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PPA: Philadelphia Parks Alliance****
PPA: Practice of Public Administration****
PPA: Press and Publication Administration****
PPA: Photography by Alexander****
PPA: Place of Performance****
PPA: Provisional Patent Application****
PPA: Priority Program Areas****
PPA: Poker Player Alliance****
PPA: Program Planning and Administration****
PPA: Philippine Psychiatric Association****
PPA: Parametric Portfolio Associates****
PPA: Polski Portal Amigowy****
PPA: Process Performance Analysis****
PPA: Printer Performance Architecture****
PPA: Power Purchase Agreements****
PPA: Planning Preparation and Assessment****
PPA: Professional Program in Accounting****
PPA: Private Protected Area****
PPA: Professional Photography Association****
PPA: Perusahaan Pengelola Aset****
PPA: Power Performance and Area****
PPA: Parts Peripherals Accessories****
PPA: Ping Pong Association****
PPA: Private Placement Agreement***
PPA: Pendidikan Profesi Akuntansi***
PPA: public procurement agency***
PPA: Professional Paddlesports Association***
PPA: Parenting Publications of America***
PPA: Pennsylvania Pharmacy Association***
PPA: Planned Parenthood Annual***
PPA: Professional Photographer of America***
PPA: Puppy Protection Act***
PPA: Press Photographers Association***
PPA: Participatory Poverty Assessments***
PPA: Philosophisch Politische Akademie***
PPA: PAN Permanent Account***
PPA: Public Private Association***
PPA: PAT Professional Association***
PPA: Pan Pacific Aggregates***
PPA: pa power automation***
PPA: Prison Performing Arts***
PPA: Provisional Patent Applications***
PPA: Press and Publications Administration***
PPA: Public Policy and Administration***
PPA: Power Planning Associates***
PPA: Provides the Parking***
PPA: PA Partners in the Arts***
PPA: Palmetto Paralegal Association***
PPA: Private Practitioners Association***
PPA: Peoples Progressive Alliance***
PPA: pakistan paediatric association***
PPA: Planning Policy and Analysis***
PPA: Power Purchase Arrangements***
PPA: Pre Professional Association***
PPA: Personal Profile Analysis***
PPA: Philippine Plan of Action***
PPA: Photography as A***
PPA: Pinelands Preservation Alliance***
PPA: Parallel Prefix Adder***
PPA: Perfect Paper Adhesive***
PPA: Power Pool of Alberta***
PPA: Public Policy Analysis***
PPA: Performance Planning Appraisal***
PPA: Pennsylvania Psychological Association***
PPA: Private Public Alliance***
PPA: Polymer Processing Aid***
PPA: Public Policy Administration***
PPA: Platform for Privacy***
PPA: Public Power Agency***
PPA: People in Peril Association***
PPA: Pacific Platform for Action***
PPA: Private Practice Associates***
PPA: Pacific Power Association***
PPA: Program Participation Agreement***
PPA: Plastics Pioneers Association***
PPA: Performance partnership agreement***
PPA: Pulsed Power Amplifier***
PPA: Personnel and Pay Administration***
PPA: Photographers of American***
PPA: Peter Pendleton Associates***
PPA: Pay and Personnel Agency***
PPA: Professional Photographer Association***
PPA: Personal Protection Agency***
PPA: Programme on Protected Areas***
PPA: Plant Protection Act***
PPA: Partnership Program Agreement***
PPA: Peninsula Preparatory Academy***
PPA: Personnel Performance Assessment***
PPA: Personnel Payroll Assistant***
PPA: Partner Pavilion A***
PPA: public performance assessment***
PPA: Product Portfolio Analysis***
PPA: Poverty Partnership Agreement***
PPA: Project Performance Audit***
PPA: Print Production Association***
PPA: Pennsylvania Parking Association***
PPA: Performance Poets Association***
PPA: Primary Psoas Abscess***
PPA: Pakistan Psychological Association***
PPA: Prospective Purchaser Agreement***
PPA: Pohnpei Port Authority***
PPA: Programs Projects and Activities***
PPA: Pennsylvania Planning Association***
PPA: Plano Pluri Anual***
PPA: Prep Parents Association***
PPA: Provinciale Politieschool Antwerpen***
PPA: Patient Protection Act***
PPA: Planning Preparation Assessment***
PPA: Philadelphia Parking Authority***
PPA: Professional Performance Australia***
PPA: Principles of Affiliation***
PPA: Power Purchasing Agreement***
PPA: Preferred Provider Arrangement***
PPA: parent project australia***
PPA: Pixel Processing Accelerator***
PPA: Prosthetic Profile of the Amputee***
PPA: PSO Pre Accession***
PPA: Python Publishing Accessories***
PPA: Pusat Pengembangan Akuntansi***
PPA: Preparation Planning and Assessment***
PPA: Paperboard Packaging Alliance***
PPA: Patrons of the Performing Arts***
PPA: Permanent Public Access***
PPA: Princeton Profit Associates***
