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What does RAN stand for?

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RAN: Returns Authorisation Number****
RAN: Reserva Agrícola Nacional****
RAN: Radio Access Networks****
RAN: Registro Agrario Nacional***
RAN: Resources And News***
RAN: Refugee Action Network***
RAN: Rapid Automatized Naming***
RAN: Royal Australian Naval***
RAN: Rossijskoj Akademii Nauk***
RAN: Rossiiskoi Akademii Nauk***
RAN: Res Admin Network***
RAN: Ratio of Nuclear***
RAN: Resource Allocating Networks***
RAN: Rapid Action Network***
RAN: Redundancy Advice Network***
RAN: representative areas network***
RAN: Religious Archives Network***
RAN: Remote Async Node***
RAN: Russian American Nuclear***
RAN: Recovery Aceh Nias***
RAN: Reading Association of Nigeria***
RAN: Remote Access Network***
RAN: Rachel Alert Network***
RAN: Risk Adjustment Network***
RAN: Rencana Aksi Nasional***
RAN: RF Access Network***
RAN: Refugee Assistance Network***
RAN: Radio Aids to Navigation***
RAN: Rapid Automatic Naming***
RAN: Red Agroforestal Nacional***
RAN: Reconnaissance Attack Navigator***
RAN: Regional Action Networks***
RAN: Retail Application Network***
RAN: Resource Alliance Network***
RAN: Research and Academic Network***
RAN: rabbit anti-NABS**
RAN: reflux-associated nephropathy**
RAN: renal afferent nerve**
RAN: resource-allocating network**
RAN: reverse after-nystagmus**
RAN: right aortic nerve**
RAN: Royal Australia Navy**
RAN: Remedial Action Notice**
RAN: Recent Alumni Network**
RAN: Refuge Action Network**
RAN: Remote Area Nurses**
RAN: Rolfe and Nolan**
RAN: Risk Assessment Number**
RAN: Rapid Automatic Naming Tasks**
RAN: Rapid Automatized Naming Tests**
RAN: restricting-type anorexia nervosa**
RAN: Regional Activity Networks**
RAN: Regional Advanced Networks**
RAN: Residential Access Network**
RAN: Rural Arizona Network**
RAN: Radio Access Nodes**
RAN: Research Administrators Network**
RAN: Radio Africa Network**
RAN: Regionales Arztnetz Niederberg**
RAN: Rosyjska Akademia Nauk**
RAN: Rehabilitation Associates Network**
RAN: Rapid Assessment of Nutrition**
RAN: Research Association Network**
RAN: Residential Access Networks**
RAN: Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi**
RAN: Ride Around Nipissing**
RAN: Rolling Area Network**
RAN: Representative Area Network**
RAN: Resettlement Action Network**
RAN: Restricting Anorexia Nervosa**
RAN: Reference Accession Number**
RAN: Rehabilitation Associates of Naples**
RAN: Relationship Action Network**
RAN: Race Action Northampton**
RAN: Reading in Nigeria*
RAN: Restricted Access Network*
RAN: Rossiyskaya Akademiya Nauk*
RAN: Rental Access Network*
RAN: Residential Access Node*
RAN: Radio Acces Networks*
RAN: Refinery Action Network*
RAN: Reappraisal Action Notice*
RAN: Register A Natural*
RAN: Reclamation Award Nominations*
RAN: Recordkeeping And Notification*
RAN: Robust Area Network*
RAN: Rock Around on the Net*

Note: Acronym Finder has 34 verified definitions for RAN

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