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PSR: Practitioners and Registered****
PSR: Phrase Structure Rules****
PSR: Processor Status Register****
PSR: Price to Sales Ratio****
PSR: Product Specific Rules****
PSR: Progress Status Reports****
PSR: Pittsburgh Sports Report****
PSR: Product Support Representatives****
PSR: Price Sales Ratios****
PSR: Price to Sales Ratios****
PSR: Pine Springs Ranch****
PSR: Power System Rack****
PSR: Parish School of Religion****
PSR: Patient Services Representatives***
PSR: Penilaian Sekolah Rendah***
PSR: Power Supply Rejection***
PSR: Parental Supervision Recommended***
PSR: Partido Socialista Revolucion√°rio***
PSR: Pacific Southwest Region***
PSR: Police Station Representative***
PSR: Patient Status Reports***
PSR: Pre Sentence Reports***
PSR: Partido Socialista Revolucionario***
PSR: preliminary soils report***
PSR: Post Secondary Recruitment***
PSR: Price Sales Ratio***
PSR: Pro Specie Rara***
PSR: Personal Service Representatives***
PSR: Program Survey Report***
PSR: Public Sector Reform***
PSR: Peace Social Responsibility***
PSR: Permanently Shadowed Regions***
PSR: Predictive State Representations***
PSR: Payments System Risk***
PSR: Principle of Sufficient Reason***
PSR: Philippine Society and Revolution***
PSR: Program Status Register***
PSR: Public Service Representatives***
PSR: Participant Service Representatives***
PSR: product specific requirements***
PSR: Pump Start Relay***
PSR: Parish Schools of Religion***
PSR: Product Service Requests***
PSR: Power Supply Repeater***
PSR: Power System Resources***
PSR: Paris Sejour Reservation***
PSR: Pacific Sierra Research***
PSR: Phone Service Representatives***
PSR: Partidul Socialist Roman***
PSR: Perimeter Surveillance Radar***
PSR: Podiatric Surgical Residency***
PSR: Personal Service Robots***
PSR: Professional Services Review***
PSR: Periodic Safety Reviews***
PSR: Project Study Reports***
PSR: Proteomics Shared Resource***
PSR: Pennsylvania State Regiment***
PSR: Project Status Reports***
PSR: Pressione Stato Risposta***
PSR: Political Science Review***
PSR: Permanent Speed Restrictions***
PSR: Pounds per Square***
PSR: Preliminary Study Reports***
PSR: Processor State Register***
PSR: Protocol Status Report***
PSR: Polk Street Residence***
PSR: Profit Sharing Ratios***
PSR: Pre Start Reviews***
PSR: Pulsar Supernova Remnant***
PSR: Positioning Systems Research***
PSR: Process Safety Reviews***
PSR: Program Status Reviews***
PSR: Professional Self Regulation***
PSR: Power Sector Restructuring***
PSR: Programming Services Request***
PSR: Paternal Sex Ratio***
PSR: Palestine Solidarity Review***
PSR: Power Systems Research***
PSR: Psycho Social Rehabilitation***
PSR: Phosphatidyl Serine Receptor***
PSR: Project Supervision Report***
PSR: Police Service Representatives***
PSR: Project Summary Report***
PSR: Pulse Stretcher Ring***
PSR: Paper Scissors Rock***
PSR: Portuguese Studies Review***
PSR: Payne Street Records***
PSR: Prescaler Select Register***
PSR: Poverty Status Report***
PSR: Pre Sentencing Report***
PSR: Pulmonary Stretch Receptors***
PSR: Partija Socialistov Revoljucionerov***
PSR: Professional Staffing Resources***
PSR: Probable Source Region***
PSR: Phil Spratt Rally***
PSR: Police Sports and Recreation***
PSR: Pharmacy Services Representative***
PSR: program status review***
PSR: Pusat Study Russia***
PSR: Performance Summary Record***
PSR: Political and Social Research**
PSR: Physician for Social Responsibility**
PSR: Predator Shooting Rest**
PSR: PA-stress-response**
PSR: Pain Sensitivity Range**
PSR: paradoxical sphincter reaction**
PSR: parallel square rod**
PSR: partial saturation recovery**
PSR: partial sensory rhizotomy**
PSR: partial sensory rhyzotomy**
PSR: partial surgical resection**
PSR: patient survival rate**
PSR: paw-shake response**
PSR: paw-shake responses**
PSR: peak shortening rate**
PSR: pediatric surgery residencies**
PSR: pediatric surgery residency**
PSR: percutaneous stereotaxic rhizotomy**
PSR: percutaneous stone removal**
PSR: performance status rating**
PSR: Peripheral smear review**
PSR: Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives**
PSR: phosphatidyl serine receptor**
PSR: photic sneeze response**
PSR: plasma separator reactor**
