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What does SCORE stand for?

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SCORE: Schools of California Online Resources for Educators****
SCORE: Stove for Cooking Refrigeration and Electricity***
SCORE: State of the Colorado River***
SCORE: Short Course Off Road Enterprises***
SCORE: Summer Computer Opportunities in Recreation and Education***
SCORE: Simple Calculated Osteoporosis Risk Estimation***
SCORE: Soccer Club of Renton East***
SCORE: State of the Colorado River Ecosystem***
SCORE: Stockholm Center for Organizational Research***
SCORE: Select Committee on Recycling and the Environment***
SCORE: Schools of California Online Resources in Education***
SCORE: Safe Concussion Outcome Recovery Education***
SCORE: Signal Communications Orbit Relay Experiment***
SCORE: Senior Core of Retired Executives***
SCORE: Service Corporation of Retired Executives***
SCORE: Special Claim on Residual Equity***
SCORE: Signal Communications by Orbiting Relay Equipment***
SCORE: Senior Corp of Retired Executives**
SCORE: rules--Simple Calculated Osteoporosis Risk Estimation**
SCORE: service core of retired entreprenuers**
SCORE: Stratified Charge Omnivorous Rotary Engine**
SCORE: Service Corps of Retire Executives**
SCORE: System on Computerised Order Routing and Execution**
SCORE: Scottish Construction Operatives Registration Executive**
SCORE: Statistics Computing Operational Research and Economics**
SCORE: Security Consensus Operational Readiness Evaluation**
SCORE: Signal Communications Orbit Relay Equipment**
SCORE: Standardized Comparison of Risk and Expectation**
SCORE: Saskatoon Centre of Reading Excellence**
SCORE: Site Coordinators Opportunity for Research Excellence**
SCORE: Strings Choral Orff and Recorder Ensemble**
SCORE: Sensible Courteous Off Road Enthusiasts**
SCORE: Service Corps or Retired Executives**
SCORE: Science Consortium for Ocean Replenishment and Enhancement**
SCORE: Symposium for Customer Operations and Relationship Exposition**
SCORE: Student Commission on Racial Equality**
SCORE: Sunshine Coast Organization Reporting on the Economy**
SCORE: Standing Commitee on Research Exchange**
SCORE: Students Creating Opera to Reinforce Education**
SCORE: South County Outreach and Review Effort**
SCORE: Setting Children on the Road to Empowerment**
SCORE: Signal Communication by Orbiting Relay Experiment**
SCORE: Special Commission on Relief and Education**
SCORE: Science Consortium on Ocean Research**
SCORE: Scarboro Community Oak Ridge Empowerment**
SCORE: Solar Cosmic Ray and Environmental**
SCORE: Shiley Center for Orthopaedic Research and Education*
SCORE: South Carolina Off Road Enthusiasts*
SCORE: Success in Contracting Opportunities Realized Electronically*
SCORE: Service Corps of Retired Entrepreneurs*
SCORE: Service Creation in an Object-oriented Reuse Environment*
SCORE: South Carolina Organization for Residential*
SCORE: Special Committee on Renewable Energy*
SCORE: Seizing Control of Right Eating*
SCORE: String Choral Orff and Recorder Ensemble*
SCORE: Structural Component Operations Reaching for Excellence*
SCORE: Small Community Outreach and Education*
SCORE: Surgical Council on Resident Education*
SCORE: Scientific Catalog for Open Resource Exchange*
SCORE: Simple Calculated Osteoporosis Risk Estimate*
SCORE: Statewide Colorado Registration and Election*
SCORE: String Chorus Orff Recorder Ensemble*
SCORE: Student Community for Outreach Retention Excellence*
SCORE: Small Communities Outreach and Education*
SCORE: Standing Committee on Regulatory Effectiveness*
SCORE: European analysis on standardization of measurements of low back disorders*
SCORE: SBA and the Service Core of Retired Executives*
SCORE: SBA Service Corps of Retired Executives*
SCORE: SBDC and the Service Corps of Retired Executives*
SCORE: SBDC Service Corp of Retired Executives*
SCORE: Secure Command Operations Report Exercise*
SCORE: Self Calibration Of Range Errors*
SCORE: Senior Corps of Retired Executives*
SCORE: Service Core of Retired Executives*

Note: Acronym Finder has 50 verified definitions for SCORE

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