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PSM: PowerLine Smith Machine****
PSM: Projected Shell Model****
PSM: projek sarjana muda****
PSM: Persistent Storage Manager****
PSM: Public Sector Management****
PSM: Pro Social Modelling****
PSM: Platform Specific Model****
PSM: Personnel Safety Management****
PSM: Proactive System Management****
PSM: Pump Station Manager****
PSM: Public Service Merit****
PSM: Pump Systems Matter****
PSM: Presentation Skills for Managers****
PSM: Proactive Service Management****
PSM: Principles of Safety Management****
PSM: Prevention and Self Management****
PSM: Position and Maintaining****
PSM: Panglima Setia Mahkota***
PSM: Platform Specific Models***
PSM: Passive Seismic Monitoring***
PSM: Professional Services Marketing***
PSM: Product Supply Management***
PSM: Phase Shift Mask***
PSM: Problem Solving Methods***
PSM: Public Services Main***
PSM: Play Station Magazine***
PSM: Paduan Suara Mahasiswa***
PSM: Pursuit Student Ministries***
PSM: Port State Machine***
PSM: Power Supply Master***
PSM: Plant Safety Management***
PSM: Product Support Managers***
PSM: Physical Scale Modeling***
PSM: Picture Status Mode***
PSM: Pembangunan Sumber Manusia***
PSM: Public Service Management***
PSM: Phase Shift Masks***
PSM: Power Systems Mfg***
PSM: Pre Spawn Mortality***
PSM: Protective Services Manual***
PSM: Principles of Supervision and Management***
PSM: Power Switching Module***
PSM: Product Stewardship Model***
PSM: Power Supply Monitor***
PSM: Projekt System Management***
PSM: Power System Monitor***
PSM: progressive sports management***
PSM: Public Service Mutual***
PSM: Payroll Service Management***
PSM: Peach Stealing Monkeys***
PSM: Per Square Metre***
PSM: Product Search Miscellaneous***
PSM: Power Supply Modules***
PSM: Program Stream Map***
PSM: Peoples Steel Mills***
PSM: Professional Swine Management***
PSM: Prostate Specific Membrane***
PSM: Power Soft Makers***
PSM: Platoon Sergeant Major***
PSM: printing systems manager***
PSM: Protective Security Management***
PSM: Phase Shifting Masks***
PSM: Platform Specific Module***
PSM: Perspective Shadow Mapping***
PSM: Professional Science Masters***
PSM: Print System Manager***
PSM: Perbadanan Stadium Merdeka***
PSM: Protracker Studio Module***
PSM: Predictive Software Models***
PSM: Public Safety Mgmt***
PSM: positive sound massive***
PSM: Portfolio Strategy Management***
PSM: Psoriasis Selbsthilfegruppe Muenchen***
PSM: Primordial Sound Meditation***
PSM: Phone System Manager***
PSM: Prime Source Management***
PSM: Project Stage Manager***
PSM: Public Sector Managment***
PSM: Ponce School of Medicine***
PSM: Premier Sports Management***
PSM: Pekerja Sosial Masyarakat***
PSM: Portlock Storage Manager***
PSM: Physician and Sportsmedicine***
PSM: Personal Site Manager***
PSM: Professional Science Management***
PSM: Protocol State Machine***
PSM: Permanent Survey Mark***
PSM: Pro Sports Memorabilia***
PSM: Process Safety Managment***
PSM: Price Sensitivity Meter***
PSM: Protocol State Machines***
PSM: Production Science and Management***
PSM: Planned Start of Mating***
PSM: Photographic Society of Macao***
PSM: Premoldeados San Martin***
PSM: Private Simultaneous Messages***
PSM: Pocket Style Manual***
PSM: Power System Module***
PSM: Program Status Meetings***
PSM: Program System Memory***
PSM: Product State Model***
PSM: Professional Surveyors and Mappers***
PSM: Perstorp Surface Materials***
PSM: Political Science Manuscripts***
PSM: Preventive and Societal Medicine***
PSM: Photographic Society of Malaysia***
PSM: Photographic Society of Macau***
PSM: Problem Structuring Methods***
PSM: Pictures Slideshow Maker**
PSM: Print Symbiont Modification**
PSM: papillomavirus silencing motif**
PSM: patient-specific measures**
PSM: peak shock method**
PSM: Peak Skeletal Mass**
PSM: peak-shock method**
PSM: phase-synchrony measure**
PSM: phenol-soluble modulin**
PSM: phosphorylation-site-mutated**
PSM: photon scattering mineralometer**
PSM: pig submaxillary mucin**
PSM: PIOLINK Security Manager**
PSM: plasma soluble melanins**
PSM: platelet storage media**
PSM: platelet storage medium**
PSM: plica synovialis mediopatellaris**
PSM: plica synoviallis mediopatellaris**
