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Pact: Picture Archive and Communication****
Pact: Prison Advice and Care Trust****
Pact: Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television****
Pact: Program of Assertive Community Treatment****
Pact: Property and Casualty Trust***
Pact: Pre Apprenticeship Certificate Training***
Pact: Prepaid Affordable College Tuition***
Pact: Program for Assertive Community Treatment***
Pact: Practical Application of Constraint Technology***
Pact: Palmetto Achievement Challenge Tests***
Pact: Professional and Creative Team***
Pact: People Acting in Community Together***
Pact: Pre Apprenticeship Construction Training***
Pact: Partnerships and Communities Together***
Pact: Prescott Area Coalition for Tourism***
Pact: Planning Access Care and Treatment***
Pact: Prison Advice Care Trust***
Pact: Prevention and Access to Care and Treatment***
Pact: Productivity and Compliance Tools***
Pact: Parents and Child Together***
Pact: Positive Adolescent Choices Training***
Pact: Papillary Carcinoma of Thyroid***
Pact: Performing Arts Council of the Transvaal***
Pact: Parents and Adult Children Together***
Pact: Parallel Architecture and Compilation Techniques***
Pact: Parenting at A Challenging Time***
Pact: Professional Automotive Career Training***
Pact: Public Action for Change Today***
Pact: Programs for Assertive Community Treatment***
Pact: Pilot Action for Combined Transport***
Pact: Public and Contextual Theology***
Pact: Planning Access Care Treatment***
Pact: People and Animals in Community***
Pact: Professional Assisted Cessation Therapy***
Pact: Police and Community Trust***
Pact: Political Action Committee of Texas***
Pact: Producers Alliance for Cinema Television***
Pact: People Acting for Community Together***
Pact: Parent and Children Together***
Pact: Police and Communities Together***
Pact: Partners Against Crime Taskforce***
Pact: Police Accountability Community Team***
Pact: Process Assessment Consulting Training***
Pact: People and Chimps Together***
Pact: Parent and Child Time***
Pact: Paleoecological Analysis of Circumpolar Treeline***
Pact: People and Cats Together***
Pact: People for Animal Care Trust***
Pact: Picture Archiving and Communications***
Pact: Pewsey Area Community Trust***
Pact: People of Addison County Together***
Pact: Picture Archiving and Communication***
Pact: Provincial Association of Catholic Teachers***
Pact: People and Computer Training***
Pact: Positive Achievement Change Tool***
Pact: Program of Action for Cancer Therapy***
Pact: Police and Crisis Team***
Pact: Police and Corrections Team***
Pact: People of All Colors Together***
Pact: Prescribing Analysis and Cost***
Pact: Police Accountability Community Teams***
Pact: Petroleum and Convenience Tradeshow***
Pact: Portable Application Code Toolkit***
Pact: Public Access Cable Television***
Pact: Pediatric Advanced Care Team***
Pact: Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Therapies***
Pact: Political Advocacy Contact Team**
Pact: Parents Children and Teachers**
Pact: plasma arc centrifugal treatment**
Pact: Patients and Community Together**
Pact: Philippine Action Concerning Torture**
Pact: Physician Actuated Computerized Treatment**
Pact: Physicians' Alternative Career Transition**
Pact: platelet-activated clotting test**
Pact: platelet-activated clotting time**
Pact: Potassium Adherence Clinical Trial**
Pact: Pravastatin Acute Coronary Treatment**
Pact: pulmonary artery clamping test**
Pact: Parents and Abducted Children Together**
Pact: Production Analyses Control Technique**
Pact: Parents of Autistic Children Together**
Pact: Patient Association for Cures and Treatments**
Pact: Pediatric Alternatives in Creative Therapy**
Pact: Prescribing Analyses and Cost**
Pact: Preliminary American College Testing**
