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What does POF stand for?

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POF: Plastic Optical Fibre****
POF: Passenger Only Ferries****
POF: Port of Fujairah****
POF: Plastic Optical Fibers***
POF: Pictures of the Future***
POF: Pet Orphans Fund***
POF: Princess of Fochriw***
POF: Piani Offerta Formativa***
POF: Power of Freedom***
POF: Princes of Florence***
POF: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation***
POF: Polymer Optical Fibers***
POF: Pakistan Ordnance Factories***
POF: Piss Off Factor***
POF: Pakistan Ordinance Factory***
POF: Primary Ovarian Failure***
POF: Polymer Optical Fibre***
POF: Pauline Oliveros Foundation***
POF: Polymere Optische Fasern***
POF: Pakistan Ordinance Factories***
POF: Planet of Floorball***
POF: Parallel Optics and FTTH***
POF: Plastic Optic Fiber***
POF: Plane of Flirting***
POF: Paving the Optical Future***
POF: Page Optical Fiber***
POF: Portable Outdoor Fireplace***
POF: Polished One Face***
POF: Professional Opticians of Florida***
POF: palmar/plantar osteochondral fragments**
POF: parallel opposing fields**
POF: Paris-Ouest-France**
POF: period of fatigue**
POF: peripheral odontogenic fibroma**
POF: post-ovulatory follicles**
POF: potato off-flavor**
POF: premature ovary failure**
POF: Psammomatoid ossifying fibroma**
POF: Painting of Fourth**
POF: Party of the Future**
POF: Plastic Optical Fibres**
POF: porcine ovarian fibroblast coculture**
POF: Phase of Flight**
POF: Polymer Optische Fasern**
POF: Product Operator Formalism**
POF: Pakistani Ordnance Factory**
POF: Parity Outer Failure**
POF: Public Opinion Foundation**
POF: Pakistan Organic Farms**
POF: Polymer Optic Fiber**
POF: Parity Outer Fails**
POF: Prewitt Organizing Fund**
POF: Private Ownership Funds**
POF: Professions of Faith**
POF: Pyruvate Oxidation Factor**
POF: Polymere Optische Faser**
POF: Provincial Office of Fisheries**
POF: Performance of Firecomms**
POF: Planned Outage Factor**
POF: Private Operating Frequency**
POF: Paris Orly France*
POF: Parti Ouvrier FranC*
POF: Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma*
POF: Phase Only Filters*
POF: Polymer Optic Fibers*
POF: Penstock One Foundation*
POF: Pending Order File*
POF: PLCP Out of Frame*
POF: Plan of the Formative*
POF: Psyco OP Friday*
POF: Pulsed Optical Feedback*
POF: Pacific Ocean Fleet*
POF: Programmed Operational and Functional appraisal*
POF: Pagan Occult Files*
POF: partial objective function*
POF: Paternal Obligations of Failing*
POF: Patrimony Of Fishes*
POF: Percent Of Fill*
POF: Pokrov Orthodox Foundation*
POF: Priority One Funding*
POF: Production Of Food*
POF: Pronssivalu Oy Finnscrew*
POF: Public Office for Filing*

Note: Acronym Finder has 41 verified definitions for POF

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