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SBI: State Bureau of Identification****
SBI: Sertifikat Bank Indonesia****
SBI: Sanitary Border Inspection****
SBI: Single Burning Item****
SBI: Significant Business Issue****
SBI: Shea Butter Institute****
SBI: Sports Betting International****
SBI: Schrader Bridgeport International***
SBI: Spatial Business Intelligence***
SBI: Starcraft Boosters Inc***
SBI: Sierra Biodiversity Institute***
SBI: SunOpta BioProcess Inc***
SBI: Structural Bioinformatics Inc***
SBI: SAFE Boats International***
SBI: Sustainable Building Initiative***
SBI: Sector Banks Including***
SBI: Shanghai Branch Is***
SBI: Short Bark Industries***
SBI: Sanford Brown Institute***
SBI: Secure Borders Initiative***
SBI: Sport Brands International***
SBI: Synchronous Backplane Interconnect***
SBI: Shell Brands International***
SBI: Sports Business International***
SBI: Serial Box Interface***
SBI: Shin Broadband Internet***
SBI: Sprint Backlog Items***
SBI: Salomon Brothers Inc***
SBI: Second Board Index***
SBI: Smith Barney Intermediate***
SBI: Student Behavior Inventory***
SBI: State Bank of Indore***
SBI: Super Boat International***
SBI: Study Behavior Inventory***
SBI: Single Business Identifier***
SBI: Solde Bancaire Insaisissable***
SBI: Shape Based Interpolation***
SBI: Special Biological Interest***
SBI: Society on Business***
SBI: Saladax Biomedical Inc***
SBI: Solel Boneh International***
SBI: Sekolah Bertaraf Internasional***
SBI: Smart Broadband Inc***
SBI: Society for Breast Imaging***
SBI: Sports Brands International***
SBI: Spring Branch ISD (Houston, TX)***
SBI: sterling biofuels international***
SBI: Self Billed Invoices***
SBI: Small Business Issuers***
SBI: Santa Barbara Island***
SBI: Small Business Incubator***
SBI: Source Bank Indonesia***
SBI: Specialized Banking Institutions***
SBI: Stalk Boring Insects***
SBI: Save Berkeley Iceland***
SBI: Security Brokerage Inc***
SBI: Stand by Instruments***
SBI: Serious Bacterial Infections***
SBI: Sea Bunkering International***
SBI: Solar Bolometric Imager***
SBI: Secondary Blast Injuries***
SBI: Site of Biological Interest***
SBI: Small Business Investment***
SBI: Sports Brand International***
SBI: Strategic Border Initiative***
SBI: Sanders Bros Inc***
SBI: Sebastian Beach Inn***
SBI: systems bio industries***
SBI: Steroid Biosynthesis Inhibitors***
SBI: Simonini Builders Inc***
SBI: Silicone Breast Implants***
SBI: Soveltavan Biotekniikan Instituutti***
SBI: Serikat Buruh Indonesia***
SBI: Small Business Institutes***
SBI: Small Business Initiative***
SBI: Susquehanna Bancshares Inc***
SBI: Small Bone Innovations***
SBI: South Bend Indiana***
SBI: Stourbridge Bus Information***
SBI: Spatial Business Integration***
SBI: Syngenta Biotechnology Inc***
SBI: Sites of Borough Importance***
SBI: Shamrock Broadcasting Inc***
SBI: Statement of Business Intent***
SBI: Small Business Internet***
SBI: Seasonal Bee Inspectors***
SBI: Size Based Indicators***
SBI: Score Board Inc***
SBI: System Builders Inc***
SBI: Social and Business Informatics***
SBI: Sector Benchmarking Indicators***
SBI: Spiritually Based Indicators***
SBI: Summer Brass Institute***
SBI: Secure Border Initiatives***
SBI: Standaard Bedrijfs Indeling***
SBI: Sint Barbara Instituut***
SBI: Sales Builders Inc***
SBI: Structural Bonding International***
SBI: Summer Biology Institute***
SBI: Softline Business Intelligence***
SBI: Space Based Interceptors***
SBI: Such as Bank Indonesia***
SBI: Subsidiary Body on Implementation***
SBI: Spiritual Beliefs Inventory***
SBI: Strategy Based Investing***
SBI: Subsurface Biosphere Initiative***
SBI: Strategic Business Issues***
SBI: Soil Biodiversity Initiative***
SBI: Shiloh Bible Institute***
SBI: Stewart Business Information***
SBI: solis brands inc***
SBI: School Based Interventionist***
SBI: Summer Business Institute***
SBI: Small Business Information***
SBI: Sterol Biosynthesis Inhibitors***
SBI: Sustainable Biosphere Initiative***
SBI: Sutter Buttes Imaging***
SBI: Software Beratungs Institut***
SBI: Scope Background Investigation***
SBI: Substantial Beneficial Interest***
SBI: Support Bonaire Inc***
SBI: State Bank India***
SBI: Spectrum Batteries Inc***
SBI: Saints Bible Institute**
