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What does SCFA stand for?

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SCFA: Short Chain Fatty Acids****
SCFA: Surrey County Football Association****
SCFA: Simons Center for the Arts****
SCFA: Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association***
SCFA: South Carolina Firefighters Association***
SCFA: Sussex County Football Association***
SCFA: Standing Conference of Archaeological***
SCFA: South Carolina Forestry Association***
SCFA: Segmented Continuous Flow Analysis***
SCFA: Skin and Cancer Foundation Australia***
SCFA: Skin Cancer Foundation Australia***
SCFA: Symantec Client Firewall Administrator***
SCFA: Super Constellation Flyers Association***
SCFA: Singletary Center for the Arts***
SCFA: Supreme Council of Family Affairs***
SCFA: Schedule of Changes in Fixed Assets***
SCFA: Subsurface Contaminants Focus Area***
SCFA: Short-chain fatty acids**
SCFA: straight-chain fatty acid**
SCFA: straight-chain fatty acids**
SCFA: Short-chain fatty acid concentrations**
SCFA: short-chain fatty acid content**
SCFA: Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs**
SCFA: Syrian Commission for Family Affairs**
SCFA: Standing Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture**
SCFA: South Coast Fine Art**
SCFA: Swiss Convenience Food Association**
SCFA: Saybrook Colony Founders Association**
SCFA: Student Care Fee Assistance**
SCFA: Sellkirk College Faculty Association**
SCFA: Short Chained Fatty Acids**
SCFA: Squeeky Clean Furry Archive**
SCFA: Squeaky Clean Furry Archive**
SCFA: Sickle Cell Foundation of Alberta**
SCFA: Southern Cemetery and Funeral Association**
SCFA: Self Consistent Field Approximation**
SCFA: Special Constabulary Force Association**
SCFA: Staffordshire County Football Association**
SCFA: Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture**
SCFA: Small Coconut Farmers Association**
SCFA: Standing Committee for Fisheries and Aquaculture**
SCFA: Stonehenge Capital Fund Alabama**
SCFA: Standing Committee on Food and Animal**
SCFA: Sussex County Fellowship for Animals**
SCFA: Southern California Functional Analysis**
SCFA: Southwark Children and Families Alliance**
SCFA: South Carolina Florist Association**
SCFA: St Croix Flowage Association**
SCFA: Standing Committee for Archaeology**
SCFA: Subject Committee for Archaeology**
SCFA: Singapore China Friendship Association**
SCFA: Selkirk College Faculty Association*
SCFA: Short Chain Fatty Adds*
SCFA: Simultaneous Confirmatory Factor Analysis*
SCFA: Santa Cruz Faculty Association*
SCFA: Strategic Council for Foreign Affairs*
SCFA: Strategic Council on Foreign Affairs*
SCFA: Subsurface Contamination Focus Area*
SCFA: Sinai Center for Advancement*
SCFA: Southwest Communities Financing Authority*
SCFA: Stanton Chase Financial Advisory*
SCFA: Student Care Financial Assistance*
SCFA: sewer construction financing authority*
SCFA: Solo Challenger First Attempt*

Note: Acronym Finder has 18 verified definitions for SCFA

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