Srpski Demokratski Forum***
SDF: Spatial Development Frameworks***
SDF: Skills Development Facilitator***
SDF: Super Dimension Fortress***
SDF: Super Duty Filters***
SDF: Solutions Delivery Framework***
SDF: Social Democratic Faction***
SDF: Social Development Fund***
SDF: SAARC Development Fund***
SDF: Special Duties Flight***
SDF: State Departments of Forestry***
SDF: Structure Data Format***
SDF: Systems Development Framework***
SDF: Security and Defence Forum***
SDF: Sales Disclosure Forms***
SDF: Software Design File***
SDF: Skills Development Facilitators***
SDF: Software Development Forum***
SDF: Skill Development Fund***
SDF: Set Direction Flag***
SDF: space delimited file***
SDF: SME Development Fund***
SDF: Sons and Daughters of Freedom***
SDF: Self Development Fund***
SDF: space delimited format***
SDF: Sustainable Development Foundation***
SDF: Scottish Diabetes Framework***
SDF: Sustainable Development Facilitation***
SDF: Soquel Demo Forest***
SDF: Spatial Development Framework***
SDF: Software Development File***
SDF: Six Degrees of Freedom***
SDF: Stochastic Discount Factors***
SDF: Sustainable Development of Floodplains***
SDF: Summary Data Format***
SDF: Series Dry Film***
SDF: Standards Development Forum***
SDF: Stichting De Fret***
SDF: Self Directed Funding***
SDF: State Dedicated Funding***
SDF: Subaru Deep Field***
SDF: Sustainable Design Fiberboard***
SDF: Soros Documentary Fund***
SDF: Surface Deposit Feeders***
SDF: Seneca Diabetes Foundation***
SDF: Steel Development Fund***
SDF: Southern Documentary Fund***
SDF: Standard Design Factory***
SDF: Special Development Fund***
SDF: Standard Data File***
SDF: Safe and Drug Free***
SDF: Sodium Disposal Facility***
SDF: Stream Depletion Factor***
SDF: Serbian Democratic Forum***
SDF: Simulation Data Flow***
SDF: Spatial Data Files***
SDF: Sungi Development Foundation***
SDF: Southern Dry Forests***
SDF: Smart Data Flow***
SDF: Sub Distribution Frame***
SDF: sustainable development facility***
SDF: Selskabet for Dansk Fotografi**
SDF: State Defense Forces**
SDF: Student Data Form**
SDF: similar discriminant function**
SDF: Simple Document Format**
SDF: selective differential fingerprinting**
SDF: silver diamine fluoride**
SDF: silver diammine fluoride**
SDF: simultaneous double-fluorescence**
SDF: single daily fractions**
SDF: single dendritic fields**
SDF: soluble dietary fiber**
SDF: soluble dietary fibre**
SDF: Soluble Dietetic Fiber**
SDF: Soybean dietary fibre**
SDF: Spatial distribution function**
SDF: spore differentiation factor**
SDF: stabilogram diffusion function**
SDF: Standard Derwent File**
SDF: Statistical Decease Forms**
SDF: stroma-derived factor**
SDF: Student Data File**
SDF: surface-dependent factor**
SDF: surgical drain fluid**
SDF: surrogate dentine fluid**
SDF: synthetic dialysis fluid**
SDF: water-soluble dietary fiber**
SDF: Spin Density Functional**
SDF: Scouts De France**
SDF: Subsurface Deposit Feeders**
SDF: Superficial Digital Flexor**
SDF: Scottish Decorators Federation**
SDF: Solar Demonstration Facility**
SDF: Standard Design Factories**
SDF: Schools Design Forum**
SDF: standardized discriminant function coefficient**
SDF: step-wise discriminant function**
SDF: stroma cell-derived factor**
SDF: Stromal cell- derived factor**
SDF: Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon**
SDF: syndrome of diabetic foot**
SDF: Synthetic Discriminant Functions**
SDF: screen default facility**
SDF: Sustainable Distribution Fund**
SDF: Self Defence Federation**
SDF: State Development Fund**
SDF: standard deviation of FF**
SDF: Supergroup Distribution Frame**
SDF: Seaward Defence Force**