PPA: Packet Processing ASIC***
PPA: Particle Physics and Astronomy***
PPA: Prospective Purchaser Agreements***
PPA: Premier Postal Auctions***
PPA: Public Performance Audit***
PPA: Performance Pyrotechnic Associates***
PPA: Physicians Pharmacy Alliance***
PPA: Partial Product Array***
PPA: Peningkatan Prestasi Akademik***
PPA: Participatory Poverty Appraisal***
PPA: Project Preparation Advance***
PPA: Philippine Port Authority***
PPA: Project Partnership Agreements***
PPA: Prospect Park Alliance***
PPA: Partnerships for Public Awareness***
PPA: Pet Project Alliance***
PPA: Photographer of America***
PPA: People Power America***
PPA: Policy and Public Affairs***
PPA: Performance Partnership Agreements***
PPA: Partnership Priority Area***
PPA: Peak Particle Acceleration***
PPA: Parole and Probation Administration***
PPA: Project Partner Agreement***
PPA: Personnel Pool of America***
PPA: Portland Police Association***
PPA: Profi Partner Agency***
PPA: Program Pendidikan Akuntansi***
PPA: Penn Philippine Association***
PPA: Plan Parenthood Association***
PPA: Pakistan Poultry Association***
PPA: Passive Parallel Asynchronous***
PPA: Polymer Processing Additives***
PPA: Priority Programme Areas***
PPA: Police Protective Association***
PPA: Point to Point Authority***
PPA: Popular Party Action***
PPA: Professional practice assessment***
PPA: pulmonary arterial pressure**
PPA: pulmonary artery pressure**
PPA: Program Performance Audit**
PPA: Policing Priority Area**
PPA: d-Phe, phenypyruvic acid**
PPA: omega-phenyl-pentadecanoic acid**
PPA: palmar plate advancement**
PPA: para-/postinfectious arthritis**
PPA: parahippocampal place area**
PPA: paroxysmal perceptual alteration**
PPA: partially parallel acquisition**
PPA: partially purified antigen**
PPA: passive paw anaphylaxis**
PPA: passive peritoneal anaphylaxis**
PPA: peak phrenic amplitude**
PPA: pelvic phased array**
PPA: pelvic phased-array**
PPA: Pennsylvania Precast Association**
PPA: Pentachloronitrobenzene Peptone agar**
PPA: per-protocol analysis**
PPA: perceived pain affect**
PPA: periodic paroxysmal activities**
PPA: permanent pacer application**
PPA: peroxisome proliferator-activated**
PPA: phenolphthalein phosphate agar**
PPA: phenylethylamine , phenylpyruvic acid**
PPA: photo-plethysmographic amplitudes**
PPA: Physical Performance Age**
PPA: physical performance assessment**
PPA: pigmenting pityriasis alba**
PPA: placental plasminogen activator**
PPA: plaque producing agent**
PPA: plaque-producing agent**
PPA: plasma phenylpyruvic acid**
PPA: plasma PK activator**
PPA: Plasma protein accumulation**
PPA: plasmid profile analysis**
PPA: platelet plasminogen activator**
PPA: platelet procoagulant activity**
PPA: platelet prothrombinase activity**
PPA: plexigenic pulmonary arteriopathy**
PPA: plexogenic pulmonary arteriopathy**
PPA: plica petroclinoidea anterior**
PPA: pneumococcal polysaccharide antigen**
PPA: point prevalence abstinence**
PPA: pole phase angle**
PPA: polymerizable polyalkenoic acid**
PPA: porcine pancreatic amylase**
PPA: porous polycrystal alumina**
PPA: positive predictive accuracy**
PPA: post-partum amenorrhea**
PPA: post-pill amenorrhea**
PPA: post-pill amenorrhoea**
PPA: post-poliomyelitic progressive amyotrophy**
PPA: posterior parietal area**
PPA: Preventive Pulmonary Attitude**
PPA: primary peritoneal adenocarcinoma**
PPA: primary plexogenic arteriopathy**
PPA: primary pulmonary actinomycosis**
PPA: Priority Partnership Areas**
PPA: probabilistic performance assessment**
PPA: pronounced prepulse augmentation**
PPA: propticus parvocellularis anterior**
PPA: prosthetic patch aortoplasty**
PPA: pulmonary plexogenic arteriopathy**
PPA: pulmonary puncture aspiration**
PPA: Pulse pressure amplitude**
PPA: purified polysaccharide antigen**
PPA: Particle and Particle Astrophysics**
PPA: Participatory Poverty Analysis**
PPA: Planned Parenthood Alberta**
PPA: Potato Processors Association**
PPA: Prof Program in Accy**
PPA: Planned Parenthood Association**
PPA: Parallel Printer Adapter**
PPA: Pinelands Protection Act**
PPA: porcine pancreatic alpha-amylase**
PPA: Planning Policy Area**
PPA: Preferred Payment Architecture**
PPA: Preserve the Pinelands**
PPA: Professional Photographers Associations**
PPA: Per Power of Attorney**
PPA: 3-phenylpropionic acid**
PPA: beta-phenylpropionic acid**
PPA: Puzzle Pirates Academy**
PPA: Print Paper Airplanes**
PPA: 5-phenyl-4-pentenyl alcohol**
PPA: 5-phenyl-4-pentenyl-alcohol**

Note: Acronym Finder has 124 verified definitions for PPA

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