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What does SARS stand for?

Found 78 meanings of the SARS acronym and abbreviation
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SARS: Samples of Anonymised Records****
SARS: South African Revenue Services****
SARS: Sever Acute Respiratory Syndrome****
SARS: Southeast Antique Radio Society***
SARS: Schwere Akute Respiratorische Syndrom***
SARS: Severe Accute Respiratory Syndrome***
SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Sydrome***
SARS: Sample of Anonymised Records***
SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Sindrome***
SARS: Severe Acute Repiratory Syndrome***
SARS: Statistical Analysis and Reporting System***
SARS: Sales Are Returning Soon***
SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndome***
SARS: Special Anti Robbery Squad***
SARS: Sudan Archaeological Research Society***
SARS: Severe Acute Respiration Syndrome***
SARS: Schweren Akuten Respiratorischen Syndrom***
SARS: Small Animal Rescue Society***
SARS: School Archival Records Search***
SARS: Southern Abell Redshift Survey***
SARS: San Antonio Rocket Society***
SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory System***
SARS: S as A Result of Sharp***
SARS: Server Acute Respiratory Syndrome***
SARS: Syndrome Acute Respiratory Syndrome**
SARS: Somatic Amplification Rating Scale**
SARS: specific antigen retention structures**
SARS: slowly adapting pulmonary stretch receptors**
SARS: analysis/structure-activity relationships**
SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Symptom**
SARS: Severe Adult Respiratory Syndrome**
SARS: self-assembled receptor layers**
SARS: Support and Accommodation Rights Service**
SARS: Suspected Adverse Reaction Surveillance**
SARS: Sabah Amateur Radio Society**
SARS: Station Area Revitalization Strategy**
SARS: Substance Abuse Reporting System**
SARS: South Aftrican Revenue Services**
SARS: Systematic Approach to Survey**
SARS: Sexual Assault Response Service**
SARS: Society of Academic Research Surgery**
SARS: Spatial Analysis Research Section**
SARS: South African Renal Society**
SARS: sacral anterior root stimulation**
SARS: Severe Actue Respiratory Syndrome**
SARS: Silverado Amateur Radio Society**
SARS: Statewide Accounting and Reporting Services**
SARS: Sydney Astrological Research Society**
SARS: Search And Rescue System**
SARS: Sexual Abuse and Related Stressors**
SARS: Safety Analysis and Review System**
SARS: Statewide Accounting Reporting Services**
SARS: Sexual Assault Recovery Service**
SARS: Solihull Amateur Radio Society**
SARS: South African Reflexology Society**
SARS: Schweitzer Alpine Race School*
SARS: Secure Asset Reporting Services*
SARS: Servere Absence of Romance and Sex*
SARS: Sindromul Acut Respirator Sever*
SARS: Supply Automated Receiving System*
SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Sickness*
SARS: Situational Awareness Rating Scales*
SARS: Skulls and Rainbones Society*
SARS: Severe Auete Respiratory Syndrome*
SARS: Stand and Rebuke Satan*
SARS: serpent and reptilian syndrome*
SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Sendrome*
SARS: South American Riverway System*
SARS: Southeast Accident Reconstruction Society*
SARS: Standard Army Retail Supply*
SARS: Statewide Asset Reporting System*
SARS: Space Applications Road Show*
SARS: Synthetic Aperture Radar Sandia*
SARS: Submeter Accuracy Reference System*
SARS: Suspicious Activities Reporting System*
SARS: Selected Acquisition Reporting System*
SARS: Spatial Analysis and Remote Sens*
SARS: Suitable Agent to Receive Service*

Note: Acronym Finder has 22 verified definitions for SARS

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