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Substation Automation Systems****
Sound Absorption System****
Singapore Actuarial Society****
Serial Attached Small****
Systems Analysis and Simulation****
Savage Ancient Seas****
Singapore Airlines Southwest****
Star Alliance SE****
Surrey Ambulance Service****
Shoot A Suspect****
Societa in Accomandita Semplice****
Sleep Apnea Syndrome****
System Access Service****
Solvent Accessible Surface****
Special Air Services****
Scholarships A Scholarship****
Systems Advisory Services****
Singapore Airlines SQ****
Survivors After Suicide****
Student Advisory Services****
Statement of Accounting Standards****
Standard Analysis Software****
Sea Air Services****
Systems Are Specialized****
Special Access Scheme****
Symptom Assessment Scale****
Space Applications Services****
Signs and Symptoms****
South Africa Silvermist****
Sets Are Stored****
Stand Alone Switch****
Science and Society****
Services for the Asia****
Singapore Airlines Skyways****
Self Administration Server****
Such as the Symposium****
School Age Services****
System Are Several****
Surgical Ablation System****
Study Assistance Scheme****
Scandinavian Airlines Systems****
South Asian Studies****
Share A Service****
Scandinavian Airlines SK****
Sequence Annotated by Structure****
Shipping Agency Service****
Statement to Assign****
Sets Are Sorted****
Senior Answers and Services****
Student and Academic Services****
Statements on Auditing Standards****
Self Addressed Stamped****
States and Subsidiary****
Supplementary Aids Services****
Southeast Asian Studies****
Silicon Automation Systems****
Society for Anthropological Sciences****
South Alabama Speedway****
SPDT Analog Switch****
Seattle Astronomical Society****
Students Advising Students***
Standards Aligned Systems***
swiss accreditation service***
south african sailing***
Southern Anthropological Society***
Strybing Arboretum Society***
Sensor Activa System***
Social Adjustment Scale***
Studia Academica Slovaca***
Shade Avoidance Syndrome***
Student Achievement System***
Software Astronomy Software***
South Africa Suite***
Search and Advisory Service***
Sponsored by A Senior***
Society for Arabian Studies***
Self Adaptive System***
Students Achieving Success***
Society for Art and Science***
Statements on Standards***
School of Aviation Safety***
Side Angle Side***
Social Analysis System***
Stands for Statistical***
Saudi Arabia Singapore***
States Accounting Standards***
Standards for Attestation***
Sacramento Audubon Society***
Scales and Standard***
South Asia Society***
Software an Administrator***
Shops and Stores***
Soccer All Stars***
Streets All Salute***
Standard Application System***
Sound Aus Strom***
Student Associates Scheme***
South America Sites***
SCSI Attached Storage***
Sa Aklat Sisikat***
Student Assessment Section***
Starting and Stopping***
Sites and Services***
Sheffield Astronomical Society***
Student Accounting Society***
Student Answer Service***
Sports Argument Stadium***
Speed Awareness Scheme***
Statistical Analysis Systems***
Students Against Sweatshops***
Style of Applications***
Storage Access Server***
Specialized Autism Services***
Simple Authorization Script***
Swedish Academy of Sciences***
Secure Authentication Services***
Sub Aortic Stenosis***
Statistics and Actuarial Science***
Sarasota Audubon Society***
Sekolah Alam Shah***
Service Advertisement Service***
Statement on Standards***
Small Arms Survey***
Safety Audit Services***
Sales Advisory Service***
Sing Along System***
San Antonio Speedway***
Science Analysis Subsystem***
School of Applied Science***
Senior Aluminium Systems***
Single Action Shooting***
Small Arms System***
Subsidiary of Airbus***
Sahibzada Ajit Singh***
Sylter Appartement Service***
Sunrise And Sunset***
Special Aquatic Service***
Singapore Airlines Skywest***
Scalable Available and Secure***
scandinavian air system***
Supplies Advisory Service***
ShoreBank Advisory Services***
Special Audit Services***
Student Administration Services***
Safety Assessment Section***
Science Analysis Software***
Seasonal Absence Syndrome***
Statements of Auditing Standards***
Scandinavian Air Service***
Subscriber Authorization System***
Secure and Suicide***
Saint Andrew Seminary (Denver, CO)***
Science Academic Services***
School for Advanced Studies***
Setup and Administration***
ST Aerospace Solutions***
Survive and Succeed***
Scandinavian Airlines Spanair***
Statement or SQL***
Social Action Section***
Student Athlete Showcase***
Sexual Assault Services***
Statistical Analyses System***
Sac Area Sports***
Shock Advisory System***
Statistical Analytical Software***
Scattered Authors Society***
Senior Advocacy Services***
Sterile Aqueous Solutions***
Striker Assault Squad***
Shugart Associates System***
Student Assistance Services***
Short Authentication String***
Statistical Analysis Study***
Sequential Aggregate Signatures***
Solutions Analytical Services***
S Acquisition Support***
surface to surface missile***
Suite of Analysis Software***
Sports Antimicrobial System***
Shoes Arche Shoes***
single attach station***
Stockholm Arlanda Sweden***
Stranger and Stranger***
Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis***
Scandinavian Airways Scandinavian***
Sangamon Astronomical Society***
Sound Attenuation System***
South Africa Succeeds***
Student Advisory Service***
Student and Significant***
Save Antibiotic Strength***
Self Aware System***
Smart Array SCSI***
Scandanavian Airlines System***
Samsung Austin Semiconductor***
Slovak Air Services***
Science Advisory Structure***
SPSS and Systat***
Specialist Advisory Services***
Security Authentication Service***
Simpson Angus Scale***
Soil Absorption System***
School of Advanced Studies***
Services for Academic Success***
Speed Advisory Signs***
States in A Standard***
Statistical Applications Such***
Situational Awareness Sensor***
Saudi Arabia Sudan***
Statistics Analysis System***
Scott Adventure Sports***
Stakes in Spanish***
Sacramento Anthropological Society***
Slovak Accounting Standards***
Smart Access System***
Subsidiary of Syntax***
Sabena Airlines Saeta***
System at Storage***
Society of Advanced Science***
Staff Assistance Services***
Sun Analyst Summit***
Science and Scientists***
Special Affairs Staff***
Subject Analysis Systems***
School Account Statement***
Small Arms School***
Spider A Simple***
Seminole Audubon Society***
Single Attachment Stations***
School of Applied Sciences***
Shock Absorber System***
Software Acquisition Services***
South Asian Society***
Saturated Ammonium Sulfate***
Something About Silencing***
Sociological Association SSA***
Subcommittee on Animal Studies***
Subsidiary of the SAFRAN***
Sierra Automated Systems***
Saint Andrews School***
Social Advisory Services***
Storm Administration System***
Supplier Assessment System***
Science Analysis Systems***
Stirling Astronomical Society***
Safety Alarm System***
Saudi Arabian Scenic***
Self Assessment System***

Note: Acronym Finder has 269 verified definitions for SAS

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