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PSB: Punjab and Sind Bank****
PSB: Psychology Social Behavior****
PSB: passing school bus****
PSB: Putnam Savings Bank****
PSB: Penerimaan Siswa Baru****
PSB: Paper Sticker Binder****
PSB: Pre School Booster****
PSB: Program Services Branch****
PSB: Presentation to Bring****
PSB: Provide Skill Based****
PSB: Professional Standards Board****
PSB: Personal Systems Business***
PSB: Polskie Sklady Budowlane***
PSB: Plant Systems Biology***
PSB: Printing Services Building***
PSB: Peoples State Bank***
PSB: Personnel Services Bureau***
PSB: Parking Structure B***
PSB: Program Specification Blocks***
PSB: PunksBusted Server Browser***
PSB: Postal Saving Bank***
PSB: Public Service Broker***
PSB: Productivity Standards Board***
PSB: public service bldg***
PSB: Proven System Block***
PSB: Public Space Broadcasting***
PSB: Product Service Bulletin***
PSB: Perpetual Subordinated Bonds***
PSB: Progressive Savings Bank***
PSB: payroll savings bonds***
PSB: Problem Sexual Behaviors***
PSB: positive speakers bureau***
PSB: Production System Business***
PSB: Public School Benefits***
PSB: Presse Service Bonn***
PSB: Public Sector Bodies***
PSB: Police Services Bureau***
PSB: Portable Steel Bridges***
PSB: Postal Savings Bureau***
PSB: Partnership for Structural Biology***
PSB: Penn Schoen and Berland***
PSB: Personnel Services Battalion***
PSB: Packet Switching Backplane***
PSB: Permanent Seed Brachytherapy***
PSB: Psychological Services Bureau***
PSB: Philippine Savings Bank***
PSB: Police Services Board***
PSB: Pusat Sumber Belajar***
PSB: Performance Standards Board***
PSB: Penn Shoen and Berland***
PSB: Public Services Bldg***
PSB: Pearl School of Business***
PSB: Psychological Strategy Board***
PSB: Public Sector Banks***
PSB: Palmetto State Brewers***
PSB: Professional and Statutory Bodies***
PSB: Public Service Building***
PSB: Payments System Board***
PSB: programme sahel burkinabe***
PSB: Penguin Speakers Bureau***
PSB: Press Scrutiny Board***
PSB: Padilla Speer Beardsley***
PSB: Pine Shoot Beetle***
PSB: Peer Support Board***
PSB: Pagelaran Seni Budaya***
PSB: Pendaftaran Siswa Baru***
PSB: Philippine Shippers Bureau***
PSB: Product Systems Branch***
PSB: Public Service Bulletins***
PSB: Private Security Board***
PSB: Pilot Selection Board***
PSB: Programma Starters Buitenlandse***
PSB: Professional Services Bulletin***
PSB: Penjaringan Siswa Berprestasi***
PSB: Paint Sundry Brands***
PSB: Penn State Behrend***
PSB: Psychology and Social Behavior***
PSB: Present in Both***
PSB: Protein Solubilization Buffer***
PSB: Pacific Symposium on Bioinformatics***
PSB: Plants Soils Biometeorology***
PSB: Path State Block***
PSB: Paris School of Business***
PSB: Pacic Symposium on Biocomputing***
PSB: Parti Socialiste Belge***
PSB: Population Studies Branch***
PSB: Policy Support Branch***
PSB: Princess Storybook Breakfast***
PSB: Print Strength Bandwidth***
PSB: Parnassus Services Building***
PSB: Production Services Branch***
PSB: Priority Sector Bonds***
PSB: Plant Species Biol***
PSB: Parliamentary Service Board***
PSB: Persistent Slip Bands***
PSB: Protonated Schiff Base***
PSB: PFLAG Speakers Bureau***
PSB: put something back***
PSB: Public Service Broadcasters**
PSB: pallial-subpallial boundary**
PSB: pallial/subpallial boundary**
PSB: pelvic small bowel**
PSB: percutaneous spinal biopsy**
PSB: percutaneous synovial biopsy**
PSB: personal space boundaries**
PSB: phenyl-Sepharose beads**
PSB: phosphate-solubilizing bacteria**
PSB: polymer-stabilizing buffer**
PSB: Pontamine Sky Blue**
PSB: porto-systemic bypass**
PSB: POU specific box**
PSB: pre-saturation band**
PSB: premature supraventricular beats**
PSB: preselected site biopsies**
PSB: Professional Services Board**
PSB: prolonged Salmonella bacteremia**
PSB: protected specimen brushes**
PSB: Protected specimen brushing**
PSB: protected specimen brushings**
PSB: protected specimen-brush**
PSB: protected-specimen brush**
