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What does SCOS stand for?

Found 54 meanings of the SCOS acronym and abbreviation
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SCOS: Standard Courses of Study***
SCOS: Science Courses of Study***
SCOS: Summit County Open Space***
SCOS: Supreme Council of Science***
SCOS: Supply Chain Optimization Systems***
SCOS: Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit***
SCOS: Single Copy Object Store***
SCOS: Sonoma County Orchid Society***
SCOS: Standard Course of Studies***
SCOS: Securities Clearing and Outsourcing Services***
SCOS: Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome***
SCOS: Southern California Ozone Study***
SCOS: Standing Committee of Secretaries***
SCOS: Swiss Cheese Operating System***
SCOS: Supply Chain Operating System***
SCOS: South Carolina Orchid Society***
SCOS: Social Construction of Software**
SCOS: Supply Chain Operations Solutions**
SCOS: Special Circumstances Overseas Scheme**
SCOS: Spacecraft Control Operating System**
SCOS: Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism**
SCOS: Studies in Cultures Organizations and Societies**
SCOS: Serial Code Operated Switch**
SCOS: Service Control Operating System**
SCOS: Supply Chain Operation Services**
SCOS: Surveillance Collection Operations Support**
SCOS: Standing Conference on Organization Symbolism**
SCOS: Spacecraft Control and Operations System**
SCOS: Simple Cultural Organisation System**
SCOS: Special Committee on Seals**
SCOS: Stichting Christelijk Onderwijs Salland**
SCOS: Standing Conference of Organisational Symbolism**
SCOS: Space Control and Operations Software**
SCOS: Space Craft Operating System**
SCOS: Spacecraft Control Operations System**
SCOS: Standards for Computing Oriented Systems**
SCOS: Sonoma County Open Space*
SCOS: Standing Conference for Organizational Symbolism*
SCOS: Sodium Castor Oil Sulfate*
SCOS: Strauss and Carpenter Outcome Scale*
SCOS: Subsystem Computer Operating System*
SCOS: Sunshine Coast Ornithological Society*
SCOS: Secret Cities of Old South*
SCOS: South Carolina Oncology Society*
SCOS: Standing Conference in Organizational Symbolism*
SCOS: Statistical Community of Support*
SCOS: Satellite Control and Operations Support*
SCOS: Small Commercial Orbital Station*
SCOS: South County Orthopedic Specialists*
SCOS: Santa Cruz Operation Software*
SCOS: Sathya Center Of Slovenija*
SCOS: Sports College Ohio State*
SCOS: Submitting Command to Operating System*
SCOS: Sue Corey Other Side*

Note: Acronym Finder has 14 verified definitions for SCOS

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