Pact: Preservation Amputation Care and Treatment**
Pact: Protected Area Conservation Trust**
Pact: Professional Alliance of Cleveland Theaters**
Pact: Panic Attack Care-Seeking Threshold**
Pact: prism and alternate cover test**
Pact: Prisoners and Community Together**
Pact: Peace Action Coalition Tacoma**
Pact: Plan of Action for Challenging Times**
Pact: Police and Community Telephone**
Pact: Principals Academy Certification Test**
Pact: Partnership for African Capacity**
Pact: Protect A Child Today**
Pact: Programme of Accountability and Transparency**
Pact: Providing Assistance to Caregivers in Transition**
Pact: Public Agency Compensation Trust**
Pact: Protect Allergic Children Today**
Pact: Partnerships Affirming Community Transformation**
Pact: Program for Agency Coordinated Transportation**
Pact: Pulaski Association of Classroom Teachers**
Pact: Priorities in AIDS Care and Treatment**
Pact: Protecting and Conserving Together**
Pact: Placing Assessment and Counselling Teams**
Pact: Pennsylvania Association of Councils of Trustees**
Pact: Partnership Academy for Community Teamwork**
Pact: Program in Assertive Community Treatment**
Pact: Petersfield Area Community Trust**
Pact: Parents and Coaches Together**
Pact: People Against Corporate Takeover**
Pact: Parents of Abducted Children Together**
Pact: People and Churches Together**
Pact: Parallel Architectures and Compiler Techniques**
Pact: Program Assessment Consultation Team**
Pact: Program for Advancement of Commercial Technology**
Pact: psychiatric assertive continuing care**
Pact: Psychosocial Assessment of Candidates for Transplantation**
Pact: Positive Alternative Choices Today**
Pact: Program Across the County**
Pact: Physics and Astronomy Classification**
Pact: Pacific Association for Clinical Training**
Pact: Parents and Children in Transition**
Pact: Performing Arts Council Transvaal**
Pact: Placement Assessment and Counselling Team**
Pact: Pennsylvania Association of Community Theatres**
Pact: Programs in Assertive Community Treatment**
Pact: Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers**
Pact: Purchasing Alliance for Clinical Therapeutics**
Pact: prescribing analysis and cost data**
Pact: prescribing analysis and costing**
Pact: Performing Arts Center Team**
Pact: Program for Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Therapies**
Pact: Providing Access to Cancer Therapy**
Pact: Pagans in Action Council for Truth**
Pact: Police and Community Training**
Pact: Physician Alliance for Clinical Trials**
Pact: Polish American Chamber of Tourism**
Pact: Production Assistance for Cellular Therapies**
Pact: Programme for Accountability and Transparency**
Pact: Project for Addiction Counselor Training**
Pact: Pakistan American Council of Texas**
Pact: Parents and Community Together**
Pact: Peace and Community Team**
Pact: Positioning Advertising Copy Testing**
Pact: Producers Alliance for Cinema and TV**
Pact: Professional Association of Clinical Therapists**
Pact: Peace and Conflict Timeline**
Pact: Panduit Architecture for Converged Technologies**
Pact: Pet Alliance of Central Texas**
Pact: Psychiatric Assessment Center for Treatment**
Pact: Peer Approach to Counselling by Teens**
Pact: Police and Clergy Together**
Pact: Popular Association of Cartoonists in Tanzania**
Pact: Princeton Against Cancer Together**
Pact: Program for the Advancement of Commercial Technology**
Pact: Public Access Community Television**
Pact: Parents and Adolescents Can Talk**
Pact: Partner and Circuit Tracking**
Pact: Pediatric Advanced Comfort Team**
Pact: Positive Action Community Theatre**
Pact: Production Assistance for Cellular Therapy**
Pact: Parent and Community Team**
Pact: Police and Children Together**
Pact: poole addictions community team**
Pact: Private Agencies Cooperating Together**
