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What does SCAR stand for?

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SCAR: SC Association of Realtors***
SCAR: Symposium for Computer Applications in Radiology***
SCAR: Smoke Clouds and Radiation***
SCAR: Suspected Child Abuse Reports***
SCAR: Sequence Characterized Amplified Regions***
SCAR: Standing Committee on Antarctic***
SCAR: SOF Combat Assault Rifle***
SCAR: Smoke Cloud and Radiation***
SCAR: San Carlos Apache Reservation***
SCAR: Sulfates Clouds and Radiation***
SCAR: Supplier Corrective Action Requests***
SCAR: Society for Computer Application in Radiology***
SCAR: Symposium on Computer Applications in Radiology***
SCAR: Special Committee on Antarctic Research***
SCAR: Society of Computer Applications in Radiology***
SCAR: Science Conference on Antarctica***
SCAR: Suppressor of Cyclic AMP Receptor***
SCAR: Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research***
SCAR: Sequence Characterised Amplified Region***
SCAR: sequences-characterized amplified region**
SCAR: Student Coalition Against Racism**
SCAR: Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr**
SCAR: Squadra Course Alfa Romeo**
SCAR: Steel City AutoDuel Rampage**
SCAR: Standing Committee on the Antarctic**
SCAR: SOF Capable Assault Rifle**
SCAR: Scientific Committee on Antartic Research**
SCAR: Stock Car Auto Racing**
SCAR: Society of Chairmen of Academic Radiology**
SCAR: stomach calcium-sensing receptor**
SCAR: Student Coalition for Animal Rights**
SCAR: Southeast Council Against the Road**
SCAR: System Costs of Additional Renewables**
SCAR: Sequence Characterised Amplified Regions**
SCAR: Shropshire Care and Repair**
SCAR: Simple Console Audio Recorder**
SCAR: South Coast Alternative Radio**
SCAR: Scientific Committee on Arctic Research**
SCAR: Special Combat Aggressive Reactionary**
SCAR: Supplier Corrective Action Response**
SCAR: Scientific Committee on Antarctica Research**
SCAR: South Central Association of Realtors**
SCAR: Society for Computer Assisted Radiology**
SCAR: Small Controlled Area Radiography**
SCAR: Sulfate Clouds and Radiation**
SCAR: Scattering Concealing and Recovering**
SCAR: Steering Committee for Antarctic**
SCAR: Such as AFLP and RAPD**
SCAR: Scientific Commitee on Antarctic Research**
SCAR: Scandinavian Council for Applied Research**
SCAR: Special Committee for Antarctic Research**
SCAR: Severe Cystic Acne Resource*
SCAR: Street Canyon Aerosol Research*
SCAR: Signal Classification and Recognition*
SCAR: SpecOps Capable Assault Rifle*
SCAR: Starlink Catalog Access and Reporting*
SCAR: Scientific Commitee for Antarctic Research*
SCAR: Ships Class Average Report*
SCAR: SPIE Collection and Reduction*
SCAR: Science Committee on Antarctic Research*
SCAR: Sensitive Critical Application Review*
SCAR: Sulphate Clouds And Radiation*
SCAR: Services Contract Approval Request*
SCAR: South County Amateur Radio*
SCAR: Spacecraft Core Activity Request*

Note: Acronym Finder has 41 verified definitions for SCAR

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