PSR: poly-synaptic reflex**
PSR: polyamine stress response**
PSR: polyhedral surface reconstruction**
PSR: polysynaptic spinal reflex**
PSR: polysynaptic spinal reflexes**
PSR: porous silicone rubber**
PSR: porous surface replacement**
PSR: porous surface replacements**
PSR: Port site recurrences**
PSR: postdischarge surgical recovery**
PSR: predictive sample reuse**
PSR: pressure sore risk**
PSR: progesterone secretion rate**
PSR: proliferative sickle retinography**
PSR: protease-sparing regimens**
PSR: protein synthesis rates**
PSR: pulse shear rate**
PSR: Party for Social Renewal**
PSR: phosphate starvation-response**
PSR: phosphate starvation-responsive**
PSR: Precision Shooting Rifle**
PSR: Project Supervision Reports**
PSR: Protein Synthesis Rate**
PSR: Permanent Speed Restriction**
PSR: Peach State Reserves**
PSR: Premiers Secours Relevage**
PSR: intrapulmonary stretch receptors**
PSR: paradoxical anal sphincter reaction**
PSR: paternal sex ratio chromosome**
PSR: percutaneous stereotactic radiofrequency rhizotomy**
PSR: Performance Status Rating Scale**
PSR: periods of stable rhythm**
PSR: port site tumour recurrence**
PSR: port-site tumor recurrence**
PSR: probability of self-renewal**
PSR: Proliferative sickle cell retinopathy**
PSR: proliferative sickle-cell retinopathy**
PSR: proportion of similar responses**
PSR: protein biosynthesis rate**
PSR: protein synthesis rates in**
PSR: pulmonary stretch receptor afferents**
PSR: Positive Switching Regulator**
PSR: Performance Standard Rates**
PSR: Phosphorus Saturation Ratio**
PSR: Policy Statements Read**
PSR: Premier Sim Racing**
PSR: Plants and Subsidiary**
PSR: fear-potentiated startle**
PSR: Pavement Serviceability Rating**
PSR: Particulate Solids Research**
PSR: Perfectly Stirred Reactors**
PSR: Program Status Registers**
PSR: Project Support Room**
PSR: Professional Seed Research**
PSR: Parti Socialiste Rwandais**
PSR: Plant Science Research**
PSR: Physical Storage Resource**
PSR: Preferred Smash Repairers**
PSR: Pacific Southwestern Region**
PSR: Privately Sponsored Refugees**
PSR: Pop Starz Records**
PSR: Premier Secours Relevage**
PSR: Proposed Substitute Resolution**
PSR: Page Survey Research**
PSR: Party of Socialist Revolutionaries**
PSR: Press Service Representatives**
PSR: Pulau Sipadan Resort**
PSR: Passenger Service Report**
PSR: Plant Safety Reports**
PSR: Power System Relaying**
PSR: Profit Sharing Ratio**
PSR: PA Street Racing**
PSR: Performance Stock Rights**
PSR: protected switching ring**
PSR: Periodical Safety Reviews**
PSR: Pipeline Safety Regulations**
PSR: Political Sciences Resources**
PSR: Passenger Service Requirements**
PSR: Primary Surface Recuperators**
PSR: Princeton Survey Research**
PSR: Pap Smear Registry**
PSR: Present Serviceability Ratings**
PSR: Pressioni Stato Risposta**
PSR: Pressioni Stato Risposte**
PSR: Purple Sage Riders**
PSR: Princeton Software Repository**
PSR: program support requirements**
PSR: Protocol Specific Routines**
PSR: Passenger Service Reports**
PSR: Partial State Records**
PSR: Password Storage and Retrieval**
PSR: patient service representatives**
PSR: Physician Sales Representatives**
PSR: Policy Service Representatives**
PSR: Problem Solution Result**
PSR: Professional Sportscar Racing**
PSR: Packet Status Register**
PSR: Packet Switch Routers**
PSR: Pre Sanction Reports**
PSR: Price and Service Report**
PSR: Philmont Scout Ranch**
PSR: Probe Selection Regions**
PSR: Perimeter Security Radar**
PSR: Periodic Service Review**
PSR: Pipe Section Reactor**
PSR: Place of Service Review**
PSR: Practice Support Resources**
PSR: primary surveillance radars**
PSR: Print and Shred**
PSR: Print and Shred Ribbon**
PSR: Professional Sports Representation**
PSR: Packed Snow on Runway**
PSR: Phase Shift Resistivity**
PSR: Plasma Skin Resurfacing**
PSR: Post Secondary Reports**
PSR: Power Savings Ratio**
PSR: Professional Safety Resources**
PSR: Proportional Specimen Resistance**
PSR: Proton Sensing Receptors**
PSR: Public Sector Research**
PSR: Panama Shipping Register**
PSR: Partner Service Representatives**
PSR: Pre Settlement Report**
PSR: Pressure Status Response**
PSR: Priority Strategic Routes**

Note: Acronym Finder has 106 verified definitions for PSR

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