Pact: Professional Accountants Centre for Traininig**
Pact: Pattern Annotated Course Tool**
Pact: Pittsburgh AIDS Center for Treatment**
Pact: Prayer and Care Team**
Pact: Process Assessment of Correctional Treatment**
Pact: Professional Association for Computer Training**
Pact: Pan American Cycle Test**
Pact: Play Acceleration and Collaboration Track**
Pact: Pro Active Chicago Teachers**
Pact: Program for Academic and Creative Talent**
Pact: Promoting Active Community Transport**
Pact: Palmetto Academic Challenge Test**
Pact: People and Agencies Coming Together**
Pact: Police Auxiliary Citizens Team**
Pact: Poverty Alleviation Credit Trust**
Pact: Protect Access to Care and Treatment**
Pact: Purbeck Action for Cycling Team**
Pact: Pacific Asia Coalition for Travel**
Pact: Pakistani American Council of Texas**
Pact: Post Adoption Consulting Team**
Pact: Postbaccalaureate Accelerated Certification for Teachers**
Pact: Prescription Analysis and Cost Tabulation**
Pact: Professional Addiction Counselor Training**
Pact: Public Awareness Campaign Together**
Pact: Pagan Alliance of Central Texas**
Pact: Partnering to Assess and Counteract Truancy**
Pact: Partnership Against Crime Taskforce**
Pact: People Against Car Theft**
Pact: Performing Arts Council of Transvaal**
Pact: Physicians Adopting Computer Technology**
Pact: Pro Active Crime Team**
Pact: Producers Alliance of Cinema and Television**
Pact: Partnership and Advocacy for Competitiveness and Trade**
Pact: Police Action Counseling Team**
Pact: Pan African Coordination Team**
Pact: Parents Aware Communicating Together**
Pact: Partners in Alternative Certification for Teachers**
Pact: Performing Arts for Children and Teens**
Pact: Police Agency Combined Testing**
Pact: Potomac Association of Cooperative Teachers**
Pact: Private Assembly Creation Tool**
Pact: Patient Advisory Cancer Team**
Pact: Peer Advanced Competency Training**
Pact: Pickering Ajax Citizens Together**
Pact: Pooptagging Against Cultural Theft**
Pact: Programme for Assertive Community Treatment**
Pact: Project Assist Citizens in Trouble**
Pact: Pastors Alliance for County Transformation*
Pact: PBX and Computer Teaming*
Pact: People Against a Casino Town*
Pact: Performance and Change Team*
Pact: Process Automation and Control*
Pact: Professional Apprenticeship Career Tracks*
Pact: Professional Association of Computer Training*
Pact: Programme on Accountability and Transparency*
Pact: Partners Advice Consultancy and Training*
Pact: Partnership Against Car Theft*
Pact: Partnership Approach to Comprehensive Testing*
Pact: Partnership for Action and Commitment Today*
Pact: Pay Actual Computer Time*
Pact: Pembrokeshire Alliance of Complementary Therapists*
Pact: Performance Assessment Calculation Tool*
Pact: Precision Aircraft Control Technology*
Pact: Professional Assistance of Central Texas*
Pact: Public Advisory Council for Television*
Pact: Partners Assessing Children Together*
Pact: Partnerships Alliances and Coordination Techniques*
Pact: Partnerships and Community Team*
Pact: Peer Approach to Counseling by Teens*
Pact: Peer Awareness Communication Training*
Pact: Positive Access to Community Transition*
Pact: Princeton Area Center for Theory*
Pact: Program for the Acceleration of Technology*
Pact: Project Assistance to Control Tuberculosis*
Pact: Project for Academic Coaching Through*
Pact: Projekt Assessment Center Training*
Pact: Protection Amélioration Construction Transformation*
Pact: Parent Adolescent Conditioning Training*
Pact: Parent and Communication Teams*
Pact: Partnerships Adults and Children Together*
Pact: Philadelphia Association of Clinical Trials*
Pact: Pittsburgh Advanced Cognitve Tutoring*

Note: Acronym Finder has 49 verified definitions for Pact

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