PSB: protonated Schiff bases**
PSB: proximal sesamoid bones**
PSB: proximal small bowel**
PSB: Psychiatric Secure Beds**
PSB: pureed soya beans**
PSB: Provincial Schools Branch**
PSB: Punjab Sports Board**
PSB: Pretty Stupid Boy**
PSB: Pull Station Back**
PSB: Pittendrigh Shinkfield Bruce**
PSB: Princeton Shape Benchmark**
PSB: Proton Synchrotron Booster**
PSB: proximal sesamoid bone**
PSB: Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria**
PSB: Project Safety Belt**
PSB: Prudential Source Book**
PSB: Psychological Service Bureau**
PSB: Personnel Security Branch**
PSB: protected specimen brush samples**
PSB: protected specimen brush technique**
PSB: protein of soy beans**
PSB: Police Service Board**
PSB: Prime Site Brokers**
PSB: Printing Services Branch**
PSB: Professional Services in Business**
PSB: Politeknik Sabak Bernam**
PSB: Princeville State Bank**
PSB: Private Sector Banks**
PSB: Pacific Symp on Biocomputing**
PSB: Plastik System Band**
PSB: Projekt System Betreuung**
PSB: Pull Station Box**
PSB: Physical Science Building**
PSB: Palmyra State Bank**
PSB: Partner Standardization Body**
PSB: Prezidentskaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti**
PSB: PHENIX Speakers Bureau**
PSB: Project Steering Board**
PSB: Public Sector Broadcasters**
PSB: Programmable Skew Buffer**
PSB: Probation Services Branch**
PSB: Panhandle String Band**
PSB: Professional Statutory Bodies**
PSB: Punjab and Sindh Bank**
PSB: Philippine Seed Board**
PSB: Pfeiffer Schneider Breski**
PSB: Priority Schools Bureau**
PSB: Page Service Bulletins**
PSB: Patriot School of the Bible**
PSB: Pharmacology and Systems Biology**
PSB: Physical System Board**
PSB: Port Security Barriers**
PSB: Parallel System Bus**
PSB: Property Survey Board**
PSB: Partner Standardization Bodies**
PSB: Phil Savings Bank**
PSB: Placer Sierra Bank**
PSB: Police Special Branch**
PSB: Paulina Street Building**
PSB: Premium Service Banking**
PSB: Product Science Branch**
PSB: Program Status Block**
PSB: Pulse Suppressor Box**
PSB: pro shooter bags**
PSB: Professional Studies Building**
PSB: Program and Services Board**
PSB: Pseudo Scientific Bullshit**
PSB: Parking System Bus**
PSB: Passivation Stress Buffer**
PSB: Perf Steamer Basket**
PSB: Personnel Service Branch**
PSB: Pratap Smriti Brigade**
PSB: Productivity and Standards Boards**
PSB: Promotion Selection Board**
PSB: Panel on Scientific Ballooning**
PSB: Product Support Bulletins**
PSB: Pusat Solusi Bisnis**
PSB: Potential School Budget**
PSB: Process Status Block**
PSB: Procurement Services Bureau**
PSB: Protein Shake Banana**
PSB: Preferred Surety Bond*
PSB: Princeton Seminary Bulletin*
PSB: Public Services Building*
PSB: Publishing Services Bureau*
PSB: Purple Sulfur Bacteria*
PSB: Payment Services Board*
PSB: Personal Service Builders*
PSB: Product Select Buttons*
PSB: Professional Security Brands*
PSB: Professional Services Branch*
PSB: Python for Structural Bioinformatics*
PSB: Pac Symp Biocomp*
PSB: personnel service battalions*
PSB: Planung Statik Bauleitungs*
PSB: Poetry and Small Book*
PSB: Public Security Bureaun*
PSB: Palm Springs Bermuda*
PSB: Park Slope Blend*
PSB: Pci to Sci Bridge*
PSB: Pointe Shoe Bag*
PSB: Power Sectors B*
PSB: Prevention Sciences Branch*
PSB: Procurement Services Branch*
PSB: Protected Species Branch*
PSB: Protected Speciment Brush*
PSB: Puerto Suarez Bolivia*
PSB: Pac Symp of Biocomputing*
PSB: Peak Serum Bilirubin*
PSB: Penelusuran Siswa Berpotensi*
PSB: Phase Shifting Blank*
PSB: Pin Switch Bracket*
PSB: Pipelined Synchronising Buffer*
PSB: Position System Budget*
PSB: Potential Schools Budget*
PSB: Power Switch Box*
PSB: Premier State Ballet*
PSB: Projects Steering Board*
PSB: Provident Savings Bank*
PSB: Psychological Support Branch*
PSB: Public and Statutory Bodies*
PSB: Public Sound Bureau*
PSB: Penn State Biomodule*
PSB: Products Systems Branch*

Note: Acronym Finder has 69 verified definitions for PSB

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