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What does PRAC stand for?

Found 49 meanings of the PRAC acronym and abbreviation
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PRAC: Parks Recreation Advisory Commission****
PRAC: Petersburg Regional Art Center****
PRAC: Parks Recreation Advisory Committee****
PRAC: Puerto Rican Arts and Culture****
PRAC: Poudre River Arts Center****
PRAC: Progressive Resource Action Cooperative****
PRAC: Park and Recreation Advisory Committee***
PRAC: Public Relations Advisory Council***
PRAC: Pursuant to A County***
PRAC: Professional Roofer Advisory Council***
PRAC: Program Review Advisory Committee***
PRAC: Pine Ridge Arts Council***
PRAC: Parks Recreation Arts and Culture***
PRAC: Project Rental Assistance Contracts***
PRAC: Pro Rodopi Art Centre***
PRAC: Puerto Rico Administration of Corrections***
PRAC: Pacifica Reporters Against Censorship***
PRAC: permanent right atrial catheter**
PRAC: Property Rights Action Committee**
PRAC: Public Records Advisory Council**
PRAC: Park and Recreation Advisory Commission**
PRAC: Perennial rhinitis with an allergic component**
PRAC: Pelagic Regional Advisory Council**
PRAC: Placed Remedial Action Contracts**
PRAC: Professional Roofers Advisory Council**
PRAC: Primary Response Action Contractor**
PRAC: Promptly Refer the Application**
PRAC: Public Records Advisory Commission**
PRAC: Partial Result Authentication Codes**
PRAC: pavement research advisory committee**
PRAC: Performance Review and Audit Committee**
PRAC: Pension Reform Action Committee**
PRAC: Production Research Advisory Committee**
PRAC: Pelham Road Alliance Church**
PRAC: Park Rangers of California**
PRAC: Poverty Rights Action Center**
PRAC: Priority Registration Advisory Committee**
PRAC: Publisher Relations Advisory Committee*
PRAC: Parks Rec Advisory Council*
PRAC: Periodic Review Advisory Committee*
PRAC: Planners Review and Advisory Committee*
PRAC: Pro Rodopi Art Center*
PRAC: Procurement Review Advisory Committee*
PRAC: Parks and Recreation Association of Canada*
PRAC: Physician Resource Advisory Committee*
PRAC: Program Review and Approval Committee*
PRAC: Property Research and Analysis Committee*
PRAC: Product Reviews Access Counter*
PRAC: Program Resources Advisory Committee*

Note: Acronym Finder has 30 verified definitions for PRAC

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