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What does RoR stand for?

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RoR: Release on Recognizance****
RoR: Rebels of Revolution****
RoR: Right on Records****
RoR: Retraining of Racehorses***
RoR: Remote Outdoor Router***
RoR: Right of Refusal***
RoR: Republic of Rome***
RoR: Ring of Resistance***
RoR: Riders of Rohan***
RoR: Release on Own Recognizance***
RoR: Room of Requirement***
RoR: Related Orphan Receptor***
RoR: Recognition of Responsibility***
RoR: Realization of Responsibility***
RoR: Residual Oil Remover***
RoR: Release On Request***
RoR: Reduction of Risk***
RoR: Run of the River***
RoR: Retail Office Residential**
RoR: Review of Regulation**
RoR: radius of rotation**
RoR: range of rotation**
RoR: rapid onset runs**
RoR: rapid onset relaxed**
RoR: rapid onset run**
RoR: rapid onset runs**
RoR: rapid-onset run**
RoR: rate of regulation**
RoR: reactive oxygen radicals**
RoR: receptor-related orphan receptor**
RoR: regression odds ratio**
RoR: retinoid orphan receptor**
RoR: retinoid-related orphan receptor**
RoR: return of righting**
RoR: rhabdom occupation ratio**
RoR: risk odds ratio**
RoR: Resident and Ordinarily Resident**
RoR: Released on Recognizance**
RoR: Rebels of Republic**
RoR: Random on Random**
RoR: ratio of odds ratios**
RoR: rest of the retina**
RoR: retinoid-like orphan receptor**
RoR: Robe of Resistance**
RoR: Rammer Og Rummelighed**
RoR: Runes of Ragnan**
RoR: Raughing Out Roud**
RoR: Related Orphan Receptors**
RoR: Reporting Odds Ratios**
RoR: Regeneron Orphan Receptor**
RoR: ROSAT Observation Request**
RoR: Raised on Rhythm**
RoR: Ring Opening Reactions**
RoR: Rach Oszcz Rozl**
RoR: Rachunek Oszczednosciowo Rozliczeniowy**
RoR: Residential Office Retail**
RoR: Receiver Over Run**
RoR: Risk of Reoffending**
RoR: Review of Resources**
RoR: Resource Owning Region**
RoR: Restore or Retreat**
RoR: Return on Research**
RoR: Radio Operator Room*
RoR: Resolving Object References*
RoR: Results of Reviews*
RoR: Report on Research*
RoR: Review of Regulations*
RoR: Research on Research*
RoR: Rocket on Rotor*
RoR: ROSAT Observation Requests*
RoR: Reaffected Overburden Removal*
RoR: Receipt Of Request*
RoR: Reclamation Of Roads*
RoR: Reconstruction Of Roads*
RoR: Record of Review*
RoR: Register Of Regulations*
RoR: Remainder Of Request*
RoR: Requirement Of Revision*
RoR: Restoration Or Replacement*
RoR: Results Of Review*
RoR: Return to Online Resources*
RoR: Reuse Opportunities Report*
RoR: Revision Or Renewal*
RoR: Right Of Renewal*
RoR: River Otter Release*
RoR: Roads Or Railways*
RoR: Rules of Origin Regulations*
RoR: Rundu Okavango Region*

Note: Acronym Finder has 51 verified definitions for RoR

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