SDF: Solution De Frappe**
SDF: Southern Deaf Fellowship**
SDF: Shoreline Development Factor**
SDF: Supervisory Disclosure Framework**
SDF: Software Data Flow**
SDF: Special Distribution Fund**
SDF: Software Distribution Facility**
SDF: Script Definition File**
SDF: Student Democratic Front**
SDF: Special Direct Facility**
SDF: Subcommittee for Defense**
SDF: Sindh Democratic Forum**
SDF: Spatial Data Framework**
SDF: Subsidiary Data Fort**
SDF: SME Development Forum**
SDF: Saudi Development Fund**
SDF: Set Document Feeder**
SDF: Shomron Development Fund**
SDF: Spectral Density Function**
SDF: State Dedicated Funds**
SDF: Sudan Defence Force**
SDF: Samarium Doped Fiber**
SDF: Sustainable Development Forum**
SDF: Small Deal Fund**
SDF: software development files**
SDF: Spike Density Function**
SDF: Seller Disclosure Form**
SDF: Shahbaz Development Foundation**
SDF: Standard Delay Files**
SDF: Sculpture Design and Fabrication**
SDF: Space Disturbance Forecast**
SDF: System Description File**
SDF: Single Disk File**
SDF: Small DNA Fragments**
SDF: Space Dermatology Foundation**
SDF: Style Definition Form**
SDF: Services Data Function**
SDF: Soufriere Development Foundation**
SDF: Syntax Denition Formalism**
SDF: Sable Des Forges**
SDF: Services Development Framework**
SDF: Sindh Disability Forum**
SDF: Submission Data File**
SDF: Symantec Desktop Firewall**
SDF: Specialized Database Functions**
SDF: Samuel D Forrester**
SDF: Scientific Data Formats**
SDF: Seattle Debate Foundation**
SDF: Software Development Folders**
SDF: Self Describing Files**
SDF: Skills Development Flagship**
SDF: Social Democartic Front**
SDF: Street Design Factory**
SDF: Safety Direct Finland**
SDF: Standard Delimited Format**
SDF: Strona Domowa Flash**
SDF: Structured Display File**
SDF: Second Day Feet**
SDF: Secure Document Facility**
SDF: Self Destruct Fuze**
SDF: Sensor Data Fusion**
SDF: Service Development Fund**
SDF: Skills Development Forum**
SDF: Schiller Ducanto and Fleck*
SDF: Self Defense Federation*
SDF: Shortest Delay First*
SDF: Sports Development Foundation*
SDF: Standard Delimited Formats*
SDF: Standard Distribution Format*
SDF: Structured Data Format*
SDF: Signal Delay Format*
SDF: Simulation Description Files*
SDF: Somali Democratic Front*
SDF: Standard Delay File format*
SDF: Sudden Disappearing Filaments*
SDF: Secondary Data Files*
SDF: Severity Duration Frequency*
SDF: Sewer Discharge Factor*
SDF: Sponsored Doctoral Fellowship*
SDF: Strategic Deterrent Forces*
SDF: Stuff Done Flags*
SDF: Simulation Data File*
SDF: Stamford Debate Forum*
SDF: Standard Deviation Factor*
SDF: Statistical Digital Filter*
SDF: StromalCell Derived Factor*
SDF: Sangi Development Foundation*
SDF: Scout Drone Frigate*
SDF: Sikkim Development Foundation*
SDF: Southern Division Fired*
SDF: Specialised Database Functions*
SDF: Stored Data Fine*
SDF: Shopping Duty Free*
SDF: Synchronous Diaphragmatic Flutter thumps*
SDF: Senator Diane Feinstein*
SDF: Statistical Demand Forecasting*
SDF: Strategic Defense Forces*
SDF: Saltstone Disposal Facility*
SDF: Santana Dotson Foundation*
SDF: Sensor Data Files*
SDF: Software Data Format*
SDF: Salamander Decorah Find*
SDF: Sam Discrete Fire*
SDF: Searchable Database of Fungi*
SDF: Sign on the Door Features*
SDF: site development fractions*
SDF: Small Dog Frenzy*
SDF: Software Development (Facility/File)*
SDF: Somalia Democratic Front*
SDF: Southern Design and Fabrication*
SDF: Sulfur Dioxide Flux*
SDF: Sun Devil Football*
SDF: Supplemental Data File*
SDF: Surrey Docks Farm*

Note: Acronym Finder has 82 verified definitions for SDF

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