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What does PTL stand for?

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PTL: premier tech ltd****
PTL: Punjab Tractors Limited****
PTL: Passport to Leisure****
PTL: Powder Technology Laboratory***
PTL: Praising the Lord***
PTL: Powerful Teaching Learning***
PTL: Pacific Thrift and Loan***
PTL: Portable Thread Library***
PTL: Propositional Temporal Logic***
PTL: Peabody Township Library (Peabody, KS)***
PTL: Pentwater Township Library (Pentwater, MI)***
PTL: Peterborough Town Library (Peterborough, NH)***
PTL: Peters Township Library (Mcmurray, PA)***
PTL: Philipsburg Town Library (Philipsburg, MT)***
PTL: Pierceton-Washington Township Library (Pierceton, IN)***
PTL: Plains Township Library (Plains, PA)***
PTL: Pass Transistor Logic***
PTL: Project Technical Liaison***
PTL: Photonics Technology Letters***
PTL: Padmalaya Telefilms Limited***
PTL: Pocket Testament League***
PTL: Powerline Team Leaders***
PTL: Particle Technology Laboratory***
PTL: Premier Tech Ltee***
PTL: Pervasive Technology Labs***
PTL: Ports Terminal Limited***
PTL: Peoples Telecommunications LLC***
PTL: Python Template Language***
PTL: Performance Testing Laboratories***
PTL: Please Take a Look***
PTL: Pohjoismaiden Tieteknillisen Liiton***
PTL: Project Team Leader***
PTL: Production Tape Library***
PTL: Primary Targeting Lists**
PTL: pancreatic triacylglycerol lipase**
PTL: Pancreatic triglyceride lipase**
PTL: partial tibia length**
PTL: peptidyl transferase loop**
PTL: perinatal telencephalic leucoencephalopathy**
PTL: perinatal telencephalic leukoencephalopathy**
PTL: pharyngeal tracheal lumen**
PTL: pharyngeo-tracheal lumen**
PTL: Pinellia ternata lectin**
PTL: Planning target length**
PTL: Plasma testosterone levels**
PTL: post-test likelihood**
PTL: post-transplant lymphomas**
PTL: potentially treatable lesions**
PTL: Primary testicular lymphoma**
PTL: Primary thyroid lymphoma**
PTL: primary-tone levels**
PTL: Primed T lymphocytes**
PTL: probing tissue level**
PTL: Progressive threshold loading**
PTL: proximal tubular length**
PTL: proximal tubular lengths**
PTL: Past Temporal Logic**
PTL: Polymer Training Ltd**
PTL: Propeller Turbinen Luftstrahltriebwerk**
PTL: Poetics and the Theory of Literature**
PTL: Polskiego Towarzystwa Ludoznawczego**
PTL: Produce Team Leader**
PTL: Pharyngeal Tracheal Lumen Airway**
PTL: preterm spontaneous labour**
PTL: production treating preterm labor**
PTL: Power Transmission Lines**
PTL: peripheral blood T lymphocytes**
PTL: peripheral T cell lymphoma**
PTL: peripheral T cell lymphomas**
PTL: Peripheral T-cell lymphoma**
PTL: Peripheral T-cell lymphomas**
PTL: pharyngeal-tracheal lumened airway**
PTL: Plasmacytoid T-cell lymphoma**
PTL: precursors of T-lymphocytes**
PTL: Python Templating Language**
PTL: Pakistan Tours Ltd**
PTL: Plant Transformation Laboratory**
PTL: Platinum Team Leaders**
PTL: Programme Team Leader**
PTL: Page Table Length**
PTL: Project Team Listing**
PTL: Personal Training Log**
PTL: Production Techniques Limited**
PTL: Pavement Technology Limited**
PTL: Polymer Training Limited**
PTL: Premier Truck Lines**
PTL: Payload Test Laboratory**
PTL: Power Transmission Line**
PTL: Praktisk Teologisk Liste**
PTL: Planning Team Leader**
PTL: Photographic Technology Laboratory**
PTL: Patient Targeting List**
PTL: Pre Term Labour**
PTL: Pharyngo Tracheal Lumen**
PTL: Phase Tracking Loop**
PTL: Partial Total Loss**
PTL: Permits to Leave**
PTL: Premier Transmission Limited**
PTL: Portable Thermal Labels**
PTL: Pre Teen League**
PTL: Pakistan Tours Limited**
PTL: Pattern Template Library**
PTL: Praga Tools Ltd**
PTL: Project Team Leads**
PTL: Partner Testing Laboratory*
PTL: Pittsburgh Tennis League*
PTL: pittsburgh testing laboratories*
PTL: Production Techniques Ltd*
PTL: Program Team Leader*
PTL: Public Telecommunication Licensees*
PTL: Pathogen Tested List*
PTL: Phase Transformation Line*
PTL: Pitmans Trustees Ltd*
PTL: Predictive Technology Laboratory*
PTL: Procurement Team Leaders*
PTL: Penske Truck Lines*
PTL: Premium Transportation Logistics*
PTL: Project Techniques Ltd*
PTL: Pacific Tiger Line*
PTL: Photonics Technology Lab*
PTL: Physical Training Leaders*
PTL: Physical Transport Layer*
PTL: Product Team Lead*
PTL: Provisional Timber License*
PTL: Prioritized Target List*
PTL: Program Target List*
PTL: Postirradiation Testing Laboratory*
PTL: Priority Testing List*
PTL: Phase Three Logic*
PTL: Prequalified Training equipment List*
PTL: Protecting (the US) Technical Lead*
PTL: Principal Trade Letter*
PTL: Performance Testing Laboratory*
PTL: Pinball Top a Lot*
PTL: PowerTrade in Lubbock*
PTL: Problem Type Location*
PTL: Programming Technology Laboratory*
PTL: Proverbs Terms Links*

Note: Acronym Finder has 55 verified definitions for PTL

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