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What does QCA stand for?

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QCA: Qualifications Curriculum Authority****
QCA: Qualifications Curriculum and Assessment****
QCA: Qualification and Curriculum Authority****
QCA: Queensland Cricket Association***
QCA: Qualification Curriculum Authority***
QCA: Qt Cryptographic Architecture***
QCA: Quezon City Academy***
QCA: Quantitative Coronary Analysis***
QCA: Quantitative Chemical Analysis***
QCA: Queensland Court of Appeal***
QCA: Quilters Comfort America***
QCA: Quality Council of Alberta***
QCA: Question Centered Approach***
QCA: Quick Chain Adjuster***
QCA: Quantitative Comparee AQQC***
QCA: Qualifications and Curriculum Association***
QCA: Quality Credit Average***
QCA: Quality Curriculum Authority***
QCA: Quimica Clinica Aplicada***
QCA: Quantitative Coronary Arteriography**
QCA: 2-quinoline-carboxylic acid**
QCA: analysis--quantitative coronary angiography**
QCA: quantitated coronary angiography**
QCA: quantitative coronary angiogram**
QCA: Quantitative coronary angiographic**
QCA: quantitative coronary arteriographic**
QCA: Quartz Chemical Analyzer**
QCA: Quaker Concern for Animals**
QCA: Quality and Curriculum Authority**
QCA: Quinoxaline 2 Carboxylic Acid**
QCA: Quick Comprehension Assessment**
QCA: Qualification and Assessment**
QCA: quantitative coronary angiographic analysis**
QCA: quantitative coronary angiography analysis**
QCA: Queenslandelectricity Com Au**
QCA: Quebec Counselling Association**
QCA: Queensland Counsellors Association**
QCA: Quarter Century Award**
QCA: Queen Charlotte Airlines**
QCA: Qualifications Curriculum Agency**
QCA: Quantum Computation Archive**
QCA: Quantum Confined Atoms**
QCA: Queer Community Alliance**
QCA: Quantitative Content Analysis**
QCA: Quantum Confined Atom**
QCA: Qt Crypto Architecture**
QCA: Quartz Crystal Analyzer**
QCA: Quartet Champions Association**
QCA: Qualification and Curriculum Authorities**
QCA: Quality Control and Assessment**
QCA: Queensland Consumer Association*
QCA: Quantum Career Advantage*
QCA: QoS Collector Application*
QCA: Quality Customer Awareness*
QCA: Quad Cities Auto*
QCA: Qualifying Conditions for Authorisation*
QCA: Quality Contract Assembly*
QCA: Queensland Camping Association*
QCA: Queenstown Childcare Agency*
QCA: Queensland Centre for Advanced*
QCA: Quadralay Cryptography Archive*
QCA: QualChoice of Arkansas*
QCA: Quality Care Associates*
QCA: Quantum Capital Advisors*
QCA: Quantum Central Applications*
QCA: Quinlivan Collectables Australia*

Note: Acronym Finder has 22 verified definitions for QCA

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