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What does SCOP stand for?

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SCOP: Security Code of Practice***
SCOP: S Citizens on Patrol***
SCOP: Saskatchewan College of Psychologists***
SCOP: Standing Committee on Personnel***
SCOP: Structural Characterization of Proteins***
SCOP: Standing Conference of Presidents***
SCOP: Segregation and Condensation Protein***
SCOP: Sustainability Code of Practice***
SCOP: Special Conservator of the Peace***
SCOP: Supply Chain Optimization Process***
SCOP: Structure Classification of Proteins***
SCOP: System Coefficient of Performance***
SCOP: Standing Committee on Population***
SCOP: Senior Citizen Outreach Program***
SCOP: Scientific Committee on the Problems***
SCOP: Standard Cost of Production***
SCOP: Society Committee on Publications***
SCOP: Stronger Community Organisations Project***
SCOP: Software Code of Practice***
SCOP: Structural Class of Proteins***
SCOP: serum colloid osmotic pressure**
SCOP: Support Community Outreach Program**
SCOP: System for Conservation Planning**
SCOP: Sub Committee on Pharmacovigilance**
SCOP: schools and colleges of pharmacy**
SCOP: Structural Classification of Proteins Database**
SCOP: Standing Committee on Procurement**
SCOP: Safety Compliance Oversight Plan**
SCOP: Standing Committee of Principals**
SCOP: Senate Code of Practice**
SCOP: Standing Conference of Principles**
SCOP: SCN Circadian Oscillatory Protein**
SCOP: Systems Conveyance and Operations Program**
SCOP: Standing Committee on Planning**
SCOP: Students Computer Ownership Project**
SCOP: Small County Outreach Program**
SCOP: Student Computer Ownership Project**
SCOP: Stoney Creek Official Plan**
SCOP: Speech Communication Organization of the Philippines**
SCOP: Spiritual Care for Older People**
SCOP: Standing College of Principals**
SCOP: Strengthening Community Organisations Project**
SCOP: Standing Committee on Products*
SCOP: Sub Committee on Probation*
SCOP: Shared Care for Older People*
SCOP: Semantic Connection of Ontologies to Patient*
SCOP: Student Conference of the Parties*
SCOP: Save the Coastal People*
SCOP: Science Careers Opportunity Program*
SCOP: Service Corps of Professionals*
SCOP: Sonoma County Org Purchasing*
SCOP: Strategic Communities of Practice*
SCOP: Standing Conference on Principals*
SCOP: Summer Camp Opportunity Program*
SCOP: Specific Connection Oriented Protocol*
SCOP: Second Chance Outreach Program*
SCOP: Schedule Control of Orthophoto Products*
SCOP: Southern Californias Only Purel*

Note: Acronym Finder has 13 verified definitions for SCOP

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