SBI: Senate Bureau of Intelligence**
SBI: Sexual Behavior Interview**
SBI: Santa Barbara Instruments**
SBI: Purpose-Silent brain infarction**
SBI: Schwing Bioset Inc**
SBI: Secondary Brain Insults**
SBI: selective bronchial intubation**
SBI: serious bacterial illness**
SBI: Serum Bilirubin Index**
SBI: severe bacterial infection**
SBI: severe bacterial infections**
SBI: severe bladder ischemia**
SBI: severe brain injury**
SBI: Shriners Burns Institute**
SBI: Sibling Behavior Inventory**
SBI: silicone breast implants**
SBI: simplified bacterial index**
SBI: small bowel infarction**
SBI: small bowel intussusception**
SBI: small bowel isografts**
SBI: Small-bowel intussusception**
SBI: Specialty Blanks Inc**
SBI: specific binding index**
SBI: Spectral Broadening Index**
SBI: Spontaneous Behavior Interview**
SBI: static balance index**
SBI: sterol-biosynthesis-inhibiting**
SBI: strand-breaking index**
SBI: sulcular bleeding index**
SBI: Sulcus Bleeding Index**
SBI: Sulcus-Bleeding-Index**
SBI: sulfated beef insulin**
SBI: Support Behaviors Inventory**
SBI: supragingival bleeding index**
SBI: swim-bladder inflammation**
SBI: symptom burden index**
SBI: Sugarcane Breeding Institute**
SBI: Security Bureau Inc**
SBI: Services for Brain Injury**
SBI: Security Bancorp Inc**
SBI: s b international**
SBI: Sumber Bakat Insani**
SBI: Synchronous Backplane Interconnection**
SBI: Shares of Beneficial Interest**
SBI: Skin Biology Incorporated**
SBI: Sign Builder Illustrated**
SBI: slovenski bienale ilustracije**
SBI: Submissions and Interventions**
SBI: Static Binary Instrumentation**
SBI: Sofia Biodiversity Initiative**
SBI: Sensitivity to Befallen Injustice**
SBI: Sustainable Backcourts Initiative**
SBI: Systems Bacterial Infections**
SBI: Sale by Instalment**
SBI: Smart Broadband Is**
SBI: Sponsorship Bureau International**
SBI: Scientific Bureau of Investigation**
SBI: Severe Behaviour Initiative**
SBI: Selective main bronchus intubation**
SBI: silicone gel breast implant**
SBI: soy bean trypsin inhibitor**
SBI: Symptom and Behaviour Interview**
SBI: Systems of Belief Inventory**
SBI: Sahabat Burung Indonesia**
SBI: Social Benefit Initiative**
SBI: Spirit Body Integration**
SBI: Sisters and Brothers of Islam**
SBI: System of Belief Inventory**
SBI: stu blattner inc**
SBI: Standards Benchmarks Indicators**
SBI: State Board of Insurance**
SBI: Services Bretagne Informatique**
SBI: Stevenage Business Initiative**
SBI: Swiss Bird Index**
SBI: Success Builders International**
SBI: Screenings and Brief Interventions**
SBI: Secure Buisness Infrastructure**
SBI: Small Business Intelliscore**
SBI: Service Bulletin Index**
SBI: Society of Biblical**
SBI: Strategic Business Institute**
SBI: Student Business Incubator**
SBI: Scudo Blu Italiano**
SBI: Stove Builder International**
SBI: Strategic Biomass Initiative**
SBI: Savez Bez Imena**
SBI: Software Basics Inc**
SBI: Strattan Broadcasting Inc**
SBI: Sano Bioscience International**
SBI: Soil Brightness Index**
SBI: Specialty Blades Inc**
SBI: Sulcus Blutungs Index**
SBI: Systems Balancing Inc**
SBI: School of Biblical**
SBI: Stop Bracket Initiation**
SBI: Society of Biological Insurgents**
SBI: Strategic Budget Initiative**
SBI: Study Base Information**
SBI: Syracuse Biomaterials Institute**
SBI: Statistics in Business and Industry**
SBI: Southern Brick Institute**
SBI: Securities Brokerage Inc**
SBI: Silver Bird International**
SBI: South Bound Interfaces**
SBI: Special Bureau of Investigation**
SBI: Strand Brothers Inc**
SBI: School Based Institutes**
SBI: Sustainable Budget Index**
SBI: Sydney Business Institute**
SBI: Security Border Initiative**
SBI: Smith Brandon International**
SBI: Specific Back Injuries**
SBI: Sub Bitstream Indicator**
SBI: Safe Banking Initiative**
SBI: Secure Business Initiative**
SBI: Shelf and Basin**
SBI: Shriners Burns Inst**
SBI: Soccer Blast International**
SBI: Sasfin Bank International**
SBI: Serum Biomedical Institute**
SBI: Strategic Bible Institutes**
SBI: Smart Business Integrators**
SBI: Standards Belief Instrument**
SBI: System of Bank Indonesia**
SBI: Saliba Burns Institute**
SBI: Solusi Bisnis Indonesia**

Note: Acronym Finder has 71 verified definitions for SBI

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