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POM: Production Operations Management****
POM: Programmes of Measures****
POM: Personal Outcome Measures****
POM: Program of Measures****
POM: Poster of the Month****
POM: Plans of the Month****
POM: Pet of the Month****
POM: Prescription Only Medicines***
POM: Policy Organization and Management***
POM: Poem of the Month***
POM: POD Object Model***
POM: Program Objectives Memorandum***
POM: Poly Oxy Methylene***
POM: Private Owned Media***
POM: Point of Metering***
POM: Practice of Medicine***
POM: Precision Optical Manufacturing***
POM: Plan of Management***
POM: Psychology of Music***
POM: Production Organisation and Management***
POM: Peace Officer Ministries***
POM: Project Operational Management***
POM: Principles of Motion***
POM: Print of the Month***
POM: Properties of Materials***
POM: Production and Operation Management***
POM: Poly 4 Methylpentene***
POM: Pluggable Optic Module***
POM: Public Order Member***
POM: Polarizing Optical Microscope***
POM: Partial Oxidation of Methane***
POM: Public Opinion Message***
POM: Person of the Motherland***
POM: Point of Measurement***
POM: Pool Operation Management***
POM: Psychology of Mind***
POM: Police and Military***
POM: Production Operation Management***
POM: Pictures of the Month***
POM: Polycyclic Organic Material**
POM: Parents of Multiples**
POM: paradoxical outward movement**
POM: paradoxical outward movements**
POM: paraneoplastic opsoclonus-myoclonus**
POM: particulate organic material**
POM: penumococcal otitis media**
POM: pharmacist only medicines**
POM: pneumococcal otitis media**
POM: poultry offal meal**
POM: Primary obstructive megaureter**
POM: proportional odds model**
POM: Pulse oximetry monitoring**
POM: purulent otitis media**
POM: medial preoptic nucleus**
POM: Port of Melbourne**
POM: Poetry Olympics Marathon**
POM: Polarized Orbital Method**
POM: Pre Overseas Movement**
POM: Pre-Overseas Movement**
POM: Page of Madness**
POM: Path Operational Mask**
POM: Programming on the Main**
POM: Polymeric Organic Materials**
POM: nucleus preopticus medialis**
POM: position and orientation measurement**
POM: personnel operations manual**
POM: Public Opinion Messages**
POM: Productions and Operations Management**
POM: Process at Marine**
POM: Planning and Outcomes Management**
POM: Place of Marriage**
POM: Principles of Measurement**
POM: POLLUTION Organic Matter**
POM: Piano Operativo Multiregionale**
POM: Promotie Op Maat**
POM: Policy Objective Marker**
POM: Project Objective Memorandum**
POM: Performance Optimized Mode**
POM: Program Objective Memorandums**
POM: Proper Orthogonal Modes**
POM: Prisoner of Motherland**
POM: Plane of Motion**
POM: Plant Operations and Maintenance**
POM: Polarizing Optical Microscopic**
POM: Processing for Overseas Movement**
POM: Passive Overflight Module**
POM: Physical and Operational Margins**
POM: Polynuclear Organic Material**
POM: Purity of Magic**
POM: Passenger Operated Machines**
POM: Precision Optical Machine**
POM: Personal Oxygen Monitor**
POM: Polymer on Metal**
POM: Polynuclear Organic Matter**
POM: Piston Operated Mixers**
POM: Pesticide Operations and Management**
POM: Parametric Object Models**
POM: Program Outcomes Managers**
POM: Programma Oudere Migranten**
POM: Pasted Open Mouth**
POM: Parallel Ocean Model**
POM: penta optical mouse**
POM: Preparation For Oversea Movement**
POM: Program Overview Meetings**
POM: Programmed Objective Memorandum**
POM: Parallel Observable Machine*
POM: peace officers memorial*
POM: Performance Overall Mean*
POM: Polarizing Optical Microscopy*
POM: Polyphenylene Oxide Modified*
POM: Presiding Officers Memorandum*
POM: Person of Merit*
POM: Policy Operations and Management*
POM: Production Operation Methods*
POM: Page from Our Mailbag*
POM: Parade of Ministry*
POM: Persistant Object Manager*
POM: Policy Och Metodavdelningen*
POM: Prod Operations Mgmt*
POM: Program Operating Memorandum*
POM: Programme and Operations Manual*
POM: Perscription Only Medicine*
POM: Personnel Officers Meetings*
POM: Portable Operation Microscope*
POM: Power Outage Management*
POM: Predict O Meter*
POM: Printer OutPut Microfilm*
POM: Program Objective Management*
POM: PATRIOT Organizational Maintenance*
POM: Percent Other Messages*
POM: Port of Milwaukee*
POM: Process Operations Management*
POM: Program Objectives Memoranda*
POM: Projection Operator Method*
POM: Pallet Only Mode*
POM: Processed for Overseas Movement*
POM: Program Objectives Memorandums*
POM: Program Out-year Memorandum*
POM: Padre Oaks Motel*
POM: Parakeet Ochre Marked*
POM: Party Opposing a Motion*
POM: Peaks an Online Magazine*
POM: Period Of Modification*
POM: Phase Of Mining*
POM: Playtime Online Magazine*
POM: Plumb Ottercreek Mine*
POM: Point of Manufacturing*
POM: Polar Oceanography and Meteorology*
POM: Ponds and Other Measures*
POM: Porgram Objective Memorandum*
POM: Possibility Of Mudflows*
POM: Prenegotiation Objectives Memorandum*
POM: Presents Of Mind*
POM: Prevention Or Mitigation*
POM: Price Objective Memoranda*
POM: Privately Owned Motorcycles*
POM: Problem Older Man*
POM: Promotion Opportunity Model*
POM: Properties Occurrence Museums*

Note: Acronym Finder has 72 verified definitions for POM

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