PSM: porcine stomach mucin**
PSM: porcine submaxillary mucins**
PSM: port site metastases**
PSM: Port-site metastasis**
PSM: portal-systemic myelopathy**
PSM: positive self-monitoring**
PSM: positive surgical margins**
PSM: primary sensory/motor**
PSM: prior severe malaria**
PSM: procedural sequence model**
PSM: Prone Scinti Mammography**
PSM: pruritus sine materia**
PSM: Postal Service Manual**
PSM: PRO Sports Management**
PSM: Policy Service Manager**
PSM: Policy Synchronization Method**
PSM: Project Sarjana Muda**
PSM: pregnant sheep myometrium**
PSM: Pulse Shape Modulation**
PSM: Porcine Submaxillary Mucin**
PSM: Persona Sobre Mi**
PSM: partly hydrolysed straw meal**
PSM: peritonitis septic shock model**
PSM: Phenol Soluble Modulin**
PSM: porcine submaxillary mucin glycoprotein**
PSM: potato sucrose malt extract**
PSM: propagated sensation along meridians**
PSM: Prostate specific membrane antigen**
PSM: Prostate-specific membrane antigen**
PSM: prostate-specific membrane glycoprotein**
PSM: prostatic-specific membrane antigen**
PSM: Packet Switched Mobility**
PSM: Primary Space Management**
PSM: Participatory Sketch Mapping**
PSM: Process Science and Modelling**
PSM: Professional Soil Mix**
PSM: Power Save Mechanisms**
PSM: production system management**
PSM: Planck Sky Model**
PSM: pretectalis superficialis pars magnocellularis**
PSM: Protection Switch Module**
PSM: Personal Safety Monitor**
PSM: Poste Sanitaire Mobile**
PSM: Processo Seletivo Macro**
PSM: Product Structure Management**
PSM: Popular Science Monthly**
PSM: Product Structure Manager**
PSM: Precast Segmental Method**
PSM: Prep School Maths**
PSM: Product Service Mapping**
PSM: Policy Simulation Model**
PSM: Power Saving Modes**
PSM: Public Sector Matters**
PSM: N-pentyl-sparsomycin**
PSM: Pakistan Society for Microbiology**
PSM: Pseudomonas syringae pv. maculicola**
PSM: Parti Socialis Malaysia**
PSM: Phosphate Solubilizing Microorganisms**
PSM: Professional Services Manager**
PSM: Professions Supplementary to Medicine**
PSM: Propulsion System Malfunction**
PSM: Petroleum Supply Monthly**
PSM: Pragmatisch Service Management**
PSM: Passenger Service Message**
PSM: Population Survey Monitor**
PSM: Parts and Systems**
PSM: Presentation Session Manager**
PSM: price sensitivity model**
PSM: Proms Saturday Matinees**
PSM: Partially Solving Method**
PSM: Performance Services Manager**
PSM: Patient Safety Managers**
PSM: Pioneer Square Mixed**
PSM: Psycho Sick Motherfucker**
PSM: Plain Simple Management**
PSM: Point Source ambient Monitoring**
PSM: Promoseven Sports Marketing**
PSM: Psytechnics Speech Monitor**
PSM: Personnel Systems Manager**
PSM: Premature Sexual Maturity**
PSM: Protocol and Service Multiplexer**
PSM: Pacific Services Manufacturing**
PSM: Phoenix Sun Media**
PSM: Pixel Storage Mode**
PSM: Point Source Municipal**
PSM: Pre Symptom Medicine**
PSM: Panchayat Shiksha Mitras**
PSM: Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia**
PSM: Personal Status Monitor**
PSM: Process Systems Manager**
PSM: Paris Sound Machine**
PSM: Profession Structure Model**
PSM: Packaging Services Management**
PSM: Penyakit Seksual Menular**
PSM: Plympton St Mary**
PSM: Premium Service Manager**
PSM: Primary Switch Module**
PSM: Procurement and Supplies Management**
PSM: Pasteurised Standardised Milk**
PSM: program state machine**
PSM: Programmable Switch Matrices**
PSM: PuTTY Settings Manager**
PSM: Professional Staff Members**
PSM: Purchased Service Model**
PSM: Payload Support Module**
PSM: Phenomenal Self Model**
PSM: Portable Space Model**
PSM: Premiere Sponsorship Marketing**
PSM: Professional Staff Management**
PSM: Permitting Services Manager**
PSM: Personnel Security Management**
PSM: Platform Specic Models**
PSM: Post Synaptic Membrane**
PSM: Progressive Service Management**
PSM: Project Systems Management**
PSM: Pulse Step Modulation**
PSM: Personal Social and Moral**
PSM: Plastic Ship Modeller**
PSM: Power State Model**
PSM: Phono Semantic Matching**
PSM: Physician Supply Model**
PSM: Plastic Ship Modeler**
PSM: Platform Speciflc Model**
PSM: Postal Service Management**

Note: Acronym Finder has 109 verified definitions for PSM

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