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Remote Sensing Application Centre****
Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling****
Remote Sensing Applications Centre***
Rail Safety Advisory Committee***
Road Safety Advisory Committee***
Ryerson Students Administrative Council***
Root Server Advisory Committee***
Railroad Safety Advisory Committee***
Regional Special Agent in Charge***
Rawls Springs Attendance Center***
Refugee Status Advisory Committee***
Rape and Sexual Assault Center***
Regional State Advisory Committees***
Recreation Software Advisory Council***
Recreational Sports Advisory Committee***
Rail Safety and Carriers***
Resource Sharing Advisory Committee***
Rape and Sexual Abuse Center***
Regional Student Activities Committee***
Remote Sensing Applications Consultants***
Regional Security Assistance Command***
Regional Security Advisory Command***
Radiation Safety Advisory Committee***
Remote Sensing Application Center***
RAND Strategy Assessment Center***
Regional Spatial Autocorrelation Coefficient**
Regional State Advisory Committee**
regular source of ambulatory care**
Roselands Sports Aquatics Club**
Returned Services Association Club**
Rotterdamse Studenten Alpen Club**
Reactivity Scientific Advisory Committee**
Rickmansworth Sub Aqua Club**
Remote Syslog Analyzer Collector**
Regional Science Association of China**
Research Strategies Advisory Committee**
Reactor Safety Advisory Committee**
Rehabilitation Services Advisory Committee**
Railway Safety Advisory Committee**
Regional Student Advisory Council**
Religious Services Advisory Committee**
Richmond Seniors Advisory Committee**
Recreational Software Advisory Counsel**
Richmond Seniors Advisory Council**
Romano Student Alumni Center**
RAB Student Activities Committee**
Radio Spectrum Advisory Committee**
Radiological Safety Analysis Computer**
Recruiting Staffing Advanced Certification**
Regional Stewardship Advisory Committee**
Remote Sensing and Application Centre**
Research and Scholarship Advisory Committee**
Regional Systems of Accounting for and Control**
Request Scope Application Context**
Research and Scholarly Affairs Committee**
Rivest Shamir and Adleman Cryptography**
Recreational Services Advisory Committee**
Regional Scientific Advisory Committee**
Regional Student Activities Coordinator**
Remote Sensing and Applications Center**
Research Student Affairs Committee**
Recreational Software Advisory Committee**
Residential Strategy Advisory Committee**
Risk and Security Assessment Committee**
Regional Student Advisory Councils*
Republic of South Africa*
Research Scholarly Activity Committee*
Research Services Advisory Committee*
Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling*
Rapid Shitty Anal Cyst*
Regional Substance Abuse Coordinator*
Radiological Safety Analysis Code*
Recreation Sports and Aquatics Club*
Remaining Standby Absolute Capacity*
Research Scholarship Advisory Council*
Research Scientific Affairs Committee*
Railroad Safety Advisory Council*
Report of State Aid Contract*
Riau Straits Adventure Cruise*
Raising Student Achievement Conference*
Registered Substance Abuse Counselors*
Reload Safety Analysis Checklist*
Rising Stars Athletic Club*
River Systems Advisory Committee*
Royal Sky Aviation Center*
Rajasthan State Agency for Compu*
Ricky Smith Auto Center*
Rochelle Stone and Asphalt Company*

Note: Acronym Finder has 9 verified definitions for RSAC

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